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Pro Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

Boom! Boom! Boom! The phone rang it was Kevin’s wife she was upset and scared as she heard the police beating on the door, yelling to open it before they broke it down. Kevin could hear sirens in the back ground as his wife was informing him that the cops were beating on the door, demanding Kevin to open it or it would be broken down. Kevin told his wife “I am on my way and just don’t answer the door until I get there”. Kevin grabbed his keys and left work. As he drove to his home, Kevin knew he was caught.

As Kevin pulled into his drive way that was on the back side of the house away from the cops, he quietly shut the engine off and ran inside where he could see the cops through the window. Kevin’s wife was crying sitting down at the table asking him “what is going on, why are they looking for you”? He didn’t know what to do or where to go. He didn’t know how to tell his wife he had killed someone. Kevin grabbed his keys and ran down the driveway to his car. He knew if the cops seen him in the house they would bust in and he was caught, he was in serious trouble.

Kevin got back into his car but it was too late, there was a cop standing right in front of his car and staring him directly in the eyes. The cop was happy they had finally caught Kevin but Before the cops had caught up with Kevin they had no idea who they were dealing with and feared he may have already left town. The thought the cops had as they were beating on the door over and over again, was fear and hope that their search for this murder was over. The cops were hoping Kevin would answer the door because they had been looking for Kevin for weeks.

The evidence had proven that Kevin had murdered Luis because Luis owed Kevin some money. Luis’s body had been hidden in the nearby lake. Kevin had been hoping that the body would decompose before they were able to locate the body and find out who killed Luis. The body was discovered the same day Kevin had dumped it in the lake. Luis’s body was sent off for testing. The tests help find a piece of the weapon inside of the wound. Kevin was arrested and taking to jail. The trial began and Kevin’s eyes feel up with tears as the fear grew stronger knowing that he would be giving the death penalty.

Kevin was afraid to be going down that hall way in Massachusetts. The verdict was in and Kevin was sentence to the death penalty for his actions. Kevin’s family doesn’t know what to do. Kevin was an average guy, who never showed that he had a violent side to him. “Kevin was always against murder” his wife said. Before there was a death chair were they would electrify you to your death. They’d hang you. They use to hang the people that were proven guilty. You would have to wait in line and people would gather up like a ceremony sometimes they would have a smile on their face.

The people would walk onto the deck that is above the ground. A rope would be place around their neck. There is a lever that is pulled and the floor falls were the person that is being hung suffocates because the rope gets tighter around there neck and their feet hover above the ground. Most people that are charged with murder get the death penalty. Before you are charged with the death penalty people have to see if they are suitable for the job. Kevin’s lawyers were asked things to see if they were suitable for the job. The lawyer and the judges have to be able to make the right choices.

They are both asked questions to determine if there choices are good enough to be able to take someone’s life. Kevins lawyer was trying to research on which way you could attack the trail. He didn’t know how the other lawyer would attack. Kevin’s lawyer thought maybe they would attack us by using religion. As they used religion against Kevin, His lawyer attacked back with religion. They were telling them that it is a sine to kill. That is why Kevin should be charged with the death penalty.

The lawyer argued that if Kevin was charged with urder that there for the person that assigns him to the death chair, that walks Kevin to the death chair, ties Kevin down to the death chair, and then the person that turns it on is all sinning because they are all leading a person to death. Kevin was found guilty. Must cases are ended as the defendant is guilty. One of Kevin’s cell mates was sentence to the death penalty because he was texting and driving. His mom text him and asked him “where ru” Kevin looked at his phone when he hit a guard rail that sent is car off the over pass killing his best friend on impact as they hit the ground.

The judges saw it as murder and found the driver guilty. Kevin had a lot of time to think about things, like why the death penalty has changed over time. the death penalty has probably change over time because getting hang wasn’t that bad it was kind of a fast death. They knew that evolution had to come to the death penalty. death penalty has to come because of the attitude towards the death penalty. The issue that the death penalty has ever had to face was the state’s ability to kill someone.

It wouldn’t have to matter if it was a citizen because it could be an simple person that was just visiting the state and somehow got confused with the murder. There was a lot of people in the prison. Kevin met a lot of knew people. They were violent. Kevin asked them if they were scared of the death penalty and they said they weren’t. one of the people he asked said that the death penalty was invented to maybe bring down the crimes but it didn’t work. The crimes still went up. The death penalty didn’t scare anyone. As the gates opened and the guards walked in. they put cuffs on Kevin’s wrist and ankles.

As they pulled him down the hall all he could think about is that its time. its time for him to place in the cold steel chair. Thinking about how its going to be when they tie his hands down and and feet up against the legs of the chair. Kevin knows that its going to be painful not being able to move away from the chair. As the guard walks Kevin down the hall. He says ” the death penalty started from a senator that developed for certain types of murder”. Kevin looked into the gaurds eyes and knew that the guard could tell that he was scared but the guard didn’t know how he felt. No one really understand how it is to face the death penalty.

Maybe it was because everyone that faced the death penalty didn’t get to live past the death penalty. No one gets to tell the story. Kevin had a cousin who lived in the U. S. He already in prison and judges have been debating on if he should get the death penalty. people in prison in the U. S. is going up. So there are more people that are getting the death penalty in the U. S. because they are running out of room in the prisons. They believe that it would be cheaper for people to get the death penalty. The guard had informed Kevin that he had seen more whites go throw there and get the death chair.

He doesn’t know if white people are killing more people. He doesn’t know if other races are killing people and there getting away with it. All he knows is that there are more whites that have been issued the death penalty. Being forced down that hall knowing you have been issued the highest penalty. Kevin is feeling empty, and lost, he knows he messed up he knows his life is over. He was sentence with the highest rank penalty there is. It is called the capital punishment. If your assigned it the judge is pretty sure that you deserve it because it’s the worst you can be sentence with.

Kevin felt like the death penalty wasn’t really with the constitution. He feels like it might not been able to pass the constitution or at least a little hold back on the use of the death penalty. That might have been an good thing to use in the court for Kevin to get out of his sentence. Kevin was finally staring at the chair for the first and last time. the pushed him down in the chair. His hands were dripping with sweat. The guard had a hard time getting Kevin into to the chair. The guard walked to the switch to the electricity and turned it on. It was like time just stopped and all Kevin could do is seeing his family.

They were crying right in front of him. The death penalty effect everyone not just one person. It effects all the people around, all the ones that knew you, the ones that’ll miss your smile. That never got to say goodbye to you. Death penalty is a big deal. It can happen to you. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. If there is strong enough evidence then you can be sentence to the death penalty. It doesn’t matter what religion you are because if you try to use it against the court. The people of the court could use it against you because most trails are held because someone has murder someone else.

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