How do I get a job with no experience?

Employers often say that “no experience is required” for a job. This means that you don’t need to have any previous work experience to apply for the job. There are many jobs available that don’t require any experience. In this article, we’ll discuss what employers mean when they say this and give examples of some … Read more

19th Century Technological Innovations

Rene-Theophile-Hyacinthe Laennec invention is still used in medical practice today and his painstaking work provided correlation of sounds of the chest with pathological findings at autopsy, thus linking the signs of physical diagnosis at the bedside with organ pathology. The Technological Innovations in the Medical Field during the 19th Century It could be argued that … Read more

Pcos Research Paper

Symptoms of PCOS usually begin to appear very soon after the time a young woman starts having her menstrual cycle. Sometimes, symptoms can also appear for the first time later during the reproductive years, especially if she has gained weight. The severity of PCOS symptoms may affect most women differently. It has many signs; these … Read more

Activated Charcoal Powder Research Paper

Charcoal health benefits are everywhere, this is the latest craze and it seems a pretty good one. The first introduction I had to activated charcoal powder was when I went to order my usual tooth soap. I found they had a new product with charcoal added for whiter teeth. After doing a bit of reading … Read more

Moral Responsibility In Singer’s Wealth Of Nations

By definition, human nature is defined as “the general psychological characteristics, feelings, and behavioral traits of humankind” (Apple Dictionary). Our society continues to grow and evolve over time, and human nature is maturing with it socially and economically. Adam Smith from the late 1700’s believed in a free market system ultimately governed by humans that … Read more

Salvador Dali Distinctively Visual

Melting clocks, melting pocket watches to be exact. A yellow, blue sky over a large body of water next to a cliff. The body of water is very still; it has no movement. It is based off of a seaside in his original home of Catalonia, Spain. There is a long rectangle next to this … Read more

Unit 8 Health And Social Care Level 3

When a young person has challenging behavior then the child will need a great deal of support from a wide range of different professionals. These could be professionals such as a behavior therapist and SEN (special educational needs) support staff. This would link into my key issues as all the professionals would help promote positive … Read more

Factor Viii Research Paper

In a galaxy far, far away… or in blood vessels far, far away awaits a powerful superhero Factor VIII. Yea, when this guy detects damage to his known territory, which is the entire blood vessel galaxy, he is out to risk his life to maintain the balance of the Hemostasis Empire. This superhero never sleeps. … Read more

American Dream Without Freedom

Harper Lee, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Solomon Northup fulfill their American dream by overcoming racial prejudices through their passionate words in American literature. These three authors use the right of freedom of speech in their favor in order to share their beliefs on the injustices of social inequality. By confronting society with the moral realities … Read more

Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4 Analysis

Clip 1, “Task 2 Engaging Class Discussion,” illustrates a time during my lesson that I engaged students to construct meaning from two film adaptations of the same scene, Act 3 Scene 4, from Hamlet. I engaged the class by asking questions to draw inquiry, and it initiated a class discussion, where students were drawing on … Read more

Midtown Detroit

Redevelopment Beyond Downtown and Midtown Detroit Thomas Sugrue, author of The Origins of the Urban Crisis, said that Detroit’s comeback depends on whether the city can improve the lives of working class African Americans and I couldn’t agree more. With the gentrification of downtown and midtown Detroit showing many recent successes for those in its … Read more

Creative Writing: Close In The Woods

The woodlands lay in complete darkness ahead of them, no insects buzzed or night birds called out to break the silence. Sorrow led the way, a grey ghost in the shadowy recesses among the trees. He scouted ahead, eyes and ears alert for danger. The others followed as best they could, staying close in the … Read more

Waking Up In Middle School

If you walked into a middle school classroom you would probably notice several students having a hard time staying awake and alert. The teenager of today is a sleepless, exhausted student who is bogged down with homework, after-school recreations, and other day-to-day activities. This causes teens to get a lack of sleep and creates problems … Read more

Dominican Republic Experience

You never realize how much you have until you see someone who has very little. I got to really see that when i got to go to the Dominican Republic. It was a great experience not just to see the historic places and the perfect blue ocean like the ones you see in pictures but … Read more

