Stereotypes In The Movie Crash Essay

One car rear ending another begins a storyline set over thirty-six hours that reveals how utterly connected a group of people’s lives are, even though they all seem to be extremely diverse. The movie Crash emphasizes the interconnectedness of these people that originally appear very different from one another. Preconceived notions of stereotypes prevent the … Read more

Symbolism In Gattaca Essay

Analyse how the beginning and end show a character’s change in the visual or oral text(s). Gattaca is a dystopian film directed by Andrew Niccol. It is set in the ‘not-too-distant future’ where discrimination is based on your genetic makeup and has become the defining factor of your societal class. One character that changed throughout … Read more

Role Of Evolution In The Film ‘Inherit The Wind’ Essay

In the 1920’s the very idea of evolution was heavily criticized due to a majority of the american population believing in creationism. It had become a tradition for parents to teach their kids about how people came from Adam and Eve. This tradition became under scrutiny when the theory of evolution was proposed by Charles … Read more

Casablanca Movie Analysis Essay

What one can say about Casablanca other than a wonderful classic film? An inspirational, great love story, which can appeal to both men and women, was directed by Michael Curtiz. It is a multi-genre film based on Murray Burnett and Joan Alison’s unproduced play, “Everybody comes to Rick’s”. It is filmed in the French Colony … Read more

Signs Film Analysis Essay

In the movie Signs, directed by Manoj Night Shyamalan, Shyamalan’s message from the film is that it covers faith, kinship, and extraterrestrials. In addition, there’s a reason for everything, whether it’s good or bad, God has a plan for everything In the movie we’re presented to a family of four called the Hess family. The … Read more

Tim Burton Film Techniques Essay

Tim Burton has enthralled the people of today with his movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and Big Fish. By just looking at one scene in any of Burton’s films, one can see that Burton makes films more than just a film. Burton not only makes the movies thought provoking and … Read more

Essay on Planimetic Techniques In Wes Anderson’s Kingdom

Often this is done by presenting subjects in a 3/4 view, over-the-shoulder shots, depth-of-field or off-centering the subject to create visual interest. While Wes Anderson doesn’t ignore these traditional techniques, he rarely employs them, opting instead for the planimetric approach. His technique is further emphasized through meticulous technical mastery. Aside from the linear, frontally-focused framework … Read more

Essay on Ethical Dilemmas In Mother Night

The novel Mother Night was a popular novel of its time and still affecting its reader in present day. The film of this novel followed the text exceptionally well representing comedic scene and romance accurately. In the film main character Howard Campbell Jr. was faced with some ethical dilemmas and tough choices that would determine … Read more

Tension In The Breakfast Club Essay

In the movie The Breakfast Club, five students are to spend the entire day together in detention. These five teenagers all come from extremely different backgrounds and social groups within their school. As the movie progresses they learn more about one another. This bond comes about due to the students trying to have fun while … Read more

Gattac Movie Analysis Essay

The movie Gattaca starts with the birth of Vincent Anton Freeman whose genetics show him to be prone to many disorders. He is given an estimated life span of just above thirty years to live. Vincent’s parents then decide to use genetic selection to give birth to another child whom they name Anton. As boys, … Read more

October Sky Analysis Essay

“How about I believe in the unlucky ones? ” this could arguably be the most important line in the entire film, October Sky. This teacher, Miss Riley, recognizes the potential in every student, not only the ones with visible ability. This should be the goal of every teacher. Miss Riley not only provides the boys … Read more

Dear White People Film Analysis Essay

Dear White People Movie is about the very important point of view of the modern era. Justin Simian illustrated the main point of view that it is very difficult for the black students to study into the white campus. They face many problems such as if they are involved in the political party then they … Read more

Remember The Titans Character Analysis Essay

The film Remember the Titans, directed by Boaz Yakin, set in 1971, is about a high school football team who are forced to integrate and overcome their racial prejudice. An important character is Gary Bertier as throughout the film he changes and strays away from his prejudice manner and becomes a fair and promising leader … Read more

Night Of The Hunter Analysis Essay

In the film Night of the Hunter, young John and Pearl are trying to escape from a preacher named Harry who wants the money that their father stole for them when they were young. In this specific scene, the audience see them floating down the river coming to shore where there appears to be a … Read more

Lucy Walker Waste Land Research Paper

The eye of the camera Lucy Walker, the director of Waste Land, focuses on the perspective of Vik Muniz using the camera lens as an artistic and metaphorical eye to represent his distance, understanding, and ignorance on the Wasteland. Scenes within this documentary, especially in the beginning and middle, the camera view is often mimicking … Read more

