Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt By Jean Kilbourne

Woman have been oppressed since the beginning of time. In Jean Kilbourne’s essay, she discusses how women have been portrayed in the media throughout history. She talks about how the media has always objectified women and how this has led to many problems in society. Kilbourne argues that the way women are portrayed in the … Read more

Iron Jawed Angels Sparknotes

Iron Jawed Angels is a film about the Suffrage movement in the United States. The film tells the story of the fight for women’s right to vote, and features some of the most important figures in the Suffrage movement. The film begins with a brief history of the Suffrage movement. It then follows the story … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Godzilla

When I was ten years old I was obsessed with the Godzilla movies. I didn’t know why Godzilla captivated and demanded my attention: Godzilla is a collection of low budget, poorly written, action thrillers about this massive mutant lizard that goes around fighting other enormous mutant monsters. I knew the movies were bad, but I … Read more

Movie Analysis: Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction was originally magazines with tales about bigger than life characters solving crimes or rescuing a damsel in distress. The stories were written on “pulp” which was the cheapest paper available in the 1930’s and 40’s. The low price and exotic new stories drew in readers like moths to a flame. The stories were … Read more

Film Analysis: The Great Dying

It’s hard to imagine how brief our existence on this planet is. Imagine if you will that we summarized how humans came to dominate the planet in your average 2-hour movie. The very first frame starts us off with the accretion of the planet. About 18 minutes into the film the first microbial life starts … Read more

Everyman Film Analysis

Given the Mexican government’s insistence to adopt ruinous neoliberal policies, the government’s attention and funds have been directed away from preventing sexual violence and in turn, normalize an environment of rape culture in Ciudad Juarez. In order to expose the universality and trauma of sexual violence, Carrera villainizes the “everyman. ” By presenting Cutberto’s character … Read more

Heritage Films

In today’s fast paced, technology filled life it is easy to forget that the world in which we live in was not always this way. It is hard to remind ourselves that at one point in our history, there was no electricity, women always wore dresses, and men were, without a doubt, on a higher … Read more

What Is The Change In The DUFF Movie

Describe how a character changed in the film. Change. It is a natural and unpreventable yet terrifying part of life. For teenagers, such as Bianca Piper in the 2015 film The DUFF directed by Ari Sandel, change is overwhelming, confronting and often surprisingly rewarding. Sandel effectively presents Bianca’s changes through the use of parallel structure, … Read more

Martha Rebuking Mary For Her Vanity And Cindy Sherman’s

Some people may believe that artwork is strictly just religious or just for entertainment in function due to the common subject matter. Martha Rebuking Mary for her Vanity by Guido Cagnacci (1601-1663) and Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills Series (1970s) have hidden meanings. These meanings allude to how people should act and should be portrayed. … Read more

Evaluation Essay On The Outsiders

The Godfather, Forrest Gump, Titanic, Goodfellas, just a few of the most iconic blockbusters of all time, and that is to only to mention a few. All films are appreciated, some more than others. When it comes to myself, I approach each film with a open mind. Detecting my intensifying passion for movies is hands … Read more

Special Effects In Stargate

What could be more exhilarating then traveling between the stars as easily as walking through a door? That’s exactly what the highly anticipated film Stargate depicts. A team travels across the known Universe in an instant, leaving them on a strange new world, not knowing what to expect or who they might meet. This science … Read more

Mr. Robot: A Non-Music Analysis

The aforementioned approach is called short sighting, which leaves an unnerving quality of the story and the world the characters live in, full of isolation and privacy. In addition, such approach appears to be revolutionary and contradicting to the composition of traditional TV shows, which highlights the radical spirit of the series. For each of … Read more

Chaos And Sexism

The film, Chaos, directed by Coline Serreau is set in France, following Helene, a wealthy parisian woman and Malika (Noemie), a young prostitute. There are themes throughout the movie of both sexism and abuse of varying degrees. These themes are spread across different races and social classes through different parts of France. France today also … Read more

O Play Vs Movie

If anyone is ever looking for a movie based on a Shakespeare play, poorly adapted into a modern story about high school basketball players, and complete with uninspired acting, then the movie O, directed by Tim Blake Nelson, is the perfect choice. The movie, which stars Mekhi Phifer, Julia Stiles, and Martin Sheen, takes place … Read more

Stunt Woman Research Paper

Why did you decide to become a stunt woman? Did you have any influences growing up that inspired you to go on this path? As a baby my older brother would take me over the jumps on his motocross track in my pram. The bigger the jumps, the harder the landings, the faster the laps … Read more

What Is The Five Obstructions?

