Veronica Feathers: A Narrative Fiction

“So what, you gonna sic your PCH puppy on me every time I ruffle those ole Veronica feathers now? ” Logan cornered Veronica in the hall, and if Veronica squinted at his face, she could imagine where his nose might look a little out of place from Weevil’s intervention at the beach. He certainly didn’t … Read more

John Malkovich

The 1999 film Being John Malkovich, screenplay written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze, is a highly philosophical film that deals with the ability – or inability – to truly ‘become’ another individual. It follows the story of Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) and his experience of finding a portal that allows the user … Read more

Oedipus The King: A Narrative Fiction

It’s dark. That’s the first thing Rex notices – it’s dark and it’s quiet. But he’s awake and startled and scared, as though someone had crashed a pair of cymbals right over his head. There’s something wrong. A pervading sense of unease seeps in as he crawls towards consciousness to figure this out. It’s – … Read more

Dead Wood Detective Agency: A Narrative Fiction

I cleared my throat. “But this is—” “Listen, I’ve been shooing away lookie-loos all morning. ” I got off my bike, reached into my pocket, pulled out one of our cards, and handed it to her. She read it aloud: “Dead Wood Detective Agency. Twist Tisalton—Seth Holloway—Madison Mischief. We will investigate anything, from misdemeanors to … Read more

Creative Writing: A Narrative Fiction

Light shone in through the half open curtains of a midnight sky. Madison drank it up until even the insides of her were glowing. There I was degrading away in her room, curled up, fetal position in a chair, half asleep. “You want tea? ” “I hate tea. ” “Iced? ” She obviously had disregarded … Read more

The Time Is Night Analysis Essay

The first person narrative is used in novels and short stories in order to provide the reader with a more intimate view of what is being told. Stories like these often contain parenthetical statements in which a narrator chooses to interrupt writing in order to convey a personal remark. These comments evoke an effect on … Read more

Personal Narrative: Motorcycle Boy Essay

I was in the hospital. How long had it been? I remember gunfire, police cars, and shattering glass. I looked ‘round the hospital room and everything was black ‘n white! Then, it came back to me. Breaking into the pet store, Motorcycle Boy getting shot. I guess part of it was losing’ my colour vision. … Read more

Essay on Planimetic Techniques In Wes Anderson’s Kingdom

Often this is done by presenting subjects in a 3/4 view, over-the-shoulder shots, depth-of-field or off-centering the subject to create visual interest. While Wes Anderson doesn’t ignore these traditional techniques, he rarely employs them, opting instead for the planimetric approach. His technique is further emphasized through meticulous technical mastery. Aside from the linear, frontally-focused framework … Read more