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Johnny’s Holes: A Narrative Fiction

Johnny, Joe, and bill were kids from a town in the middle of nowhere in Canada. One day they heard a rumor that people who travel up the mountain, will never return. So the instant thing they thought was go up the mountain for no reason what so ever. “Where is the hole they have been talking in the rumors,” Johnny said. “Don’t know keep looking, we don’t have anything else to do anyways. ” Joe said with intent. “Hey I think I got something over here! ” Billy said. Johnny and joe heard that that they ran over to bill’s position. “It’s a small hole, what did a child fall through the hole. Johnny laughed.

“Or maybe seven over an amount of time, last I heard a child went missing from the daycare twice thirty years ago and this year_” RUMBLE and they came tumbling into the now bigger hole. The friends awoke two hours later in a field of golden flower they thought were butter cups or sunflowers, they looked up to see two massive pillars holding up the cave roof above. Each of them panicked trying to find a way out of the hole but It was useless. So they knew the only thing they could have done is continue forward deeper into where they fell. “How the heck are we going to get out!

We shouldn’t have come, and now were part of the rumor about this place. ” Johnny yelled out trying to calm himself. “Don’t worry we’ll just find the exit and leave, simple. ” Bill said calming Johnny. “Also what the heck is this place anyways, it’s like a ruin, or catacomb. Also is everything purple in this place! ” The crew followed down until they saw a room filled with spikes. “Oh perfect just what we need a room full of spikes. ” Johnny said, poking at the spike to see if they were sharp. Immediately the spike flew down when he pokes it, so after several hours of poking spikes to see if they flew down or not.

They made it to the other side of the room. “Wow, it’s like that whole thing has been a puzzle just there. ” Johnny commented, as the crew sets onward deeper inside. “Really more puzzles, i hope this one doesn’t take an hour like the last,” bill said moaning. “I don’t know about you, but I like these puzzles, even though they are dangerous. ” Joe said with a grin. “I will never ever understand you. ” Johnny said. “I don’t understand joe he is a little childish, but he does have his humor and spirit” johnny thought to himself when they were operating the switch game which wasn’t dead or hard.

As they continued through the dimly lit gloomy hallway, they noticed that they were small patches of dust everywhere they go. “Weird is it, there is so much dust in certain places, how old do you think this place here is. ” Bill asked the other two. “Thousands of years old, maybe a million. ” Johnny said. “Hey, depends if the dust is actually sugar like that candy we found on the ground other back there” Bill said. They turned to see a dark burned bark tree, with valentine red leaves on the ground. “Wow do you think the tree is dead or no. ” Johnny asked, touching the burned bark on the tree. No, it’s just the leaves fell off and black is the color of the trunk,” Bill said.

“Hey guys look a house and it’s not purple, like everything in this place” Joe yelled out to his friend and he lead them inside. Inside of the house was a big staircase that lead downwards to more purple. A hallway left with a blue and red bedroom. A hallway right in the living room and a kitchen. The crew thought it was a good idea to rest their head before they continued downstairs deeper into wherever they are in this mountain. “Wait I just realized someone lived here once, so where could that person right now.

Also we just went in and went into their beds and thought to sleep. ” Bill mentioned and everyone froze. “Well there is dust everywhere, so they must of left the mountain or died” Johnny responded. After Johnny’s comment they all went to sleep except Joe, who was reading books in the living room. “Well.. that was a good sleep, but i’m still wondering what this place is, or anything. ” Bill said stretching. “Well anybody can find anything, even an old ruin place with dust everywhere . ” said Johnny with meaning. “Hey guys, i found something in this book. ” Joe said from the living room chair. What is it? ” Bill responded.

“It says when monsters die they turn to dust. ” Joe said “That doesn’t sound right. ” “Wait what, monsters? They aren’t real. Does it show a picture of the bogeyman? ” Johnny blabbered out. “Yes it says monsters, they could be real, and no it does not show a picture of the boogeyman. ” Joe said “So what you are saying is that the reason why there is dust everywhere was because monsters died here? ” Bill asked “Yes, now can we go before I get creeped the heck out, i want to leave as soon as possible! ” Joe yelled out jumping out of the chair and running to them.

So the three friends ran down into the basement… well… took a while till they forced themselves down into what they thought was a monster infested basement. When they stepped off the stairs, they saw a long hallway, making a right forward. The team walked down the hallway, taking a right up the stairs up and up until they saw a ginormous heavy door. “Where do you think it goes to? ” Bill asked “Hopefully better than here” Joe said as he pushed the door open to see pine trees and snow. “Were out, were out of that place! ” The friends were excited that they found the ruins, underground, but they were more glad they got home.

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