Chhydra Serpentine Research Paper

Chelydra serpentine belongs to the kingdom Animalia because they are multicellular and eukaryotic heterotrophs. They also belong to the phylum Chordata because they had the following features at some point in their lives: pharyngeal slits, dorsal nerve cord, notochord, post-anal tail. Chelydra serpentine have waterproof skin covered in scales, are ectothermic and have hard shelled … Read more

Overfishing Research Paper

Try to picture the ocean, the world without fish. Imagine diving into or snorkeling over the sea, in the( disturbingly tranquil/ dead still) water. No fish, sharks, turtles or squid, no sea life, no life of beauty, just water, all because of our careless overfishing, draining the waters of it’s exuberant life. This is what … Read more

Marine Biologist Career Essay

Ever since I was old enough to talk, I have always loved animals and have always loved learning about them. Even though I have a strong love for animals, I have always wanted to be a doctor. Until now. I recently discovered the career of a Marine Biologist. A marine Biologist is someone who studies … Read more

Boat Fort Building Research Paper

There is nothing quite like spending an afternoon lost in a world of imagination that can only be found inside of a fort. That fort serves as a top-secret hideout, a treehouse deep in the jungle or anything else that one child can imagine. Forts are where stories are told, dreams are made and the … Read more

The Seafarer Essay

“Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think. ” Robert Henri statement not only applies to himself but it also explains many other human’s feelings towards the ocean. This passion is significant in “The Seafarer” by an anonymous Anglo-Saxon scop. … Read more

Tumblagooda Sandstone

At Red Bluff, the Tumblagooda Sandstone in this section is different to the Tumblagooda Sandstone found at Natures Window, and thus, the deposition environment is different. Red Bluff was most likely deposited in a fluvial-intertidal environment (shallow waters) as indicated by the high abundance of skolithos trace fossils, skolithos generally reside in shallow waters (refer … Read more

Ocean Acidification Research Paper

Ocean acidification is the continuous reduction of the ocean’s pH, carbonate ion concentration, and saturation states of biological calcium carbonate minerals. Ocean acidification is caused by the uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. According to “Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem,” after the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere has increased nearly … Read more

Descriptive Essay: Mike The Tiger

On a relatively cool Tuesday afternoon, as I took the short walk from Allen to North Stadium drive, the hustle of students attempting to gain access to the buses gave the insight that today’s classes were coming to a close. Those selective few whom decided to make that tortuous walk to the commuter parking lot … Read more

Bellamar Cave Essay

Bellamar Caves are a National Monument that is located in Matanzas, Cuba, they are a set of cave with more than 23 kilometers of galleries. By the beauty of its gallery and caves, they were declared a National Monument. The galleries and passages of the cave started forming about 300 thousand years ago. According to … Read more

Narrative Essay On Manatees

On the Search for Manatees I wake up to the sun shining on my face and my mom shaking me to get up so we could go on the dock together. Every morning she’d wake me up to see if I’ll ever be able to see any manatees on our vacation in Bonita Springs. With … Read more

Stand Up Paddleboarding Research Paper

What’s SUP: Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Idaho Are you looking for a new form of exploration? Something unique and different from the everyday hike or rafting trip? Then stand up paddle boarding may be just what you’re looking for. Similar to surfing, stand up paddleboarding combines the appeal of riding waves with the idea … Read more

Environmental Effects Of Red Tides Essay

Red tides have been an ongoing environmental problem for our ocean waters wildlife. Red tide is a phenomenon caused by harmful algal blooms that occur when colonies of algae (simple plants that live in the sea and freshwater) grow so numerous that they discolor coastal waters (resulting in the name “red tide”). These large algal … Read more