Categorizing films into different genres allows viewers to anticipate patterns and themes interwoven throughout the end product. Film scholars David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson exclaim, “Audiences expect the genre film to offer something familiar but also demand fresh variations on it” (Friedman 5). Audiences can use genres to form expectations before viewing a film. With … Read more

Apocalypse Now Themes

Apocalypse Now was released in 1979 and it was an influential film during the Vietnam War era. The movie took approximately ten years to produce costing $30 million to fund. The director Francis Ford Coppola had several setbacks with production, independence, and just being creatively free. All these setbacks brought doubt or questions about his … Read more

Zombies With A Shotgun Analysis

First of all, let it be known that I am not typically a “zombie” person. That’s right–I do not watch that genre. In fact, I tend to avoid it. So why on earth would I be promoting a project about zombies? Well, as with everything, I approach everything with an open mind, and because of … Read more

The Holocaust In The Pianist Essay

The Second World War was an international war that took place from 1939 to 1945, a lot of countries participated in the war (including the great powers) and formed two alliances: the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan) and the Allies (the “Big Three Leaders” were the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the … Read more

Schindlers List Essay

1. The Schindler’s List Directed by Steven Spielberg in 1994. Starting Liam Neeson, Ralph Fienne, Caroline Goodall and Ben Kingsley. The Schindler’s List is based on a true story of a German businessman named Oskar Schindler. Oskar helps Jewish people by giving them jobs in a factory, which is in Poland. As more of World … Read more

Essay on Insidious Movie Analysis

In the 2010 movie “Insidious”, the Lambert family experiences paranormal activities in which they believe the house is haunted until they come to the realization that it is their son who has been possessed by a demon and has traveled to another realm. In hopes of saving their son the family explores the paranormal, from … Read more

Essay on Analysis Of Charlie Chaplins 1940 Film: The Great Dictator

Not Just Black and White From Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 film The Great Dictator satirizing World War II to Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film Jurassic Park addressing the unchecked progression of science, film showcases topics being discussed in America. These topics range, but one trait is similar between them all. The characters are played by white actors … Read more

Under The Skin Film Analysis Essay

Advertisement, Blank Slates and Sexual Pursuance If, theoretically of course, and alien came to our planet earth, just how easy would it be for them to blend, to become invisible? Jonathan Glazer’s “Under the Skin” explores the seemingly small mission of an alien, disguised as a beautiful woman, who’s mission it is to eliminate men … Read more

The Court Jester: Aesthetic Analysis Of A Film Essay

The Court Jester: Aesthetic Analysis Of A Film “Tails of lizards, ears of swine, chicken gizzards soaked in brine, now thine eyes and mine entwine, thy will is broken, thou art MINE! ” ((Melvin Frank, Norman Panama The Court jester) Now you will give me an A on the paper and all the rest of … Read more

Come Drink With Me Film Analysis Essay

The 1966’s avant-garde film, Come Drink with Me moved towards Director King Hu’s contemporary aesthetic style, when paralleled to Wuxia Pans in that time. Hu was recognized to start a revolution with Come Drink with Me, establishing the “New School” aesthetics for Kung Fu. However dated special effects and editing would appear, to current viewers, … Read more

Schindlers List Theme Essay

Schindler’s List: Research Essay Schindler’s List is a film that shows being generous can change history. Oskar Schindler is a man who broke the mold of a Nazi and shows what can happen when you do what you believe in. Throughout the classical film, Schindler displays how having power can either hurt you or help … Read more

Analysis Of The Film Working Girl Essay

The film “Working Girl” illustrates the feminist fight and struggles of women in the work force in the 1980s to the present, every contradiction relates to the main problems that women face. The two main women characters in ‘Working Girl” represent the two types of stereotypes of women that establish themselves in the corporate world, … Read more

Charlie Chaplins City Lights Essay

What you are about to see in the film City Lights (1931) is a funny and emotional motion picture. This is an extraordinary silent film; it is poetic, moving, and tender. Charlie Chaplin is a master at comedic pantomime, conveying everything he does without the necessity of actually talking, but through the universal language of … Read more

