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Personal Narrative: My Career As An American Citizen Essay

Every person in the world aspires to become someone and have the life that they have always imagined. Ever since I was a little girl my parents have taught me how hard it is to earn a living. I have seen their struggle, and because of this I have ambitioned to have a career. With a career I could have financial stability without the struggle that my parents have endured. My parents are immigrants that moved here in their early 20’s. Ever since then they have worked two jobs to sustain the living that they have given us. Although I ambition to have a career, the journey s not going to be easy for me either.

By not being an American Citizen, I too share the struggle with my parents. I have been given an opportunity by the American Government through the Deferred Action of Childhood arrivals (DACA), to work and continue my studies. Unfortunately, my opportunity could shatter at any moment if our president decides to abolish DACA. DACA gives us opportunities, but they are limited and don’t give immigrant students the freedom that we would like. We try to continue our studies, but there is always the financial crisis that comes along with that.

Every individual has a dream that they hope to achieve, for me that dream is to become a pediatrician. There are many obstacles that I will have to overcome and sacrifices thatI will have to make. A crucial factor of it all is money, and the role that it will play in my decision making is significant. I have a long journey ahead of me if I am going to make my dream of becoming a pediatrician come true. The first few steps have already been taken. I have acquired a DACA permit, graduated high school, and received a scholarship from a community college to continue my education.

I have never ommitted any type of crime that involved the police, not even a traffic violation. Keeping a good record is highly necessary if I want to keep my DACA for the time being. It is crucial to maintain a good standing in school as well. Without DACA it would be very difficult to get far enough with my studies to pursue the career of pediatrics. Although DACA is a blessing, to obtain one requires a lot of work. The cost to acquire DACA is not very economical. It comes with a work authorization and biometrics fee, which combined comes to around 495 dollars. This does not include the attorney expenses.

There are some places with free attorneys that help with the process but they are not always the most reliable. The documentation has to be filled out impeccably correct or they will send your application back or reject it. It is a critical process that requires complete honesty from the applicant. It is a hard position because you feel rejected from the place that has been your home since you came here as a child. Ever since I received my DACA at age 16, I have worked whenever I can. Unfortunately, my parents are not able to provide me with the money that is required to pay a university.

At the moment my studies are being covered by a scholarship that I received. In the meantime, I have to save up for my future. As a DACA student I am not able to receive any type of financial aid from the government. Many scholarships require for students to be American citizens which makes it even more difficult to acquire any financial help. I am currently working a full time job while going to school at the same time. It’s hard to find free time to do anything since I work every afternoon and all day during weekends. I have to save up as much as I can as long as I can.

I have to fill out as many scholarship applications s possible and take advantage of any opportunities that come my way. I was offered the positon of being a medical scribe which I turned away since I didn’t feel confident enough in myself. I have to gain confidence and step outside of my comfort zone if I wish to prosper. Although I hope to finish my studies in the United States I have to prepare for anything. I have to have money saved up in case I am forced to leave the United States. I have to have a back-up plan. My back up plan is to have enough money saved up so that I can help myself and my parents relocate to another country.

Although it would be their dream to go back to Mexico, my parents and family know that it is not the safest or most financially stable place to go to. Since I have been educated here, I would be completely lost in the Mexican education system. The place we would relocate to is Canada since they only require an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). It would be difficult since we would have to leave being the life that we have created here in the United States. We would have to start of new in an unknown place but, I believe that I could continue my education over there with the documentation necessary.

I would somehow find a way to pay for my education, although I know that it could be difficult as well. My parents have always pushed me to try my hardest in school, and it’s their main priority for my siblings and I. They have sacrificed so much to give my brothers and I the opportunity of a better life away from the poverty that they grew up in. I want to become a pediatrician to make them proud and to make their sacrifices pay off. Even if I were to graduate as a pediatrician, many DACA students are not able to receive their professional license.

In an online article tittled “DACA Turns : Spotlighing Its Successes and Flaws”, it states “In some states, these licenses are restricted to citizens and legal permanent residents. That means DACA recipients in these states are barred from working in the positions for which they have been educated. “, this means that I would have to relocate or stay in states that would allow me to have my professional license, which would make finding a job extremely difficult. Not to mention that in many states across the country DACA students are forced to pay out of state tuition although they have lived in the state that they attend school in.

Pediatrics is a long and expensive career that I ambition to have. It my biggest aspiration in life and I know that I will be able to graduate as a pediatrician if I put forth the work. At times it seems like just a dream to me since my resources are scarce, but I also know that all I need is God’s help to get me through any obstacles. My future is not set in stone and it could go many different ways. I have to figure out everything as times goes and just focus on my main concerns at the moment. For now, I have to get through these two years of community college to get my associates degree and then time will tell.

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