National Honor Society Journey Essay

My journey of life has lead me on many different experiences and allowed my to acquire many valuable skills I will take throughout my life. From being a involved in volunteer programs from kids with disabilities, being a member of National Honor Society, to my first job, I have learned leadership, team work, responsibilities, patience, … Read more

Personal Narrative: Haunted High Essay

On October 27, I had driver’s education until six o’clock. I figured that because I was already at Stevenson, I should just stay for Haunted High. I could use it for a cultural event or extra credit and I knew of a few friends who were attending. I have absolutely no idea why I possibly … Read more

The Wolf-Personal Narrative Essay

The wolf was chasing me through the woods, getting closer and closer as I tried my best to scramble through the woods towards the town. Surely someone will help me fend off the beast. I kept running towards the town, stumbling over obstacles and trying my best to see ahead of me with the fading … Read more

Personal Narrative: Sweeping Essay

Over the next three weeks, we went hiking every morning. Our hikes were fun, at first. Soon though, I wanted to quit and sleep in, but the others seemed fine with it. It was just my luck that all of them were morning people. Every morning, one of them would haul me out of my … Read more

Essay about The Intrepidus: A Short Story

It was one of the more curious things about Humanity, our reluctance to allow others see us cry. It could be said that it was a form of defense, of never letting one know your weakness, and perhaps there was some truth to that. After all, hadn’t Humanity kept the Deadly Races at bay for … Read more

Personal Narrative-Screechy-Original Writing Essay

“Daphne Kintish! ” Mrs. Malarkey’s sharp voice cut shrilly through the air, piercing my intense focus on the complicated doodle that slowly spread across my notebook page. I squared my jaw and tried to block her out and delay the inevitable for at least another few seconds. Carefully, my pen continued to fill in small … Read more

Pro Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

Boom! Boom! Boom! The phone rang it was Kevin’s wife she was upset and scared as she heard the police beating on the door, yelling to open it before they broke it down. Kevin could hear sirens in the back ground as his wife was informing him that the cops were beating on the door, … Read more

The Horse-Personal Narrative Essay

Topened my eyes to a dismal scene. Shadows of a thousand trees reached towards me, their thin fingers stretching out into the gloom. It took but a moment to recollect how I had come to be in my present situation. That confounded horse-always a nervous one-had sensed something moving through the underbrush, become incredibly agitated, … Read more

Essay about Ten Year Canoe: A Short Story

“Oh, how great! ” I said, sarcastically. “So how do we tell the girls? I don’t want them to be scared, should we just make something up? ” “No, I think we should just tell them the truth. ” Me, with it being my first night taking on the role of a cit was super … Read more

Essay about Orchard Supply Hardware Case Summary

Currently, I work for Orchard Supply Hardware as a part time cashier, meaning that I work four or eight-hour shifts. Part of this job, besides making sure that the customer pays for their items, is making sure that the customer leaves the store satisfied with their shopping experience. As the first and last person that … Read more

Snow White Research Paper

Jealousy at its Best In today’s society, I am certain that most people have not grown old without having watched the tale Snow White. In fact, this Disney tale has been around for many ages, and it is personally one of my all-time favorite fairytales. For many generations, this story has been told throughout many … Read more

Alarm Clock Persuasive Speech Essay

Shake. Buzz. Shake. Rattle. Morning wake up call. It’s early Monday morning, six o’clock. The bus comes at seven, so I have an hour. Eh… I hit my vibrating pillow’s remote’s snooze. I mean, what’s the point of a sounding alarm clock if you’re not going to hear it? So, yes, my alarm clock is … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay: Spring Break

Spring Break rolled around, same as always. My so-called friends ran off to get drunk or high or whatever it was they did down in Florida. I, like a sane person, went home and studied because I wanted an actual job instead of slinging fries for the rest of my life and getting a beer … Read more

Personal Narrative: My First Immigrant Expedition Essay

In the summer of 1803, a twenty-eight year old Virginian was preparing to lead a field expedition into some of the most rugged wilderness on the North American Continent. It would be a perilous undertaking. The platoon traveled by boat, horse and foot for approximately 8,000 miles- venturing beyond maps, traveling into the headwaters of … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Pain In My Body Essay

During this time of extreme suffering God would continually tell me, “Donna you will be better at the end of this then you were going into it. And, be thankful you are not paralyzed. ” The MRI was extremely painful for me. The MRI machine vibrates and the vibration sent my body into unexplainable horrid … Read more

Tarturus: A Short Story Essay

Before we begin, understand that I am recording this in sheer desperation to retain my memories. I have terribly rotten, bad luck. Ever since I was three my life has gone extremely wrong. When I was three it came for me. A giant bronze and silver eagle swooped down from the sky and besieged me. … Read more

Essay on Personal Narrative: Gender Identity

I am from South Texas meaning the farthest anyone can go without actually crossing the border with Mexico. Growing up in this place was a balancing act because you are living in a clash of two cultures that did not, particularly, think highly of women, but our house was a blend of traditional ways and … Read more