Essay about Traffic By Steven Soderbergh: Film Analysis

In his film, Traffic (2000), Steven Soderbergh provides a detailed critique of the US Government’s method in the war on drugs of stopping the supplier. In doing so, Soderbergh highlights the US Government’s lack of concern with providing treatment for drug addicts. He allows the life of the new leader of the war on drugs, … Read more

Essay about Film Analysis: Rosemarys Baby

Based on the novel by the same name, the film Rosemary’s Baby follows the life of a submissive housewife named Rosemary who becomes unknowingly impregnated by the devil after her husband joins the witch coven from their new apartment building. She gives birth to a son but is horrified to see how inhuman he looks. … Read more

Stereotypes Of Adolescents In The Breakfast Club Essay

The Breakfast Club (1985), displays many stereotypes of adolescents, which are more commonly referred to as irrational teenagers. The adolescents cannot help their behaviors, to an extent, as it is all biological. They are merely trying to figure out their identities, and need to experiment with their superiors in that time. Their hormone levels are … Read more

Otherness In American Psycho And The Outsider Essay

Introduction: In American Psycho and The Outsider, to experience the Absurd is to experience Otherness, and within both film and novel it is absurdity and the Absurd which drives Mersault and Bateman towards their respective social alienations. However, despite the inextricable link between the Absurd and Otherness within the texts, the means by which the … Read more

Essay on Out For Vengeance Analysis

The director of the film Out For Vengeance–he’s the writer and the director–his name is Salar Zarza. Two things that struck him. First, this is shooting overseas. So one thing that struck his interest was my special skills in my resume, and that was martial arts. Because this is an action film, and if you … Read more

Boys Don T Cry Film Analysis Research Paper

One month ago, Mack Beggs, a high school senior, earned the Texas girls’ state championship and completed a perfect season. Mack Beggs is a transgender boy. The state of Texas refused to allow Breggs to wrestle with the boys because their laws state that high school athletes must compete by the gender listed on their … Read more

Disney Life Lessons Essay

Happily, After All: According to a recent blogger, Nenad Smikic, there are five suggested main life-lessons portrayed within Disney films that we as an uneducated audience should revisit (Smikic, “5 Life Lessons from Disney Movies. “). These lessons vary from not talking to strangers to seeing beauty on the inside rather than on the outside. … Read more

Citizen Kane Expressionism Essay

Expressionism and Realism Mixture in The Last Laugh and Citizen Kane One of the greatest expressionism and realism film- The Last Laugh- directed by German Director F. W Murnau, was released in December 1924. The exaggerated camera shots in this film give the audience a strong sense of anger, disappointment, and compassion of the Hotelportier. … Read more

Diagnostic Film Rating Essay

A patient arrives in your chair, and tells you that his lower left molar has been keeping him up at night, hurting. However, he does not want a “x-ray” because his finances are scarce. It is important to let your patient know that the dentist, under the guidance from the Oregon Board of Dentistry, cannot … Read more

Donnie Darko Mise En Scene Analysis Essay

Donnie Darko (2001) is a surrealist, mystery, sci-fi film set in suburban America, which follows the disenchanted and troubled teenager, Donnie Darko. The film follows the teen as he begins to explore what it means to be alive and believes to uncover secrets of the universe that gives him, what he believes to be a … Read more

Jacks Development In The Movie Room Essay

The movie Room is about a young boy, Jack, who is raised in a shed for the first five years of his life. His mother, Ma, does her best to provide for him the best she can while being confined to the shed. Throughout the movie, we see how Jack develops in his early years … Read more

Who Is Ella In The Film Cinderella Essay

Cinderella is an American fantasy film that was released in spring of 2015 and directed by Kenneth Branagh. The film was set in the 18th century era in Europe. The story was based on the journey of Ella (Lily James) and how each person that she met throughout the film made an influence on her … Read more

Communism In Film Essay

Following the release of his immensely popular 1934 film Jolly Fellows, director Grigori Aleksandrov found himself in an unenviable dilemma. While his films were quite successful with the Soviet people, the state itself was less than impressed with the lack of ideological content. And, given how they had full control over the making of future … Read more

The Lady From Shanghai Theme Essay

The Lady From Shanghai is one of the great classical film noir, which was directed by Orson Welles in 1948 and he adapted it from the novel called If I Die Before I Wake by Sherwood King in 1938. The theme of this movie is about conspiracy and murder, it tells a story of the … Read more

