An Effective Supervisor

The best type of supervisor for me is a combination of a Directive supervisor and a Steadfast supervisor. My supervisor outline: STEADFAST-DIRECTIVE * Comfortable leading and makes quick decisions * Empathetic/sensitive, a good listener * Uses direct communication and gives constructive feedback (both positive and negative), is non-judgmental * Gives clear instructions and promotes worker … Read more

Military Recognition

As a beginning of an essay, I wish to briefly introduce my experience during the military service. From 2011 to 2013, I was involved in the Korean army, which is mandatory since division of territory of the Korea Peninsula. Frankly, I was afraid because I thought I didn’t have enough physical strength for hard trainings. … Read more

National Honor Society Journey Essay

My journey of life has lead me on many different experiences and allowed my to acquire many valuable skills I will take throughout my life. From being a involved in volunteer programs from kids with disabilities, being a member of National Honor Society, to my first job, I have learned leadership, team work, responsibilities, patience, … Read more

Group Work Skills Paper

Development of Group Work Skills Reflection Paper Leading a group of people can often be wearisome, a difficult job, and yet many find the experience to be completely satisfying. Satisfaction is directly related to how well-functioning the group is and how to get a group of people to work together is both an art and … Read more

Field Education Reflection Essay

Field education provides a safe and accountable practice field for the student to learn and exercise skills of ordained leadership. My field education placement internship was highly practical and informative for my ministry. Having the opportunity to practice the skills from the classroom and the lessons picked up through being immersed in the life of … Read more

Learning Leadership Strengths Essay

Leaders are often expected to be well-rounded individuals and have few weaknesses. In reality, most leaders only have expertise in specific areas. Experience and college education, do not guarantee that one will success in all sectors. I noticed when I attempt to become an expert in all aspects of my life; I place myself at … Read more

Senior Leadership Competencies Essay

The ISS course provides an opportunity to learn a lot about initial understanding of national security policy, national strategy and strategic leadership which obviously will help me future positions as a senior strategic leader or their adviser to think, to make a decision then to act professionally. Professor Thomas P. Galvin had identified several competencies … Read more

Growth Mindset Research Paper

Everyone has a mindset, whether it is a fixed mentality, or a growth mentality. Mindset is defined as an attitude, and a growth mindset is believing that “… intelligence is not simply a static trait that they inherently possess or lack to a certain degree, but something that can be grown and enhanced over time … Read more

Professional Identity Essay

Who am I as a person? Who am las a professional? These questions are constantly going through my mind when I think about who I want to be as a professional. This paper will discuss what strategies I am using to help influence my professional identity and how I deal with failure and what role … Read more