Essay about What Is Formative Assessment

An area of my teaching practice I would like to explore is assessment both formative and summative. “The use of formative assessments, or other diagnostic efforts within classrooms, provides information that should help facilitate improved pedagogical practices and instructional outcomes. ” (Dunn et al. 2009:1). Within the classroom, there are many areas of assessment as … Read more

Fallen Lamb Dialectical Journal Essay

I was only a member of the Fallen Lamb for a few nights at the time, but never had I seen the sea as beautiful as it was then. She glistened a deep blue, and clashed against the hard wood of the ship, waves rising until it hit the hull then falling back into the … Read more

Goalie Stick Incident Essay

Thad just finished my hockey game, one which we lost by far. I slowly skated my way off the ice, as everyone looked at the “losing team” in disappointment. I stepped my way over to the locker and to my surprise, a couple of kids had found a broken goalie stick, and the floor was … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Waking Up Essay

Tremember waking up on the cold, hard ground having no clue where I was. The only thing I knew was that the pain I was enduring was unbearable. I asked myself, “What the heck am I doing here?! ” I slowly looked around and saw a blurred version of my cul de sac. My head … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Homeless Dog Essay

It was a fiercely cold Christmas Eve night, somewhere around twenty degrees and from watching the weather it was likely to only get colder as the night progressed. Looking out the front window, the ground was covered in powdery white snow, sparkling, like it had glitter in it. I took in the brilliant sight right … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Being A Twin Essay

From the beginning of when I can remember everything has been shared. Birthday parties, celebrations, pictures, graduation day and even small things like a room when I was younger. But I never minded it. Sharing with my twin brother seemed natural and it was almost strange that everyone else didn’t share like we did. But … Read more

Jerry Carter Beginning Again Analysis Essay

The Dr. Jerry Carter Jr. comes from Columbus Ohio. He is the fourteenth pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Morristown, New Jersey. On Tuesday, August 25th, Dr. Carter took his scripture from Jonah 3:1 (KJV), that scripture read, “and the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time. ” He entitled his … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Journey To Aruba Essay

The journey begins in Maracaibo, my hometown, where my friends and I were planning to go to Aruba. We were thinking about partying in Aruba to celebrate that we graduated from high school. As soon as we all agreed, we started looking for the hotel, clubs, and beaches. The day before our trip, my friends … Read more

Creative Writing: The Getty Villa Essay

Mustafa Hafezzada A Renewed Drive (Historical Site Report #2) The Getty Villa, located in Pacific Palisades, is by far the museum that resonates with me the most. From the artwork to the building itself, I’m in love. I went with a childhood friend of mine because I had an extra ticket and I coerced him … Read more

Batting Clean-Up And Striking Out Analysis Essay

Are all neat people lazy, wasteful, insensitive, and less moral than sloppy people? Are all men more interested in sports while women focus their time on housework and cleaning? The answer to both of these questions is no. These questions bring up generalizations that are dealt with in both of the short essays which are … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Trip To Canada Essay

Describe an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family. (650) I just stepped off the school bus. The ground was muddy. The sky was gray. Rain was pouring down on my head like I was standing under a waterfall. I had only … Read more

Personal Narrative: Snow Hunts Essay

I felt the stock of my bow while I was sitting in the blind. Frost had already began to form where I rubbed it off seconds ago. I looked through the small window at the everlasting snow. “Wait, was that a deer moving along those trees? ” I asked myself. It looked more like a … Read more

Personal Narrative: Alex Turing’s Death Essay

After the band perfmorance, my lips were dry and burned bright red; the skin was flaky, peeling horribly, and blood drizzled from the tired cracks. My tired eyes, worn from the continous reading of fast-paced rhythms, ached from the bright lights and dehydration gnawed at every part of me. On the car ride home, I … Read more

Personal Narrative: Siloam Springs’s Coming Home Essay

Having grown up in Chandler Oklahoma I assumed that I knew all about small towns. How they operated, what the people were like, how quickly news spreads and so on; however, Siloam Springs has pleasantly surprised me. Rather than feeling uncomfortably small and suffocating like I was expecting, I have found that over all it … Read more

7th Grade Narrative Essay

I’m going to tell you about my life from the end of 7th grade to the end of 8th grade. At the end of seventh grade I had went to both my brothers C-tec and Watkins graduation. After both graduations we had a graduation party and I got to see family members I haven’t seen … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay: Going To Southern California

Going to Southern California, no one would think of packing an umbrella. Why would they? California is in the middle of a drought. When someone thinks of California, they think of baby blue skies and palm trees along the streets. But, of course, the weekend my family decided to visit Disneyland, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld … Read more

What Happens Next Analysis Essay

I’m in someone’s room, in someone’s bed, and I don’t know how I got her. Then I remember and it all comes crashing down in a thousand jagged pieces. I jerked the covers back, relieved that all my clothes are still on. The clock on the nightstand says seven a. m. The bus leaves in … Read more