Mount Vesuvius Essay

Did you know that before 79 AD there wasn’t a name for volcano? Well thanks to the huge eruption in Pompeii a name was created,Οὐεσούιος. This is because no one in their area was experiencing volcanic eruptions. Therefore, when the Volcano called Mt. Vesuvius was showing signs of eruption, the people didn’t know because no … Read more

Hagia Sophia’s Accomplishments

The crowning glory of Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia is said to have “changed the history of architecture” (Simons). Constructed in the 6th century under the orders of Emperor Justinian I, it remained the tallest building for over a thousand years. Atop the building sits a dome towering 56m above the ground, and spanning 31m across; … Read more

When Chadwin Was Born Essay

Should a person ever believe that they were cursed? Well this was my belief before Chadwin was born. As a teenager on a summer revival night, our pastor called all the young childbearing girls to the front of the church and had us vow that we will never become pregnant before we were married. Being … Read more

Cold War Impact

“Here’s my strategy on the Cold War: we win, they lose. ”- Ronald Reagan. The Cold War was a time of distress between the United States and the Soviet Union during 1947-1991. It was a struggle because it was against two powerful nations, Capitalism vs Communism, and most importantly, between two nuclear superpowers. The United … Read more

High School Cage Analysis

• In the morning there is usually a technician that is already finishing cleaning most of the cages by the time I come in, but I was able to clean the last cage in the morning before Derwin finished. It was a cage with three kittens that were boarding till someone adopted them. Derwin placed … Read more

The Evolution Of Primacy

The United States of America has been a prime world-leading country since 1945, and the US has maintained its privileged position through military capability, political leadership, and economic influence. It has then established itself as a global primacy. The U. S. primacy brought crucial benefits, which other nation states are unlikely to attack or threaten … Read more

Jones Dbq Analysis

The American society in which we grew up is one that prides itself on the advancements we continuously make in the technological field. Though there is some value in the use of devices to aid our lazy American culture, the sacrifices of opening our skies to the new drone age greatly outweighs the benefits of … Read more

Why Do Women Have Smaller Brains Than Men

1. The quotes from George Eliot’s novel argues that women can be talented and contradicts from Broca’s argument which is “Women, like it or not, had smaller brains than men and, therefore, could not equal them in intelligence” (519). In paragraph 5, Gould refers to Eliot because Gould’s article is focused on Eliot’s article and … Read more

Fluorescence Lab

Fluorescence is a type of photoluminescence spectroscopy. Fluorescence occurs when a photon is emitted from a molecule as it moves from a higher excited state to a lower excited state with in the same spin. A molecule normally is in its ground state energy. When a light source puts off an electromagnetic energy, the molecule … Read more

Importance Of Democracy In The United States

With the United States’s reputation as the government of the people, for the people, and by the people, exactly how strong is our country’s government? When I conducted my ten interviews, the majority, eight students, stated the importance of democracy, however, none were sure of its security. Despite the several distinct patterns and similarities in … Read more

Annotated Bibliography: New Cold War

1). Debose, C. & DeAngelo, E. (2015). New Cold War: Russia’s Ban on Adoptions by U.S Citizens. Children’s Issues, 28(1), 63-76. Retrieved from This journal article discusses in detail, the proposed solutions for improving American and Russian inter country adoptions without specifically banning American adoptions. It also examines the controversy over the ban, the … Read more

City Of Quartz Summary

Descending over the San Gabriel mountains into LAX, Los Angeles, the gray rolling neighborhoods unfurling into the distant pillars of downtown leaping out of its famous smog, one can easily see the fortress narrative that Mike Davis argues for in City of Quartz. A city that has been thoroughly converted into a factory that dumps … Read more

Allan Johnson: A Sociological Analysis

Many sociologists have tried to help us have an understanding of how our lives are lived at the crossroads of individual biography and broader social systems. We all live in a system. Allan Johnson(2008) believes that “we are always participating in something larger than ourselves, and if we want to understand social life and what … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Godzilla

When I was ten years old I was obsessed with the Godzilla movies. I didn’t know why Godzilla captivated and demanded my attention: Godzilla is a collection of low budget, poorly written, action thrillers about this massive mutant lizard that goes around fighting other enormous mutant monsters. I knew the movies were bad, but I … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay On Boxing And Boxing

