Essay about Orchard Supply Hardware Case Summary

Currently, I work for Orchard Supply Hardware as a part time cashier, meaning that I work four or eight-hour shifts. Part of this job, besides making sure that the customer pays for their items, is making sure that the customer leaves the store satisfied with their shopping experience. As the first and last person that … Read more

Snow White Research Paper

Jealousy at its Best In today’s society, I am certain that most people have not grown old without having watched the tale Snow White. In fact, this Disney tale has been around for many ages, and it is personally one of my all-time favorite fairytales. For many generations, this story has been told throughout many … Read more

Essay on Creative Writing: Drowning

Drowning: She slams the door shut, shaking the house with pure madness. My parents step out of the house, and take their big argument outside. I walked over to the window and watched their lousy arguing. It always ends up in the same place. One either gets kicked out of the house or someone leaves … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Confessions Essay

I need to write down my confession. Not the story I told the my lawyer, the judge, the jury or even my own family. It’s nothing like the embellished slander written in the headlines. No, I need to confess the truth. The real story of why I’m serving life. How could I tell anyone the … Read more

Alarm Clock Persuasive Speech Essay

Shake. Buzz. Shake. Rattle. Morning wake up call. It’s early Monday morning, six o’clock. The bus comes at seven, so I have an hour. Eh… I hit my vibrating pillow’s remote’s snooze. I mean, what’s the point of a sounding alarm clock if you’re not going to hear it? So, yes, my alarm clock is … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay: Spring Break

Spring Break rolled around, same as always. My so-called friends ran off to get drunk or high or whatever it was they did down in Florida. I, like a sane person, went home and studied because I wanted an actual job instead of slinging fries for the rest of my life and getting a beer … Read more

Prison Descriptive Writing Essay

The world seems hazy, like clouds have drifted into my vision and blinded me, forcing me to rely on my other senses. I listen, open up my ears to the world, but hear nothing except the occasional thud of heavy, ghost-like footsteps off in the distance. And then it is quiet, everything goes quiet, like … Read more

Essay about Personal Narrative: Center Stage

Center stage. A single actor in a pool of white light, his jaw opening to sing the first note of “Santa Fe” from the musical, NEWSIES. That is the director’s main goal, in my opinion; to captivate audiences. One of the director’s main roles is to help guide actors during rehearsals. When I was younger, … Read more

Middle School Memory Essay

My memory of my middle school math classroom it was one of the scariest part in my school it’s because I don’t understand math much. It was 6th grade in a old dusty building it was like a building that was built during the 80’s or the 90’s. The desk were broken, there are drawings … Read more

Lion Hunting Creative Writing Essay

Aaron and I ran through the town trying to lose the soldiers chasing us. Thaddeus said to run to the mountain. We would have to go there to meet up with Thaddeus. We passed the town and swiftly ran into the forest. The rough, hard branches, hitting my arms and some hitting my face. Soon … Read more

Personal Narrative: My First Immigrant Expedition Essay

In the summer of 1803, a twenty-eight year old Virginian was preparing to lead a field expedition into some of the most rugged wilderness on the North American Continent. It would be a perilous undertaking. The platoon traveled by boat, horse and foot for approximately 8,000 miles- venturing beyond maps, traveling into the headwaters of … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Pain In My Body Essay

During this time of extreme suffering God would continually tell me, “Donna you will be better at the end of this then you were going into it. And, be thankful you are not paralyzed. ” The MRI was extremely painful for me. The MRI machine vibrates and the vibration sent my body into unexplainable horrid … Read more

My Defining Moment Essay

As a child, looking at the world, everything seemed big and scary. Naturally, most children would dive into the new world with fresh eyes and contentment, but I would always stay back. I would think things through and consider consequences before acting irrationally. My friends would always do things with spontaneity while I would get … Read more

Tarturus: A Short Story Essay

Before we begin, understand that I am recording this in sheer desperation to retain my memories. I have terribly rotten, bad luck. Ever since I was three my life has gone extremely wrong. When I was three it came for me. A giant bronze and silver eagle swooped down from the sky and besieged me. … Read more

