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Analysis Of Welcome Back Activity: Cheyenne Gall-Fraese Essay

My full name is Cheyenne Kassidy Gall-Fraese. I am 13, and was born on a beautiful day on March 2nd, 2001 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at the Royal University Hospital. Five words to describe myself are, first of all short(I used to be tall compared to everyone else, but now I’m tiny compared to most of them). I am also very creative, kind, outgoing and usually, always sarcastic! I also have my grumpy and mad side of myself, which I usually am either one of those about 55% of the time. I’m warning you to maybe just try to avoid me when I’m grumpy because it’s not too fun for the both of us unfortunately!

I don’t really think you could wrap up only five words to describe my family! My family is really something to talk about! Compared to a lot of other families, ours is really sarcastic and we show most of our love for each other by making fun of and embarrassing each other. It’s actually kind of strange. If you were ever around my family, for even only about 10 minutes, you honestly wouldn’t stop smiling because we all think we’re funny! Lastly, we are a really happy bunch of people, about 99% of the time.

So if I had to describe my family in five words, we would be sarcastic, loving(kind of harshly though) crazy, unbelievable and lastly, PERFECT! I love them so much. I honestly have some amazing and crazy friends! I am friends with everybody to be honest, but I do have a few closer friends. My closest friends definitely have to be my two older brothers! That might sound silly, but they are honestly my best friends. Their names are Landon(16) and Jordan(19), and they make my life 100% better. I literally tell them everything, because I know that they will never turn out on me and they wouldn’t tell anyone about any of my stuff.

I know that I will have them forever no matter what! Besides my brothers, my other closer friends are Avery, Sydney, Josh, Jon, Mark, Tanner, and Blake. I know it’s not too much people, but they are really all I need to be happy! They all have a great sense of humor, which means a lot to me. People that make me laugh and that aren’t always serious, make me happy. Even though we don’t hangout all of time and all of us don’t hangout at the same time, we still all care about each other a lot! Friendship means the most to me honestly!

It even means the little things like caring for each other, loving each other, and helping and supporting each other. Even if it’s something little like helping them pick a chocolate bar or candy at the store. Friendship does not mean that you have to be in the “popular group” in school or anywhere really to feel good about yourself and your friends. You have your own personality and interests and eventually you will find the right friends that you don’t need to act like somebody else to be their friend. The people that you can be totally yourself around and you don’t feel embarrassed, are the best ones!

You should never have to worry about what others think, and honestly just be happy and grateful that you have such good friends. I have quite a few things about my life that I am grateful for. My main, biggest thing that I am grateful for has to be my mom and the rest of my family. I think my mom is honestly the biggest influence on me in my life. She is the most admirable, strong, dauntless, and faithful person that I know. She is definitely my biggest role model. Thinking about life without her literally kills me inside. Nobody understands me as much as she does, I actually think that she understands me more than I understand myself.

Secondly, the rest of my family. I love and care about each and one of them so much because all of them have helped me out with a lot of things I have and am still going through. The third thing that I am grateful for, are definitely my friends. They actually all pretty much count as my family. I really don’t know where I would be right now in life if I didn’t have any of them. I’m so glad that I met them all! Finally, my last thing that I am grateful for is food! I literally couldn’t live without food, which in reality, nobody really couldn’t live without food.

I am so grateful that I have healthy, clean food that I can eat and any time, because I know that there are so many starving and unhealthy people that don’t have access to clean and healthy food. In my family, we don’t have too much rules because we are all pretty good, and don’t get in much trouble. We do have one important rule though. The rule is to not go through anyone’s personal things at all. You can’t go through their phones, laptops, rooms, dressers, books, etc.. My mom always says that if you go through any little things that’s not yours, you might find something that wont make you happy.

If you get caught going through something that is not yours, we don’t really have a consequence to be honest, it’s just only really your fault because you might get your feelings hurt by finding something that you probably didn’t want to find. Do I read everyday? To be completely, 100% honest, I do not read everyday. it’s something that I’m not much into, I never really have been. When I read, I usually get distracted really easily by the littlest things. When I do try to read, I will totally be into the book until something pops up in my mind, or if someone starts talking.

Even though I will be reading over the words, I still think about other things, and then I wouldn’t remember what happened in the part that I read like a minute ago. That’s practically why it’s hard for me to read, and why I don’t read everyday. My book and magazine choices are usually quite a bit different genres from each other. I’m not really much into the really girly books that are all about boy crazies or about pets and stuff like that. Those books actually kind of make me angry when I see them because they aren’t fun to read. The types of books that I am more into are love/romantic or love/comedy genre.

Not the little teenager love stories, but the more real and deep love ones that are actually about true love and when some real tragic things happen in the love story. Those are the ones that interest me the most. I’m also not too fond of the mystery genre. Those are the ones that make me drift into thinking about other things the easiest. The weird thing about myself, is that I am really into the girly magazines! I absolutely love them! The girly ones that I am into are “who wore it best”, and stuff like that. I also really like the country ones too. Stuff that talks about horses and cattle.

Also the country celebrities. Country means a lot to me. School. I honestly think that school is very important and is a gratifying opportunity for everybody. School is also a very delightful place too. The teachers their absolute hardest to help us learn, be successful and keep us going in life. School gets us teenagers out of our houses, actually doing something productive in our lives, besides just sitting at home on our phones, iPod’s, watching television or whatever else there is. Also when you are at school, you get to socialize with buddies and all of the teachers, which is pleasant.