“Jab” “jab” “uppercut” in the boxing gym with my coach Jonathan training me for my fight on Saturday not just any fight it was the Scottish district fight the finals which I reached to with hard work and pain. “keep going you need to be able to keep fit for Saturday jay son” said Jonathan … Read more

Walt Disney History

The Walt Disney Company has grown rapidly over time becoming one of the leading companies in the entertainment industry and continues to excel with no signs of slowing down. The Walt Disney Company has diverse operations in different aspects of the entertainment industry. Media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media … Read more

Halloween Research Paper

The 1978 John Carpenter classic Halloween is my all time favorite film, both inside and outside the horror genre. Nothing in the Halloween franchise can come close to touching it, and although it does have some pretty impressive rivals in the form of Alien, The Shining, Scream, and It Follows, Halloween in my opinion still … Read more

Aging Interview

This interview was done on a very special woman named Ms. D. G. In order to get a better understanding on the aging process. My goal was to get an in-depth look at what she has gone through in her life, physiologically and psychologically, and to learn, recognize, and identify with her in some way. … Read more

Solitary Confinement Definition

According to the Oxford Dictionary, solitary confinement is defined as “the isolation of a prisoner in a separate cell as punishment,” Not only does the United States imprison more citizens than any other country in the world, but the US correctional system places the largest amount of prisoners in solitary confinement (Cloud, Browne, Drucker, & … Read more

James Shapiro

In 1599:A Year in the life of William Shakespeare, James Shapiro (a Shakespeare scholar and professor at Columbia University) depicts a bibliography on the mark left on four plays; Hamlet, As You Like It, Henry V and Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare in 1599 by public events. James Shapiro goes to the next level … Read more

Sample Case Interview Claimants

Ms. Barillas claimed she is the Human Resources Manager as she was willing to cooperate in providing any information about the Claimant’s alleged CT claim. During her interview with the Investigator, the witnesses appeared forthcoming with her answers. Ms. Barillas claimed she had been the HR Manager since December 2011. She said a portion of … Read more

Concordis Language Services: Case Study

These terms and conditions shall apply to each and every request for a quote or service supplied or delivered by Concordis Language Services. Section 1 Definitions: 1.1.”Quote” means a Quote which the Client accepts in writing to Concordis Language Services, including by the Client giving written notice to Concordis Language 1.2. “Client” means the party … Read more

Frank Jacobs ” In Praise Of Borders’

Borderlines is Frank Jacobs’ column in the New York Times. Through an extensive study of borders, the column examines the political geography of the world. Jacobs humorously brings an insightful perspective and manages to address a broad spectrum of concepts in political geography. Jacobs’ articles are written and published during a period of increasing disdain … Read more

Pancreas Research Paper

The pancreas is probably one of the few organs that we really do not pay close attention to, but it is a very vital organ. The pancreas is a part of the digestive system. It is the largest organ in its system. It plays life sustaining roles in the regulation of food digestion and blood … Read more

Fieldwalking Anthropology

The settlement of New Kinord is a privately owned, and protected site situated in the Muir of Dinnet, Aberdeenshire. Although it has not yet been radiocarbon dated it is thought to date from the Iron Age. Aerial photography shows the presence of features that are thought to be hut circles, enclosures and a souterrain. During … Read more

Army Soldier Research Paper

The sound of the bomb dropping, exploding, made every soldier’s body and hearing, and goes numb and ring. One soldier was hit, but can’t yell for help because the numbing and ringing of hearing, another soldier notices by a glance. The soldier then picks up the wounded soldier with all the might and power the … Read more

Alcoholic Dementia Research Paper

Alcoholic dementia is a silent epidemic, it’s cause is excessive drinking. This type of dementia goes undiagnosed and confused with other types of dementia. Alcoholic dementia is a lack of vitamin B1 and is detrimental to one’s health, especially in the aging population. Alcohol induced dementia is treatable and possibly reversible; even so, it is … Read more