How Music Affected My Life Essay

Speaking on a personal level in terms of music, I believe that people and music have an extraordinary, dependent bond. Therefore, neither can truly exist beyond the conventional confines of life without the other. Based on my personal belief, music has significantly affected my life in a positive and powerful way. Among the numerous songs … Read more

Essay on Personal Narrative: Gender Identity

I am from South Texas meaning the farthest anyone can go without actually crossing the border with Mexico. Growing up in this place was a balancing act because you are living in a clash of two cultures that did not, particularly, think highly of women, but our house was a blend of traditional ways and … Read more

Essay about What Is Formative Assessment

An area of my teaching practice I would like to explore is assessment both formative and summative. “The use of formative assessments, or other diagnostic efforts within classrooms, provides information that should help facilitate improved pedagogical practices and instructional outcomes. ” (Dunn et al. 2009:1). Within the classroom, there are many areas of assessment as … Read more

Creative Learning-Personal Narrative Essay

Before 7th grade, I never actually believed in bad things. I just didn’t think of them as things that actually happened to people. I don’t even know why I thought that, I was actually a pretty nice I had a somewhat unremarkable life, except for my mom being gone. I didn’t and still don’t know … Read more

Fallen Lamb Dialectical Journal Essay

I was only a member of the Fallen Lamb for a few nights at the time, but never had I seen the sea as beautiful as it was then. She glistened a deep blue, and clashed against the hard wood of the ship, waves rising until it hit the hull then falling back into the … Read more

Essay on Personal Narrative: Violet Skies

All I could feel was the most intense pressure have ever felt. Nothing was helping it go away. There was about ten people surrounding me, most were family and friends. All the others were nurses and doctors trying to tell me what to do to help this intense pressure go away. Big lights were pointed … Read more

Crisis Intervention Case Study Essay

The individual was okay with my instructions and did as I asked. Without warning, when her boyfriend opened the door to leave she ran out the door in the cold behind him with no shoes on her feet. I called to her for her to come back but she continued to run after him and, … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Fathers Definition Of Religion Essay

How pleasant one looked on Sunday transpired as my Mother’s definition of religion, for she always had us corresponding dresses she had made, in different colors and clothed to the hilt; with pristine bonnets, fluffy petticoats, matching purses, white gloves, lace socks, and patent leather shoes. Subsequently, our family occurred excessively dressed on numerous Easter … Read more

Goalie Stick Incident Essay

Thad just finished my hockey game, one which we lost by far. I slowly skated my way off the ice, as everyone looked at the “losing team” in disappointment. I stepped my way over to the locker and to my surprise, a couple of kids had found a broken goalie stick, and the floor was … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Waking Up Essay

Tremember waking up on the cold, hard ground having no clue where I was. The only thing I knew was that the pain I was enduring was unbearable. I asked myself, “What the heck am I doing here?! ” I slowly looked around and saw a blurred version of my cul de sac. My head … Read more

Thanatos Creative Writing Research Paper

I have suffered through a thousand blazing hells for the Lord, slaying the lives of my mortal brothers and sisters as a penance for my sins. The name Thanatos, permanently etched into my soul as a blade of silver strikes death upon each fated life I reap. Time has no effect on my unresting spirit. … Read more

Essay on Vinces Bar Narrative

A black Ford and red Dodge Ram pickup trucks parked in front of Vince’s Bar. This was the place that the soldiers agreed to go to for their beer. Aside from being a popular hangout place for people, it was also near the B. S. A. A. training camp. A bunch of young soldiers with … Read more

National Honor Society Journey Essay

My journey of life has lead me on many different experiences and allowed my to acquire many valuable skills I will take throughout my life. From being a involved in volunteer programs from kids with disabilities, being a member of National Honor Society, to my first job, I have learned leadership, team work, responsibilities, patience, … Read more

Personal Narrative: Haunted High Essay

On October 27, I had driver’s education until six o’clock. I figured that because I was already at Stevenson, I should just stay for Haunted High. I could use it for a cultural event or extra credit and I knew of a few friends who were attending. I have absolutely no idea why I possibly … Read more