Shaun Of The Dead-Best Film Analysis Essay

Edgar Wright made short films as a young teenager and directed a no-budget feature film t the age of 20 years old. He continued to work in tv from there mainly in Britain where he directed an array of comedy shows including Merry-Go-Round, Is it Bill Bailey, Mash and Peas, Murder Most Horrid, Sir Bernard’s … Read more

American Sniper Analysis Research Paper

American Sniper: America’s Most Deadliest and Ethnocentric Sniper “American Sniper” (directed by Clint Eastwood) is a film autobiography about Chris Kyle (played by Bradley Cooper), the deadliest sniper in American history. Several characters are introduced such as Chris’s wife, Taya Renae Kyle (played by Sienna Miller), his brother Colton Kyle (played by Max Charles), his … Read more

Visual Analysis Of The Movie ‘Mean Girls’ Essay

Totally Fetch “On Wednesdays we wear pink. ” Most teenage girls would catch this popular Mean Girls reference. This pretty pink picture features the four main characters from the Paramount movie Mean Girls. The image focuses on Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan). Her three friends, Regina George, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith, are surrounding her fixing … Read more

Essay about The American Sniper Analysis

I’ve always looked for a meaning or purpose that could connect with my life, but how can a 17 year old boy decipher and discover such a thing on his own? A possibility can be found through ways of expressing passion to the public. Such as movies, songs, poems, or even a piece of art. … Read more

Fascism In The Film Pan’s Labyrinth Essay

Pan’s Labyrinth is as much of a fantastic fairy tale as it is a story about how fairy tales clash with fascism of the post-Civil War Spain. It is seemingly far too often that fantastic films are a disappointment, by patronizing the viewer, making no statement about the real world and is merely a form … Read more

Essay on Social Norms In The Movie Batman

There are few moments in life that society will get excited for. One of these events is the much anticipated movie premiere. The announcement of one of your favorite superheroes being made into a movie is very exciting and questions about what the movie will look like, run ramped through everyone’s mind. Serval months before … Read more

City Of God Thesis Essay

Fernando Meirelles is incontestably the face of modern Brazilian cinema. Not only has he been successful in bringing mass international recognition to the long neglected favelas of Rio de Janeiro through his directing of movies such as City of God (2003), but he has also asserted a solid position within the North American film industry … Read more

Comparing Hitchcock’s Vertigo And Psycho Essay

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was an English film director and producer. Often nicknamed “The Master of Suspense”, he pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres. Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born in Leytonstone, Essex, England. Hitchcock created more than 50 films, including the classics Vertigo and Psycho. Hitchcock received the AFI’s Life Achievement … Read more

Flowers Of War Analysis Essay

A composer masterfully constructs aspects of power that is offered through the textual integrity of poem and film. The satirical dramatic monologue of Weapon’s training by Bruce Dawe and Father and child by Gwen Harwood, both demonstrate the power of death that enhances one’s present perception. In cohesion with Dawe’s poem, Zhang Yimou’s film Flowers … Read more

The 39 Steps Analysis Essay

The play 39 Steps was full of drama, comedy and much more which made the play extremely thrilling. The play originated by Alfred Hitchcock then adapted by Patrick Barlow and directed by Kate Buckley. I viewed this play at the Clarence Brown Theatre on Sunday September 13,2015 at 2:00 in the afternoon. Schaad produced the … Read more

Episodic Structure In The Film Eve’s Bayou ‘ Essay

I watched Eve’s Bayou, it was the only movie I could get my hands on since I am not in the United States. I’ve watched it before but it was different watching it with a purpose and a structured thought process. What type of dramatic structure does the film have – linear, episodic or thematic? … Read more

Warm Bodies Movie Analysis Essay

‘Warm bodies’ is a zombie movie based on Isaac Marion’s novel. This particular zombie movie that was themed ‘black romance’ is really unique. In the post-apocalyptic universe, the surviving humans have isolated themselves in a safe place in the city, but outside there are many mumbling and shuffling zombies that are still in the human … Read more

Jar Jar Binks Sith Theory Analysis Essay

With the seventh installment of Star Wars coming this month | figured it would make a good topic. This video talks about a popular new conspiracy theory where the character Jar Jar Binks was supposed to become the Sith lord instead of Palpatine. It makes some very convincing points. The clumsy character seems to find … Read more

Angry Biker-Far Out Man Analysis Essay

The Barbarians (1987) – Dirtmaster – Twin barbarians plan to take revenge on the warlord who murdered their tribe and places them in captivity as children. The Dirtmaster, portrayed as Michael Berryman, forces the twins into slavery, where they train to fight as gladiators. Saturday the 14th Strikes Back (1988) – The Mummy – In … Read more

