Personal Goals Essay Examples

Setting and achieving personal goals is a crucial part of success in life. No matter what you want to achieve, whether it’s getting better grades in school, becoming more physically fit, or building healthier relationships, setting goals is a necessary first step. But goal-setting isn’t always easy. It can be hard to know where to … Read more

Aging Interview

This interview was done on a very special woman named Ms. D. G. In order to get a better understanding on the aging process. My goal was to get an in-depth look at what she has gone through in her life, physiologically and psychologically, and to learn, recognize, and identify with her in some way. … Read more

Primate Evolution

The human being consists of two aspects – of an immortal spirit and of a mortal body. The flesh comes like a gift of the mother Earth and the spirit of the father God. We dedicate excessively big attention to the first one, but nearly nothing to the latter one; and sometimes we even forget … Read more

Analysis Of Alzheimer’s Disease

In the picture, there is a brain made out of sand inside an hourglass on a black background that fades down to white. The heading “Alzheimer’s Disease” in big font and all capitalized is above the smaller words “The 5th leading cause of death in adults over 65. ” This image comes from the Alzheimer’s … Read more

My Mile Time Essay

Many cross country runners try to become faster and cut their race or mile times. When you don’t get a time you want, it’s stressful and it makes a runner feel like they are slower than they actually are. As a distance runner, I strive to cut my mile time to get better individually so … Read more

The Giver Memory Essay

When The Giver told Jonas “Welcome Receiver of Memory,” on page 75, it was just part of the story. But now it’s, loaded with symbolism in this sentence. All the people in the story don’t get to know the history of the past, but this sentence shows that there is history in the book and … Read more