Somebody from school usually, always makes your day at least a little bit more desirable. School’s great! I have three favorite subjects in school. The first one is Math, the second is Language Arts, and the third one is French. First of all Math! Math is diverting for me. Even though I do make little or even sometimes big mistakes in a Math question, I do get a little crabbed, but then after I say to myself, “You know what Cheyenne? It was just one mistake. Just make sure you fix what you did wrong, move on and everything will be just fine”.

After that, I just keep on moving along. Language Arts is also one of my favorite subjects because of all the writing. Writing literally gets me. I really take the joy in writing about certain things that I am into. It kind of takes me away from all of the stuff that I am going through in life with my health and such. It’s definitely one of the more effortless classes for myself. Then there is French. French is an awesome opportunity to take in school. When I get to high school, I am probably going to take French for a class because it will be an easier credit for me.

If you know French when you are making a resume for a job that includes interacting with people, it’s usually easier to get that job for knowing at least two different languages that some people might not know. There are lots of benefits for knowing French. But hey, if you aren’t into French, that’s fine too! I am also part French, so it kind of makes it more interesting for me. I just need to get a hang of it first. In my honest opinion, I think that the world’s biggest problem at this moment is definitely all of the harsh bullying that is going around all over the world.

Just thinking about bullies and kids that are getting bullied, actually makes me so heartbroken and grief-stricken! I really don’t understand why kids have to bully other kids. I honestly can not take it. It literally happens everywhere too! It happens at schools, public areas, at home, at work, etc.. It’s even happening at this very moment, and it breaks my heart that there is a kid that’s getting picked on because of their race, color, sex, or religion. They were made like that. Their race, color, sex or religion wasn’t their decision.

God made them like that, so you should never pick on someone for something that they cant help. It makes me so sad. I, myself has been a victim of bullying a few times in the last three years or so now, and it actually hasn’t really stopped. I had made a decision to move away from a small town that I used to live in for five years because I was getting bullied so frequently at school from girls that are two and three years older than me. it really sucks because I had to leave some of my friends that live there just because of some girls that apparently “had” to bully me and make me feel bad about myself.

Lots and lots of teenagers, and I am talking millions, have done bad things their selves from bullying, which include cutting(especially on the wrists), starving their selves, and other things that are awful and dreadful. There also has been lots of suicide’s, from bullying too. Suicide takes the lives of nearly 40,000 Americans every year. That’s actually so despairing. Honestly, if somebody killed their self because of some rumors, or even if it’s just one person picking on them, the person or people that made that one person kill their self, should feel completely embarrassed, ashamed, demeaned and super sorry for what they did.

They should feel that bad because they made that one person feel so bad about their self, that it actually made the victim end their life. People that bully, absolutely disgust me and should really think about how it would feel to get picked on all of the time, and think before they even say anything at all that is hurt full. I am in two out of school extra-curriculums. The two are fastball and dance. I honestly love them way more than I think I should! I work very hard for both sports.

I try to practice at least four or five times a week for both of them, even when they aren’t in season. I think I practice more for ball though because I take on one of the bigger roles on my team. I was on the highest fastball division “A” team this past year! I am one of the main pitchers on my team, so that means a lot of practicing and getting stronger for faster pitches. I have to admit that I my pitches aren’t the fastest, but I am good at accuracy, and getting strikes. So now that I have my accuracy down, I just need to work on my speed a little bit more.

It’s kind of hard to practice a lot because of school and appointments , but it’s something that I love with all of my heart, so I can’t just randomly quit now with all of the talent I already have. Dance is such an enjoyment for myself too! When I dance, it’s like everything literally leaves my brain and body, and I can let all of my feelings out using dance. it honestly makes me speechless. The feeling of my body moving perfectly in a whole bunch of different ways, makes me get the shivers because it’s so amazing and astonishing. For dance, I need strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and the right heart and mind to do it.

When people say that dance is not a sport and that it’s easy, I literally want to rage on them because it’s definitely a sport and it is not easy at times. In my opinion, it’s definitely one of the harder sports. The most exciting trip that I have ever been on, definitely has to be when I went to beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The resort that we went to is called Riu Jalisco, about 15 minutes out of Puerto Vallarta. The resort was very exquisite. The lobby, and just everything about it was absolutely graceful! We went to Puerto Vallarta on March 2nd 2014… My birthday! My big 13 year old day!

It honestly was such a great and amusing time! Even though I did have to drag my butt out of bed early on a Sunday, and my birthday, I think that going to Mexico was definitely worth it! It was totally okay with me that I had to go a plane for five hours, because it was obviously way better than staying in -30 degree weather for a week, instead, we were in lovely hot +20 and +30 degree Mexico weather! Most of my moms side went, and I am really close with all of them, so that made is even more enjoyable. The evening that we got to Puerto Vallarta, some of my aunties went to Walmart and got me a cake.

When we were where the entertainment was on our resort, my aunties brought down the cake and started singing happy birthday to me, and then everyone else on the resort started singing along and I got really embarrassed! Also, another day we were there, the second last day, my mom and I haven’t gone horse back riding in a long time and that something that we both really enjoy, so we decided that just the two of us should go horse back riding in the mountains. So we did and omg, was it ever perfect in every single way, honestly! We went on a four hour ride to where the movie “Predator” was filmed back in the 80’s.

It was really neat. Walking down the beach at sunset and night time was really breath taking. Hearing the peaceful waves wash against the shore every few seconds was literally speechless and shocking. I really wanted to stay in that moment forever because I also had my mom with me, which made it even more perfect. It made me feel like I was home, and that I was supposed to stay there. It is just a relaxing and untroubled place. I actually don’t have the right words to describe how amazing that whole vacation was! I definitely suggest going there someday!

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