British New Wave Cinema Essay

British New Wave Cinema made its appearance during the late 1950’s in the world of European cinema representing Britain as a nation in a socio-political aspect during a time where Britain was divided and defined by social class. Some of the issues portrayed in British new wave cinema are issues such as the economic state … Read more

50-50 Analysis Research Paper

What is the value of the 2011 film 50/50? Despite leading a profoundly healthy lifestyle, which includes no smoking, no drinking, no drugs and not even possessing a driver’s license to partake in what he considers the associated perilous activity, twenty-seven-year-old Seattle Public Radio journalist Adam Lerner, in the 2011 film, 50/50, is diagnosed with … Read more

Big Blue Building Descriptive Writing Essay

The big cars were rushing by so fast. They were so loud, and I was so scared. I walked down the alley to hide behind the big green metal dumpster with all the rancid smelling trash inside of it. I tucked my tail and tried to stay warm as I hid from the cars and … Read more

Essay about Alfred Hitchcock Background

There were many great directors during the 19th century era of film, but one renowned filmmaker of that time was Alfred Hitchcock, who “is among the few directors whose films almost constitute a genre unto themselves, the suspense-filled “Hitchcock thriller” ‘ (2 Dixon & Foster 102). In his career, Hitchcock directed many films from the … Read more

Elements Of Film Noir Essay

The term film noir can be defined as a style of film which was marked by a period of pessimism, self doubt and fatalism. The term was applied by French critics in the 1946 to a group of US films that were made during the war and that were released in quick succession after 1945. … Read more

Nikes Equality Essay

Working at the idea that Nike uses this campaign in order to facilitate a connection between themselves and their consumers, I also see their use of “plain folks appeal” (Woolfolk Cross 2). “Plain folks appeal” is said to be a method where an individual, in this case a corporation, aims to win their audience’s confidence … Read more

Beyond Fidelity Movie Interpretation Research Paper

As movie-goers, we all have seen films advertised with the “based on the book” tag line. Unfortunately, after watching these films there are always viewers that bring up the fidelity of the film to the original piece. Artistically, this raises the question of to what extent do we define originality. Robert Stam, the author of … Read more

Candyman Informative Speech Research Paper

Trecently hit 100 views today (yey for me). So I decided to look at my tags to see what my most popular was and it was horror. The ranking for the Wrong Turn films did pretty well (you can find it here if you have not seen it) and I enjoyed writing it. Sol decided … Read more

Essay about Blair Witch Project Analysis

The beginning of found footage films can be traced back to the 1980’s with Cannibal Holocaust, it used both a staged filmmaking style and introduced a lost footage, then recovered and shown to the public style of filmmaking. While Cannibal Holocaust was one of the first films, The Blair Witch Project (1999) gave a new … Read more

The Romanov Family Analysis Essay

It’s one of the most fascinating historical mysteries that has taken a whole century to find the truth. Many know the story as a charming movie, while others could recollect the imposters that took claims to the family name. It’s the case of the Imperial Romanov Family, and beneath the romanticized 1997 film adaptation lies … Read more

Essay about The Incredibles Film Analysis

When looking back at my childhood, I would say that I watched around two to three hours of cartoon daily and at times up to four hours, especially on the weekend. Yet, I haven’t once taken the time to wonder if there was an impact of cartoons on my growth or how much of an … Read more

Toy Story Essay

The understanding of a film-makers role in society is modestly misconstrued. Common knowledge of a film producer is a person who creates a story and turns it into a movie. Films are made up by a wide variety of genres which are given appropriate ratings before being released to the public. Popular film types that … Read more

American Culture Essay

The beliefs and values of the American people are almost constantly changing. Going through American history reveals how the American culture has gone through changes ever since the days of the American revolution. Constant change is a staple of the American culture. The theme of acknowledging change in the American culture was addressed in multiple … Read more

The Cranes Are Flying Analysis Essay

To begin, one of the common themes that both films center around is that of good vs. evil, yet by reimagining this theme, which is often an integral part of conventional war films, the foreign films are able to set themselves apart. In The Cranes are Flying, Kalatozov breaks from the traditional representation of this … Read more

The Help Movie Essay

The Help directed by Tate Taylor, based on the award winning book by Kathryn Stockett. The movie received Grammy nominations for showing a fictional take of real life events that occurred in the 1960’s in Jackson Mississippi. Aibileen (Viola Davis) and Eugenia (Emma Stone) or Skeeter collaborated together to make sure that African American maids … Read more