Personal Narrative On How To Keep Annie Safe Essay

Claire is a 14 year old girl living in Germany. Her best friend is Annie, a 14 year old Jewish girl that lives two blocks away. It was March 15, 1933. The Nazis have already started their invasion. Annie is being hunted down, she now has the yellow star, and they are waiting for her. … Read more

Personal Narrative: In A Rush To Grow Up Essay

In a Rush to Grow up A year ago all I could think about was, what could be any better than being an adult. I had just been a year into my volunteering for Silver Cord (a school volunteer program) when I begun to think I was capable of working, because I enjoyed being able … Read more

Creative Writing: The Ski Masks Essay

Someone screams. Jay turns, following his wife’s eyes behind him to the front door across the diner. Three men in wet ski masks and camo hunting gear stand holding guns, their barrels dripping rain. “Phones, wallets, whatever,” the man in the orange mask says. “Put all that shit on the table. ” Turning back to … Read more

The Wolf-Personal Narrative Essay

The wolf was chasing me through the woods, getting closer and closer as I tried my best to scramble through the woods towards the town. Surely someone will help me fend off the beast. I kept running towards the town, stumbling over obstacles and trying my best to see ahead of me with the fading … Read more

Personal Narrative: Sweeping Essay

Over the next three weeks, we went hiking every morning. Our hikes were fun, at first. Soon though, I wanted to quit and sleep in, but the others seemed fine with it. It was just my luck that all of them were morning people. Every morning, one of them would haul me out of my … Read more

My Mile Time Essay

Many cross country runners try to become faster and cut their race or mile times. When you don’t get a time you want, it’s stressful and it makes a runner feel like they are slower than they actually are. As a distance runner, I strive to cut my mile time to get better individually so … Read more

Personal Narrative: Mama Veronica Essay

Mama Veronica, a Kenyan business woman whose ex-husband is a member of Parliament, lives in the deluxe version of a crumbling stone house at the end of the circular drive. Just beyond the compound s entrance sits my temporary abode, the non-deluxe version that she rents to the Peace Corps. Smack in the center of … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Move Essay

Just thinking about that warm, June day, still brings tears to my eyes. I have always loved my life the way it was; waking up, eating breakfast, going to school, learning, leaving school, go to dance until late, come back home and do homework, and then go to sleep. This was my daily routine. I … Read more

Essay about The Intrepidus: A Short Story

It was one of the more curious things about Humanity, our reluctance to allow others see us cry. It could be said that it was a form of defense, of never letting one know your weakness, and perhaps there was some truth to that. After all, hadn’t Humanity kept the Deadly Races at bay for … Read more

Essay on Personal Narrative: One Road Two Wheel

Do you believe you can lose weight by just riding a bicycle? I am proof that you can do it, if you put your mind to it. Let’s jump on our bikes and go for a ride. Chicago is approximately two- hundred sixty miles from Greenville, Ohio. A group called Campus Life was heading to … Read more

Essay on Creative Writing: A Trip To Hawaii

It’s 7:53 PM, and I’m soaring over the Pacific Ocean on a plane to Honolulu, Hawaii. The medium sized airliner is full of tourists excited to visit Hawaii. I look out the window at the ocean and the gorgeous sunset. There is an island coming up. The waves and tide make a lulling pattern against … Read more

Personal Narrative-Screechy-Original Writing Essay

“Daphne Kintish! ” Mrs. Malarkey’s sharp voice cut shrilly through the air, piercing my intense focus on the complicated doodle that slowly spread across my notebook page. I squared my jaw and tried to block her out and delay the inevitable for at least another few seconds. Carefully, my pen continued to fill in small … Read more

The Dragon-Personal Narrative Essay

“Yes, just a quarter of a mile away. Luckily, the warrior Estocada promised us that he would delay the dragon. ” “Very good,” answered Alex, stepping to the door. “Wait! ” called the bird. “Don’t you think you should wait a bit longer before leaving? ” Alex turned around, already having known the answer to … Read more