Persuasive Essay On Drugs In Sports

The never-ending controversy around sports enhancement drugs will never fade, as an increasing number of athletes are admitting their use; global sports authorities like the International Olympic comity (IOC), he World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and other international sports federations continue to consider drug intake as cheating and impose punishments on athletes who use it. However, … Read more

Symbolism In The Tell Tale Heart

Poe’s family life was not one to be desired by others. He also had a strange personality, which caused him to write even stranger stories. One of these stories won him an award, and even further recognition. Although only one of his works received official recognition, his works will always stay in the minds of … Read more

How Does Shakespeare Use Syntax In Let Me Not To The Marriage Of True Minds

For centuries, mankind has searched for something constant, often without success. Even though people keep looking, this search was satisfied when William Shakespeare wrote a poem titled, “Let me not to the marriage of true minds”. In this poem, the speaker defends the position that love is constant, and asserts people should not interfere with … Read more

The Wilhelmine Period

The Wilhelmine Period that helped force Germany and Europe down the Path to war in 1914 The Wilhelmine period (1890-1918) which will be discussed in this paper was led by German Kaiser, Fredrich Wilhelm II. During this period of time there is a multitude of situations that forced Germany and Europe down the path toward … Read more

Slavery History

Slavery is a state wherein one human being is owned by another and they are under the owner’s control,who are also known as their masters. Slaves are expected to provide their services, of any kind, to their masters. Mostly slaves work under involuntary servitude. The history of slavery spans from every culture, nationality and religion … Read more

Jerry Mcghoulberry Leadership Style

Once upon a time there were two brothers who lived a wonderful life in the 1110’s in Cedar Kingdom where they were born and raised. Mr Cuddlesworth was a unflustered, humorous, born leader. He was the most humble guy in the kingdom and he was about six feet tall. Jerry McGhoulberry was a born fighter … Read more

Giovanni Bellini Research Paper

When you see a painting somebody calls “famous”, what is your first initial thought? Maybe, who created this, or what is this? Some painters and artists are unappreciated today, like Giovanni Bellini. Giovanni Bellini is a very well known artist for making many beautiful pieces of art. Most of his art was religious and included … Read more

Summary: Field Experience

I initially worked for Azzouggagh & Balatidis Legal Services for my field placement, located at 310 Vaughan Valley Blvd. unit B, Vaughan Ontario L4H 3C3. The business was a corporation operated by two licensed paralegals, Issam Azzouggagh and Panagiotis Balatidis. The firm had been operating for two years. However, when I arrived, the corporation and … Read more

Holistic Select Dog Foods Summary

In 2008, Holistic Select Natural Pet Food, combined with Wellness Natural Pet Food, Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food, and Old Mother Hubbard Natural Dog Snacks to form WellPet LLC. They’re a privately held subsidiary of the Berwind Corporation, with their main office in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. They also have a dog food factory in Mishawaka, Indiana. … Read more

John Sullinger: A Short Story

Refer to me as John Sullinger. For as long as I can remember through my eighteen years of grace I have been subsiding throughout the alleys of Bayport, a city off the coast of Trinidad. The year is 1671 as I take up my pen and interpret to you my tale. I have never known … Read more

Second Line Of Defense

The first line of defense is comprised of two barriers, the physical and chemical barriers. These barriers or blockades are always ready and prepared to defend the body from infection. The first barrier is the physical blockade between the inside of the body and the outer world. Physical blockades of the first defense system includes … Read more

Island Of Despair

Agger and Jensen found that testimony is an open attestation of victims’ private pain and a condemnation of injustice with a psychotherapeutic effect. Testimony allows individualised pain to be experienced by the audience as personal encroachment, which then engenders the empathy of the audience for such pain. It can also be seen as an advocacy … Read more

Discrimination In Mental Illness

The stigma around mental illness is seemingly inevitable if you are one that has been clinically diagnosed. For years now, one that acquires mental illness experiences severe discrimination. Research by Carr, Bhagwat, Miller and Ponce (2014) support the idea that individuals that experience mental illness frequently encounter stigma and disenfranchisement. Mental illness has an impact … Read more

Unit 42 Agile Paper

Agile is iterative approach with tasks broken into small increments, planning far in advance, and when using agile methodology scope is a continual reassessment of requirement priorities by the business. Agile project management framework In the agile project management framework, the activities involved in each phase can be classified as Envision (helps to create a … Read more