Burnham Make Happy Analysis Essay

Bo Burnham’s Bo Burhnham: Make Happy is a live comedy show that through goes through the struggles of his own life and the lives of his fans. As Burhamn’s show explores the many facets of our lives it shows how they all seem to be coming up short in one way or another. It opens … Read more

Coming Of Sound Essay

The coming of sound was an innovation to cinema that forever changed the way films were produced, viewed and performed. Sound plays many roles in the way a film is narrated and perceived by the audience. Sound, as defined in the Oxford Dictionary of Film Studies, ‘is central to the way in which a film … Read more

Hero Of War Poem Analysis Essay

We only see what we are shown but not what the soldiers know. The theme “People in power lie to persuade civilians to do their their dirty work without them knowing the true aftermath of war”, is seen evidently throughout the four texts I have chosen. The song Hero of War by Rise Against, the … Read more

Superhero Film Analysis Essay

Superhero films as a popular culture are a phenomenon that has experienced fluctuating amounts of success and change throughout its long history, spanning over seventy years. With origins in comic book lore, the mythology of superheroes emerged in 1940s films and has ultimately become a multibillion dollar empire. Over the last century, the heroes and … Read more

Essay about Judge Dredd

Judging by the trailers for the film, as well as the huge disappointment left by its 1995 predecessor, I wouldn’t blame you if you simply dismissed the newest iteration of Judge Dredd as a forgettable, generic action feature, or simply a disposable reboot. When hearing about this movie, after being informed of the atrocity that … Read more

Essay on This Is England: The Frailty Of Fatherhood

This is England’: The Frailty of Fatherhood Introduction The 2006 British film, This is England, directed by Shane Meadows, is a story about a young boy named Shaun Fields that looses his father through war. In the film, Shaun journey through dealing with the grief of his father’s death and being a victim of bullying … Read more

Never Let Me Go Essay On Mortality

How does Romanek illustrate his views on Mortality in “Never Let me Go? ” Mark Romanek’s film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go depicts a world that we are unfamiliar with. With major scientific advancements relating to DNA, the artificial creation of organs is now possible through the cloning of humans. While normal … Read more

The Paradox Of Horror Summary Essay

From the moment you’re born, your mind begins to develop certain emotions, a lot of which help you determine how to feel about different types of situations. One of these emotions is fear. Everybody is afraid of something in life. However, is being afraid always a bad thing? Given people’s high demand for horror these … Read more

Remember The Titans Character Analysis Essay

The film Remember the Titans, directed by Boaz Yakin, set in 1971, is about a high school football team who are forced to integrate and overcome their racial prejudice. An important character is Gary Bertier as throughout the film he changes and strays away from his prejudice manner and becomes a fair and promising leader … Read more

Night Of The Hunter Analysis Essay

In the film Night of the Hunter, young John and Pearl are trying to escape from a preacher named Harry who wants the money that their father stole for them when they were young. In this specific scene, the audience see them floating down the river coming to shore where there appears to be a … Read more

Lucy Walker Waste Land Research Paper

The eye of the camera Lucy Walker, the director of Waste Land, focuses on the perspective of Vik Muniz using the camera lens as an artistic and metaphorical eye to represent his distance, understanding, and ignorance on the Wasteland. Scenes within this documentary, especially in the beginning and middle, the camera view is often mimicking … Read more

Shaun Of The Dead-Best Film Analysis Essay

Edgar Wright made short films as a young teenager and directed a no-budget feature film t the age of 20 years old. He continued to work in tv from there mainly in Britain where he directed an array of comedy shows including Merry-Go-Round, Is it Bill Bailey, Mash and Peas, Murder Most Horrid, Sir Bernard’s … Read more

American Sniper Analysis Research Paper

American Sniper: America’s Most Deadliest and Ethnocentric Sniper “American Sniper” (directed by Clint Eastwood) is a film autobiography about Chris Kyle (played by Bradley Cooper), the deadliest sniper in American history. Several characters are introduced such as Chris’s wife, Taya Renae Kyle (played by Sienna Miller), his brother Colton Kyle (played by Max Charles), his … Read more

Visual Analysis Of The Movie ‘Mean Girls’ Essay

Totally Fetch “On Wednesdays we wear pink. ” Most teenage girls would catch this popular Mean Girls reference. This pretty pink picture features the four main characters from the Paramount movie Mean Girls. The image focuses on Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan). Her three friends, Regina George, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith, are surrounding her fixing … Read more