Pro Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

Boom! Boom! Boom! The phone rang it was Kevin’s wife she was upset and scared as she heard the police beating on the door, yelling to open it before they broke it down. Kevin could hear sirens in the back ground as his wife was informing him that the cops were beating on the door, … Read more

The Horse-Personal Narrative Essay

Topened my eyes to a dismal scene. Shadows of a thousand trees reached towards me, their thin fingers stretching out into the gloom. It took but a moment to recollect how I had come to be in my present situation. That confounded horse-always a nervous one-had sensed something moving through the underbrush, become incredibly agitated, … Read more

Personal Narrative On Suicide Essay

After a tragic event, people often hold loved ones close, and hug them a little bit tighter, and appreciate them a little more. After seeing my big brother commit suicide, I did the exact same thing. September 23, 2009. I was on my way home from school like any other day. I saw a police … Read more

Essay about Ten Year Canoe: A Short Story

“Oh, how great! ” I said, sarcastically. “So how do we tell the girls? I don’t want them to be scared, should we just make something up? ” “No, I think we should just tell them the truth. ” Me, with it being my first night taking on the role of a cit was super … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Life In Vegas Essay

The clock above my head ticks slowly, the sound ever increasing as the minutes pass by; tick, tick, tick. I normally do not notice the time while I work, usually I am the energizer bunny of workers, in early, out late, always working or willing to, but that day was different; I had a date; … Read more

Narrative Essay On Proserpina And Pluto

Once Pluto was out of tears to cry with, he knew it was time to tell her. “My darling Proserpina I think it’s time for you to return to your mother. ” “No, why would you say such a thing!? I will not return to that overbearing woman! Especially not after watching you just now! … Read more

Personal Narrative: SAT Today Essay

Life can have so many challenges a person will have to endure. Some will be making it to the NBA playoffs and others will be perfecting the cheesecake. For me, it would be the most, terrified thing a young person would ever have, the SAT. Know for its extremely dull black and white pages and … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Trip To Guatemala Essay

I would like to say I know Spanish, after four years of studying in high school and multiple trips to South and Central America, yet it seems every time I leave the States, I find myself in a frantic struggle to process the words I know and figure out the meanings of the ones I … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Libyan Family Essay

Taking into consideration my Libyan heritage, one might say | was able to experience the best of both worlds as a first generation Libyan-American. They wouldn’t be wrong, growing up, I was influenced by the cultural aspect of a Libyan as an American citizen. I partook in many common Libyan traditions, for instance, I would … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay: Deer Hunting

Mid evening on that October night. It was a chilly night, low forties maybe, and a little breezy. My dad and I set off for my grandfather’s property in Marshall at three in the afternoon. We were getting ready to hunt. My grandpa’s property is around 135 acres of land around his house. This is … Read more

Personal Narrative: Why I Lov Coming To SIU Essay

Growing up, I was always viewed as a person that didn’t like any type of socialization. I was portrayed as a quiet, nerdy, reserved individual that had very limited conversations with those around me. Unfortunately, the people that said this about me were wrong. In reality, if I were to describe myself to someone that … Read more

Personal Narrative: Almost Failing A Class Essay

“I should’ve done better,” I thought to myself as the teacher returned another bad grade. Maintaining good grades must be everyone’s motive in school, but in 8th grade year that almost didn’t happen for me. I walked into Davis Middle School on a bright and early morning. I took a seat in my first period. … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Zombie Apocalypse Essay

Zombies, walkers. The dead. Whatever you call them. They’re everywhere. No joke. I guess you could say it’s the Zombie Apocalypse. It started out normal. I came home from school and made some food, I heard a knock at my door, I thought to myself, Okay, answer the door. I asked myself why I was … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Homeless Dog Essay

It was a fiercely cold Christmas Eve night, somewhere around twenty degrees and from watching the weather it was likely to only get colder as the night progressed. Looking out the front window, the ground was covered in powdery white snow, sparkling, like it had glitter in it. I took in the brilliant sight right … Read more