Summary: Personal Narrative Male Selkie Essay

I had kept the cottage on the hill in sight all night and can sense there are two humans in the dwelling. The sun started to rise and the darkness faded, an older human female leaves the dwelling. She gets into a small car and drives down the road towards town. This was the time … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Trip To America Essay

“I don’t know what to do. I have a husband and my family here, but the Nazis are taking power. I don’t know if I can stay here any longer. I have heard about good things happening in America, so maybe I will go there,” I explained to my family before I decided to leave … Read more

The Lovely Bones Analysis Essay

My eyes move from page to page scrutinizing each word like Susie Salmon watching her family live life. I have finished The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold. As the time keeps moving forward, the search of Susie Salmon’s murder continues. The police have found evidence that Mr. Harvey is the murder and now trying to … Read more

Cleft Palate Surgery Narrative Essay

My daughter’s cleft palate surgery The most memorable time in my life was my daughter’s cleft palate surgery. It was January 4th when my daughter and I had to leave El Paso, TX to take a trip to Austin, TX. It was a long drive for a little baby like her at the time she … Read more

The Benefits Of Brine Shrimp Essay

Salt is what the brine shrimp need to hatch. Without salt the brine shrimp won’t be able to hatch or stay alive long. My question ‘Which water will the brine shrimp thrive the best in with with the different amounts of salinity? ‘ These next paragraphs are some of the information on brine shrimp. For … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay: Sleeping Bear Dunes

This past summer I traveled up north to Leelanau, Michigan, with my best friend, Mary, and her family. Mary’s family is basically a second family to me because we have known each other since Kindergarten. Her family goes up every year for a family vacation, but this was my first time going up with them … Read more

Hannah’s Gift Analysis Essay

Maria Housden shares: “The truest measure of a life is not in length, but the fullness in which it is lived” (6). This quote goes along perfectly with the heartwarming and heartbreaking story of young Hannah Martell as she handles her illness with positivity while teaching those around her valuable life lessons along her journey. … Read more

Personal Narrative-I M In The Rat Army Essay

I’m in the Rat Army now. The commander is Rose. Not Bonzo. I’m done with following Bonzo’s stupid directions, and his desperate need for authority that seems to contribute to the making of his stupid actions. He punched me right after he told me that he persuaded the Rat Army to trade me for one … Read more

Importance Of A Tryout Essay

During the end of my freshman year I had received an email asking if I could attend a tryout to see if I would make the team that would be heading over to Europe to play soccer. When my mom told me that I had to go to soccer I asked her why, she said … Read more

Personal Narrative: Blue Water Collide Essay

When you’re a kid you would never think of almost dying at sesame place, but that’s exactly what happened to me. As my family and I entered the park, my eyes grew with amazement as I looked around me. There were zooming roller coasters, families laughing, toddlers running around with a sugar high from all … Read more

Sameness In The Giver Essay

The idea of a perfect society might sound appealing, but would a perfect society include Sameness? In the novel, The Giver by Lois Lowery, Jonas, the main character, lives in a society where everyone portrays Sameness. Sameness is where everything is equal. For example, every family has four people: a mother and a father, one … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Life In Vegas Essay

The clock above my head ticks slowly, the sound ever increasing as the minutes pass by; tick, tick, tick. I normally do not notice the time while I work, usually I am the energizer bunny of workers, in early, out late, always working or willing to, but that day was different; I had a date; … Read more

Narrative Essay On Proserpina And Pluto

Once Pluto was out of tears to cry with, he knew it was time to tell her. “My darling Proserpina I think it’s time for you to return to your mother. ” “No, why would you say such a thing!? I will not return to that overbearing woman! Especially not after watching you just now! … Read more

Personal Narrative: SAT Today Essay

Life can have so many challenges a person will have to endure. Some will be making it to the NBA playoffs and others will be perfecting the cheesecake. For me, it would be the most, terrified thing a young person would ever have, the SAT. Know for its extremely dull black and white pages and … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Trip To Guatemala Essay

I would like to say I know Spanish, after four years of studying in high school and multiple trips to South and Central America, yet it seems every time I leave the States, I find myself in a frantic struggle to process the words I know and figure out the meanings of the ones I … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Libyan Family Essay

Taking into consideration my Libyan heritage, one might say | was able to experience the best of both worlds as a first generation Libyan-American. They wouldn’t be wrong, growing up, I was influenced by the cultural aspect of a Libyan as an American citizen. I partook in many common Libyan traditions, for instance, I would … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay: Deer Hunting

Mid evening on that October night. It was a chilly night, low forties maybe, and a little breezy. My dad and I set off for my grandfather’s property in Marshall at three in the afternoon. We were getting ready to hunt. My grandpa’s property is around 135 acres of land around his house. This is … Read more