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The Horse Heart Of Destiny: A Short Story Essay

“That must have been a really big fall, I swear you could have said that I am in a con… concorporatio. ” “Oh dulcis Rosa,” he runs his hand through my hair, my head instinctively leans into his hand. “You must have hit your head pretty hard grazus, it’s okay you will be okay. ” All of a sudden my eyes are fighting their way back to the darkness and silence of the night. My body tries to fight the urge but my eyes have a mind of their own, and they drift in the darkness. When I finally succumb to my urges, I expect to find peace and final relaxation, but I don’t.

Suddenly | am back in that room with the woman, dead and the two babies by her feet. Their red pendants still glowing as bright as the sun. But there is something different about the scene, the mom usually has a deep wound right underneath her rib cage but it isn’t there. Her body is completely healed, no blood, no trace of her being injured. She is completely healthy. I go outside of the room and the room number has not yet changed it’s still 249. Alike the last dream, blood starts to swirl on the door in to form the Horse Heart of Destiny Celtic Knot.

Suddenly the room around me melts into white walls. There is no hint of color around me, everything was white, the bed sheets I am sitting on, the walls that surround me, even the windows I am looking at. But I know I am no longer dreaming, finally a face comes into view, Nicklaus’s face. “Oh thank god grazus, I was so worried. Are you okay? ” “Yah, Where am I? ” “You are in the hospital Rosa, we were walking to the mountain and you slipped on some black ice. I rushed you to the hospital as soon as I can. How are you feeling? ” “Like my head got smashed into a wall for about a hundred times.

“You don’t know how accurate your feeling is… ” He chuckles, I can see that he’s trying to conceal something but I don’t push it. “So, the doctors said that you will be up and running in one day but until then you have to stay in the hospital. You can’t leave, and you can’t move. They will sign the release forms tomorrow morning. ” The sudden realization hit me that none of my family members are present. I know I am a burden, I know I always bring trouble to them, but I have always thought that they still loved me. I wonder whether today was a test to their love, and yet they failed… Where is my family? ” “At home” “So, they didn’t visit? At all? ” Sudden realization floods Nicklaus’s face, but soon enough it gets replaced by a look of sadness.

“Oh, not like that! No! They never knew about the slip up, I um… didn’t want to worry them I hope that’s okay? ” “Yah okay,” relief finally floods through my veins, but another thought dawns through. Now that I have quenched my worry, guilt floods my body, yet again I have ruined another perfectly good day. “I am so sorry, I know I ruined our date but… ‘ “Wait, so this was a date then? I knew it! | chuckle in spite of my guilt, I can’t help it. “Well, at least now you know you have a chance. ” Nicklaus gasps dramatically. “I am insulted, my self esteem has plummeted to the ground! ” “Oh, you better collect it from the grounds before it scatters into non existence. ”

We both burst out laughing at the same time. “Wait, how am I supposed to stay here for a day, if my parents don’t know where I am? “| start to get up but Nicklaus lays a hand on my shoulder and gently pushes me down. “I took care of all of that; now we need to make up for lost time. He walks out of the room and comes back with a tray. “On our menu tonight we have,” he uncovers the tray and 10 cups of jello are spread out on the tray. “Very fancy, very extravagant zelatina from a special place on the other side of the world,” he places the tray down next to the hospital bed and grabs two cups. While he hands me one he raises his own in a toast. “A toast to this amazing zelatina. ” We collide our cups together and chug down the jello. We finished all 10 cups in a matter of seconds, as Nicklaus grabs some more, I am left alone in the snowy white room.

Everything in the room is white except one thing, Nicklaus’s jacket on the bedside handles. It’s navy colored standing out like light in the midst of darkness. A silver chain attracts my attention, it’s positioned exactly halfway out of the pocket and halfway inside of it. My curiosity takes ahold of my instincts, and I grab the silver chain. As I pull out the silver chain, instant familiarity washes over me. It’s that same symbol from my dreams, it’s the celtic knot. I quickly deposit the necklace back to its origin before Nicklaus walks back in the room.

He walks in with a full tray of zelatina as he calls it. “Sol have different flavors this time to please your highness! ” “Oh good sir what do you offer for my table” “Well we have strawberry from the far lands of California and blueberries which happened to be from Texas” his failed southern accent bubbles up my laughter. We start chugging the cups as fast as the other ones, after our “date” ends, Nicklaus departs from the room. I start to get comfortable and slide down, but Nicklaus eases back into the room soundlessly. “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you, I just forgot something in the room. “No it’s okay I couldn’t sleep anyways, you could give me some company… ” He walks toward me and approaches the bed. He gives me this questioning look wondering if he can sit on the bed, and I recline my head saying it’s okay. I see his hand twitching to do something but Nicklaus holds it back. Finally his hand reaches for my face to move back a stray of my bed hair. He leans in slightly, but it’s not noticeable. My eyes move to his tempting lips, as if it’s magnetically pulling my hazel brown eyes to them. His beautiful sun-kissed eyes finally move to its new destination.

