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An important element of the visual arts is a detailed understanding of the design process, which in many cases requires a degree of visual acuity, both through experience and theory.

The students prepare for the degree by completing three short essays, the two of which describe how the artist developed his design. Some examples of these essay writing programs include: How to create a sense of wonder with the human eye

  • Why do most paintings have no backdrops
  • The importance of lighting by artists
  • The importance of colour and contrast
  • The importance of detail by artists
  • Why is the form of painting important to our perception
  • The benefits of the three-point line and the technique of brushstrokes
  • Why did artists use such diverse brushes?

The art and design students take a practical writing course from a master’s level student. Students prepare by writing an essay, reviewing a study guide and preparing a thesis that will be reviewed by a faculty member.

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The three figures are arranged in a triangle formation, with Mary at the apex. This positioning was often used by artists such a Leonardo dad Vinci and can be seen in his work The Virgin of the Rocks. This painting also displays chiaroscuro, as the ground is composed of dark colors; browns, blues and reds, […]

Thomas Cole, an American Influence Thomas Cole was an established 19thcentury American painter. He was a landscape artist and the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement consisting of other landscape artists. He was known for his realistic depiction of American landscape and countryside. Along with painting landscapes, he painted allegorical works, […]

Rosier van deer Hoyden’s Seven Sacraments Altarpiece depicts penance and the everyday rites of the Christian society that are executed from birth to death. Hieronymus Pooch’s Table Top of the Seven Deadly Sins exhibits the seven sins engaged by people under the watchful eye of Christ that must be accounted for on judgment day. Both […]

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