Essay about The American Sniper Analysis

I’ve always looked for a meaning or purpose that could connect with my life, but how can a 17 year old boy decipher and discover such a thing on his own? A possibility can be found through ways of expressing passion to the public. Such as movies, songs, poems, or even a piece of art. … Read more

Fascism In The Film Pan’s Labyrinth Essay

Pan’s Labyrinth is as much of a fantastic fairy tale as it is a story about how fairy tales clash with fascism of the post-Civil War Spain. It is seemingly far too often that fantastic films are a disappointment, by patronizing the viewer, making no statement about the real world and is merely a form … Read more

Essay on Social Norms In The Movie Batman

There are few moments in life that society will get excited for. One of these events is the much anticipated movie premiere. The announcement of one of your favorite superheroes being made into a movie is very exciting and questions about what the movie will look like, run ramped through everyone’s mind. Serval months before … Read more

City Of God Thesis Essay

Fernando Meirelles is incontestably the face of modern Brazilian cinema. Not only has he been successful in bringing mass international recognition to the long neglected favelas of Rio de Janeiro through his directing of movies such as City of God (2003), but he has also asserted a solid position within the North American film industry … Read more

Comparing Hitchcock’s Vertigo And Psycho Essay

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was an English film director and producer. Often nicknamed “The Master of Suspense”, he pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres. Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born in Leytonstone, Essex, England. Hitchcock created more than 50 films, including the classics Vertigo and Psycho. Hitchcock received the AFI’s Life Achievement … Read more

Flowers Of War Analysis Essay

A composer masterfully constructs aspects of power that is offered through the textual integrity of poem and film. The satirical dramatic monologue of Weapon’s training by Bruce Dawe and Father and child by Gwen Harwood, both demonstrate the power of death that enhances one’s present perception. In cohesion with Dawe’s poem, Zhang Yimou’s film Flowers … Read more

The 39 Steps Analysis Essay

The play 39 Steps was full of drama, comedy and much more which made the play extremely thrilling. The play originated by Alfred Hitchcock then adapted by Patrick Barlow and directed by Kate Buckley. I viewed this play at the Clarence Brown Theatre on Sunday September 13,2015 at 2:00 in the afternoon. Schaad produced the … Read more

Episodic Structure In The Film Eve’s Bayou ‘ Essay

I watched Eve’s Bayou, it was the only movie I could get my hands on since I am not in the United States. I’ve watched it before but it was different watching it with a purpose and a structured thought process. What type of dramatic structure does the film have – linear, episodic or thematic? … Read more

Warm Bodies Movie Analysis Essay

‘Warm bodies’ is a zombie movie based on Isaac Marion’s novel. This particular zombie movie that was themed ‘black romance’ is really unique. In the post-apocalyptic universe, the surviving humans have isolated themselves in a safe place in the city, but outside there are many mumbling and shuffling zombies that are still in the human … Read more

Jar Jar Binks Sith Theory Analysis Essay

With the seventh installment of Star Wars coming this month | figured it would make a good topic. This video talks about a popular new conspiracy theory where the character Jar Jar Binks was supposed to become the Sith lord instead of Palpatine. It makes some very convincing points. The clumsy character seems to find … Read more

Angry Biker-Far Out Man Analysis Essay

The Barbarians (1987) – Dirtmaster – Twin barbarians plan to take revenge on the warlord who murdered their tribe and places them in captivity as children. The Dirtmaster, portrayed as Michael Berryman, forces the twins into slavery, where they train to fight as gladiators. Saturday the 14th Strikes Back (1988) – The Mummy – In … Read more

Casablanca Film Analysis Essay

Casablanca was a romantic film produced in 1942. Internet Movie Database summarizes Casablanca as “Rick Blaine, who owns a night club in Casablanca, discovers his old flame Ilsa is in town with her husband, Victor Laszlo. Laszlo is a famed rebel, and with Germans on his tail, Ilsa knows Rick can help them get out … Read more

Pan’s Labyrinth Film Techniques Essay

Prepare your senses for tingling Statement of intent: The purpose of this piece of writing was to show the reader that Guillermo del Toro’s film, Pan’s labyrinth is a fantastic film well worth watching. Guillermo del Toro’s film, Pan’s labyrinth it stays strong to the horror/ magical realism genre. As a first time magical realism … Read more