Exploring The Meaning Of Fun In Pop Culture

Fun is a word that has been in the English language for centuries, and the meaning it has has changed over the years. In the 1680’s fun was a verb meaning “to cheat, hoax” and the true origin is unknown. The most likely origin comes from the Middle English word from the 1400’s fond, which … Read more

Stunt Woman Research Paper

Why did you decide to become a stunt woman? Did you have any influences growing up that inspired you to go on this path? As a baby my older brother would take me over the jumps on his motocross track in my pram. The bigger the jumps, the harder the landings, the faster the laps … Read more

Burnham Make Happy Analysis Essay

Bo Burnham’s Bo Burhnham: Make Happy is a live comedy show that through goes through the struggles of his own life and the lives of his fans. As Burhamn’s show explores the many facets of our lives it shows how they all seem to be coming up short in one way or another. It opens … Read more

Guys And Dolls Play Analysis Essay

I attended the evening performance of Guys and Dolls on Thursday 17. Directed by Leiz Moore, Guys and Dolls is cast from the Musical Theatre Crew, with appearances from guest performers Jeff Michael and Andrew Hawkey. It was shown at the Playhouse Theatre. Guys and Dolls is a 1950’s Broadway comedy. Nathan Detroit, a gambler, … Read more