Casablanca Film Analysis Essay

Casablanca was a romantic film produced in 1942. Internet Movie Database summarizes Casablanca as “Rick Blaine, who owns a night club in Casablanca, discovers his old flame Ilsa is in town with her husband, Victor Laszlo. Laszlo is a famed rebel, and with Germans on his tail, Ilsa knows Rick can help them get out … Read more

Pan’s Labyrinth Film Techniques Essay

Prepare your senses for tingling Statement of intent: The purpose of this piece of writing was to show the reader that Guillermo del Toro’s film, Pan’s labyrinth is a fantastic film well worth watching. Guillermo del Toro’s film, Pan’s labyrinth it stays strong to the horror/ magical realism genre. As a first time magical realism … Read more

Girls Like Us

Girls Like Us is an intimate portrayal concerning four girls who grew up all with different ethnic backgrounds and various forms of parental guidence. Anna Chau is Vietnames with strict parents and good beliefs, Lisa Bronca is a Caucasion Catholic, De’Yonna Moore is African-American with strong goals who lives with her Grandma and Raelene Cox … Read more

Grace Kelly

Even before Grace Kelly married a prince, she had the aura of a princess. Frank Sinatra once commented, “Grace was a princess from the moment she was born. ” She had remarkable elegance and sophistication that made her different from other Hollywood actresses. Some say she had an undertone of fire beneath her charm. Alfred … Read more

West Side Story

In 1961, West Side Story, a filmed version of the hit Broadway musical that was inspired by William Shakespeares “Romeo and Juliet,” was released to viewers, who just could not resist the energy and excitement of the movie. Thirty-eight years later, viewers, like myself, still cannot resist it. I had never seen the film, which … Read more

Schindler’s List

Steven Spielberg’s epic drama of World War II Holocaust survivors and the man who unexpectedly came to be their savior. Unrepentant womanizer and war profiteer Oskar Schindler uses Polish Jews as cheap labor to produce cookware for the Third Reich. But after witnessing the violent liquidation of the walled ghetto where the Krakow Jews have … Read more

Bull Durham: To the True Meaning of The First Fight Scene

The theme of this paper is to dissect the first fight scene; in the movie Bull Durham, between Crash Davis; who is played by Kevin Costner; and “Nuke” LaLoosh; who is played by Tim Robbins. The fight takes place in a bar scene between these two men who have never met before. The reason for … Read more

Motion Picture History

Before World War I, films were being made mostly European countries and in Japan. When the war interrupted European filmmaking, however, the American film industry began to dominate the world market. In the years between 1917 and 1927 the silent film reached the peak of its development. United States had the largest film industry and … Read more

The Green Mile, Frank Darabont

Frank Darabont (writer-director-producer) in 1999, returned to the director’s chair for the first time in five years. Darabont, who not only directed Shawshank Redemption, but adapted it from a Stephen King story, followed the exact same path with The Green Mile. The film was released by Warner Bros. Pictures, and Produced by Castle Rock Entertainment, … Read more

What Dreams May Come

In the movie, What Dreams May Come, Doctor Chris Nielson meets his true soulmate Annie, marries her and has two children. Each would risk their own lives to be with the other, they would go to any costs to be with the other. Either dead or alive, the two of them saw the same thing … Read more

Psychology and A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a film about a wild and troubled young lad Alex. Alex and his friends (droogs) get a high from inflicting harm upon others. They commit random acts of robbery and rape around London. Alex, as the ringleader, eventually gets caught and is sent to prison. It is in prison that scientists … Read more

The Dynasty and Legacy of Rin Tin Tin

Some twelve thousand years ago, in what is now the Jordan Valley of Israel, a middle-aged man of the Natufian civilization died. When modern archaeologists excavated his tomb, they found that he had been buried with one hand lying on a puppy that had been buried with him. According to the archaeologists, that tomb shows … Read more

Alfred Hitchcock: 50 Years of Movie Magic

Alfred Hitchcock is among the few directors to combine a strong reputation for high-art film-making with great audience popularity. Throughout his career he gave his audiences more pleasure than could be asked for. The consistency of quality plot-lines and technical ingenuity earned him the recognition of being one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. … Read more

The X Files: Summary

Scully and Mulder are two FBI agents that were sent to investigate murders that took place in a New Mexico town, just out side of an Indian reservation. The murders were first discovered when a lady, Annie Hatch, found two tourists bodies while she was ridding her horse. The bodies were laying next to a … Read more

LA Confidential and Film Noir

One of the most influential film movements in the 1940’s was a genre that is known today as film noir. Film noir was a recognizable style of filmmaking, which was created in response to the rising cost of typical Hollywood movies (Buss 67). Film noir movies were often low budget films; they used on location … Read more