Tokyo Prison Attack Case Study

The data shows that far and above the people who die or are physically hurt in a terrorist attack or act of war, there are many more who are suffer psychological injuries. As the specter of a major terrorist attack hangs over the United States, it is critical that policy makers, government agencies and civil … Read more

Richard Imry Case

The plaintiff, Richard Albert Imry, is a small business owner who, with his two adult sons, co-plaintiffs Max and Mathias, operates an auto body repair shop located in a garage adjacent to his house. The defendant, Western Generator Co. (“WGC”) is a large-scale manufacturer and distributor of generators, which they advertise for personal, business, and … Read more

Stereotypes Of Refugees

Stereotype: a fixed idea or image of a group of people without actually getting to know them. Innocent refugees are being stereotyped to be terrorists everyday they walk outside, and it needs to stop. Sabha Al-Ali, Motab, and their children are Syrian refugees that arrived in Pittsburgh in 2015. In Syria, they were bombed everyday, … Read more

Stomach Cancer Research Paper

Cancer is a dangerous disease that is caused by an uncontrolled group of abnormal cells in the body. Cancerous cells, also known as malignant tumors or neoplasm, begin to divide without stopping and invade surrounding tissues. The body is made up of trillions of cells, which means cancer can start from almost anywhere in the … Read more

Cold In The Earth By Emily Bronte Analysis

In “Cold in The Earth”, Emily Bronte seeks to explore the dramatic psychological journey of losing a loved one. Bronte emphasises the speakers’ inner struggle and pain which she attempts to overcome throughout the poem as well as demonstrating the stages required to reconcile herself to the truth. Bronte also analyses the dualistic thoughts whereby … Read more

Health Care In Sub-Saharan Countries

What if you were to live in a world with no source of health care whatsoever? How about living in a world where diseases are common and you are living with unhygienic sources of water? In the world of Sub-Saharan countries of Africa, which can include Congo and Uganda, poverty is very common. Being poor … Read more

Unknown Bacteria

Having the ability to collect and identify unknown microorganisms is vital in health and medicine. This capability is important for a variety of reasons, such as knowing the causative agent of disease, knowing if the microorganism obtains any beneficial properties and knowing the correct microorganism to use to create a successful antibiotic. Implementing the experimental … Read more

Military Coup In Chile

Chile had been engulfed in an authoritarian period for years. This came to a halt in the 1960s, when social movements began to emerge prompting many to question existing social and political policies. The US had previously been involved in funding political campaigns, but relations turned sour in 1970. Salvador Allende won the presidency under … Read more

Albert Camus The Myth Of Sisyphus

In the preface of his essay, The Myth of Sisyphus, Albert Camus states that the story is “A lucid invitation to live and to create, in the very midst of the desert. “ I agree with this statement as I believe that life is meaningless unless we create our own meaning. The world is merely … Read more

Johnny’s Holes: A Narrative Fiction

Johnny, Joe, and bill were kids from a town in the middle of nowhere in Canada. One day they heard a rumor that people who travel up the mountain, will never return. So the instant thing they thought was go up the mountain for no reason what so ever. “Where is the hole they have … Read more

Cpa Case 1-7 Eating Time

The case is about Kevin Lowe, who is a three months old staff at CPA firm Stooges LLP and the partners of the firm Bo Chambers and his brother Moe “have asked for a sit-down. ” The partners were concerned about the time efficiency, costs and losing clients as Kevin was taking “50 percent longer” … Read more

Oedipus Research Paper

In King Oedipus By Sophocles, Oedipus is doomed to fail in life from the very beginning. Like all tragic heroes Oedipus is destined to suffer and fall. When Oedipus was a child Oedipus’s parents, Laius and Jocasta (the king a Queen of Thebes), got news from an oracle that their son is going to kill … Read more

Setting Goals In English Class Analysis

People have many reasons why they attend college. Some want to become doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers. I chose to attend Miami University to become a bioengineer. Along with college comes the challenge of writing multiple essays about many different topics. You could write essays about things that you read in a book to scientific … Read more