He finally gets the courage and his lips reach mine. It’s my first kiss, so I wasn’t quite informed on how to do it, but my lips seem to recognize the skill and they move against his lips synchronizing with his. When I respond to his lips, he pushes back with his own. It had started out soft, strangers meeting for the first time, but now they recognize each other and there is no holding back. Suddenly he is on top of me, his hands on my waist, my hands playing with his luscious swirl of hair. His lips finally stop and my own protest, but his only leave to continue down to my neck.

Instantly, shivers travel up my back and those butterflies that they talk about, they are born in my stomach. I know if we keep doing this, we won’t stop, and I have to stop him before he overtakes my sensations. I let him kiss me for a couple more seconds, savoring the moment already regretting what I have to do. My hands somehow find the ability to leave his hair and move to his chest. My hands finally obey and are able to push him away stopping him from gaining control over me. “Look, this is my first time for anything like this, and I… I just don’t want to rush it.

I pant out finally catching my stolen breath. He closes in on my mouth again but it’s not as aggressive, it was like being touched by a feather. It gave me the time to savor his minty taste. He gets off and already I am missing his warm touch. “Goodnight Rosa. ” He leaves me speechless, not even giving me time to process what just happened. As I watch him leave, my mind is coerced back to sleep. I wake up the next morning with no sign of my usual nightmares. At least one good night sleep will make up for all my others, but I am in for a surprise when I get home.

Once | walk through my door, I am greeted with the usual hellos and good mornings. There is no sign of anger or fury. It is as if they have no idea of my previous actions. I prefer not to draw their attention to it, and I immediately go to my room. Lately, the Celtic symbol seems to have appeared everywhere I look. My curiosity gets the best of me, and I have to understand this mysterious symbol that seems to follow me in my dreams and in reality. I do the only thing I know could help me, I use the internet. It’s not a trusted source, but at least it can provide me with sources. I simply type the “Celtic Knot”.

Everything that comes up is useless, so I opt out for a better search. “The Horse Heart of Destiny Celtic Knot,” there were only two results present. None looked too presentable or factual, but I took my chances with a website called “www. legendarylegends. com. ” The name isn’t very reassuring but it is my only chance to understand what my dreams are about. The website is outlined with these symbols of an ancient language, I have never seen it except in one tv show, Smallville, but that’s not trustworthy either. There’s an article there, whilst I read through it, new information starts to flood my brain.

Apparently, the Horse Heart of Destiny Celtic Knot is actually a family crest for their ancient practices. The Petrauskas family was rumored to be the witches of the town, Adutiskis. Although it was proven they never really were witches, they were something else, something that’s even more powerful. Their rituals and practices required a huge group of their clan, they call it a gentus. They all must combine to give their power to their leader. They must sacrifice themselves for the sake of their leader. These powers allow them to manipulate anything and anyone they want.

In the 1950s, there was one leader, Agne, he had gotten out of control. He consumed way too much of the power, and lusted for more. He had destroyed everyone in his path, even the rest of his clan. Not one was left alive. One child rose out of the rubble of his dust, with no one to take care of her, she had almost starved to death. But Agne found the baby girl at her last moments, he had raised the child as his own, never letting any harm touch his baby girl. Her name was Rosica, he named her after his lost wife. She was the only person he loved after his wife, but when she grew up…

She recognized her “father’s” madness and wrong doings. She was trained by him, knew all his strategies, all his powers, how to control them, she was the only one able to stop Agne. And she did, but not before… I slam the computer screen down, I do not want to read anymore. This has nothing to do with my dreams, it must be stress or a side effect for the control of my powers. I do not want to think about the tales of ancient legends. They are called myths for a reason. I have enough to think about and I do not need fairytales crowding my thoughts. The gods answer my prayer for a distraction, and my phone rings flashing Nicklaus’s face.

Distracted by his appealing and breathtaking features,l forget to answer the call until it stops ringing. Thankfully, my phone rings again, and this time I waste no time, I answer after the first ring. I wait for him to talk first, his honey crisped voice flows through the phone into my ears, and all of a sudden all tales of Agne and Rosica vanish into thin air. “Rosa, Earth to Rosa” his voice snaps me back out of my fantasies into the real world. “Yah, here! ” “So, about last night, My memory is a little rusty, and I really wanted to commit what happened yesterday to memory not the falling part but the other part.

So… give me a third chance? Third time is a charm right? ” “I would love to Klaus. Woah woah, Klaus Oooo! I like that! Klaus, short but sweet. ” A small giggle escapes my lips. “So, I will pick you up at 5, don’t worry no hikes today, just a movie” I can hear the smile on his face, and it brings a smile to my own. “You got a deal, but on one condition, I pick cuddling position! ” “I call big spoon!! ” “Fine, can’t resist you, but then I pick the movie! ” “You got yourself a deal see you in 20. Bye, Rosa” His accent made my name sound so exotic and pretty.

I can’t recognize where he is from, but my heart still swells at the delicious sounds his mouth makes. “Bye, Klaus! ” “Short and sweet! ” He hangs up and this time I don’t go grand. I go for my favorite pajama shorts and tank top, nothing too fancy. I ignore the urge to open my computer and sit on the couch. There is an eerie glow starting from the computer, I get up to approach it but a car honks and I know that it’s Klaus. And Tam out of the house, saying goodbye to my parents, whom still don’t seem too concerned that it’s my second night out with this guy.

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