A Fair Lady, worthy of Pygmalion

Consider this possibility: a romantic comedy with no nudity, no sex, and no kissing. In fact, there aren’t even any declarations of love. The closest the female character comes to admitting her feelings is saying that she could have danced all night with the man; the closest he gets is remarking that he’s grown accustomed … Read more

Spring Silkworms

“Spring Silkworms” reflected the life in a village where for hundreds of years the pattern of everyday life seemed to have remained largely unbroken. It also inspires a lot of social qualities. The feelings that the story mourned over are very universal and common in people during that time. All the family in the village … Read more

Roman Polanski films

Roman Polanski incorporated religious themes into his films, “A Knife In The Water” (Poland 1962) and “Rosemary’s Baby” (U. S. 1968). “ A Knife In The Water” contains some Christian imagery that is not incorporated into the plot or theme of the film. In contrast, the central theme of “Rosemary’s Baby” is religion. I believe … Read more

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of genetic engineering with specific reference to Gattaca

Gattaca, a film, takes place in the near future, in a time when genetic engineering technology is used is used to create a perfect society. Gatttaca’s main character, Vincent, is genetically inferior; he was conceived by natural birth, rather than genetically engineered, which means that throughout his life is guaranteed discrimination. Vincent has dreams of … Read more

The film G.I. Jane

The film G. I. Jane takes place in the 1990s and shows discrimination of a women in the United States Navy. Lieutenant Jordan O Neal played by Demi Moore, is a naval intelligence officer who has ambitions of moving beyond her military desk job, to become a member of the Navy Seal. Thanks to the … Read more

Jurassic Park

Mr. Spielburg, While your movies Jurassic Park and The Lost World are entertaining, they are not accurate portrayals of the ecosystem in the Jurassic period. Through close examination of the animal and plant life in your movies, my high school environmental geology class has come to the decision that your movies are typical misleading Hollywood … Read more

The Jurrasic Park

Jurassic Park takes place on an Island off the Coast of Costa Rica which is owned by a multimillionaire, John Hammond. On this island he has set up a genetical engineering facility which permits him and his scientist to create dinosaur from blood extracted from prehistoric mosquitos, that have been preserved in amber. Before he … Read more

Apocalypse Now vs Heart of Darkness

Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now lacks the impact of its inspiration, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. While the basic elements of imperialism and human nature remain intact, the characters of the film bare little resemblance to their literary counterparts. The film serves as a re-interpretation of Conrad’s novella, updated from 19th-century British imperialism in the … Read more

The Lost World

The Lost World as a novel is very different from its film version. The most contrasts are found in the beginning of the story. For instance, the novel starts off with Ian Malcolm giving a detailed lecture on extinction theories at the Santa Fe Research Center. Where as, the film starts with a wealthy British … Read more

The Sopranos and the Perpetuated Mafiosi Image

A life of organized crime, fancy cars, machine guns, beautiful women, money, power and family; these are the images that have perpetuated the associations of Italian-Americans with the Mafia in film and television for decades. It is in this traditional Godfather fashion that the HBO hit series The Sopranos continues to perpetuate this stereotypical image … Read more

An Exploration of the Representation of Teenagers in Two British Films, Films Are History Boys and Kidulthood

The representation of teenagers can be very contrasting at times teenagers can be represented as a problem within society however they can be represented as the hope for society in terms of education. The representation of teenagers has changed throughout the 20th century, since the films of Elvis Presley and the Beatles in the 50’s … Read more

An Education and History Boys Comparative Film Essay

Through the analysis of where an education originates, The History Boys and An Education have two vastly contradictory viewpoints. The History Boys demonstrates both academic education and an education on life gained within school grounds. An Education, however, Illustrates a young Jenny Mellon (Carrey Mulligan) as she gains her education far from her school environment … Read more

History of Film

Plays and dances had elements common to films- scripts, sets, lighting, costumes, production, direction, actors, audiences, storyboards, and scores. They preceded film by thousands of years. Much terminology later used in film theory and criticism applied, such as mise en scene. Moving visual images and sounds were not recorded for replaying as in film. The … Read more

A Changing Industry: Motion Picture Special Effects

Special visual effects have added to the allure of motion pictures since the early days of cinema. French director Georges Mlis is considered the most influential pioneer of special effects. His film A Trip to the Moon combined live action with animation, demonstrating to audiences that cinema could create worlds, objects, and events that did … Read more

Film Report Grapes of Wrath

The story opens with Tom Joad hitchhiking on his way home to his family’s farm after serving a short prison term. He gets a ride from a trucker who sneaks him on even though it is against the rules. The trucker realizes that Tom has just been released from prison and begins to question him. … Read more