Our Town God

“I hate you, God! ” I thought to myself. “I want nothing to do with you. You might be real, but you are not the good Creator people portray you to be. ” I did not always feel this way toward my Heavenly Father. In the first three years after my baptism, my walk with … Read more

Nehemiah Research Paper

Nehemiah the leader, started off as a simple boy who was born and raised in Jerusalem. He grew up in the city which provided a huge wall for shelter from the outside. This was their means to protect the city and keep anything dangerous or negative out. God took care of everyone within the city, … Read more

Spiritual Nursey’s Role In The Church

In today’s society, many seek ways to live the best life possible. As we age, we tend to get more spiritual, some may refer to aging in itself as a spiritual journey. According to Lavretsky, “In the US general population, religious participation has always been prominent, with over 90% of Americans believing in God or … Read more

Religion: The Five Senses Of Religion

“Without the senses there would be no religion, for religion is founded on a relation between embodied beings and the world around them. ” (IRS, 69) The senses help us construct and allow us to partake in the world’s religions. The faiths of the world are deeply fixed in the customs of culture and connect … Read more

The Role Of God In Monotheistic Religion

There are many religions throughout the world that believe in a variety of different deities. Religion is a belief and worship of either, one or more, absolute beings. Some of the many religions are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Muslim. Each religion has its own guidelines as to why people follow and praise what they believe. … Read more

Twelve Apostles

In a world of floral buttons ups, over the top socks and “side cut” hairstyles, how could anyone be expected to stand out? Society tells us to be our own person. Even as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints we are constantly taught that we are each INDIVIDUAL spirit children … Read more

The Time Traveler And The Travelers Gift

Both books, The Time Traveler and the Travelers Gift, have to do with man’s curiosity of time travel. Both these books are a great read and get you thinking, “Would time travel really be possible, and could I see man evolve throughout history to where we are today? ” As a Christian, I don’t personally … Read more

Things Fall Apart Gods Quotes

Throughout many works of literature is the recurring theme of the belief in the fate of God/gods. The fate of a person given to them by God/gods is shown many times throughout Things Fall Apart and other writings by Chinua Achebe. According to Foley, the chi, “functions as the divine agent whereby an individual is … Read more

Judaism: The World’s Largest Religion

The Jewish religion is fascinating, even though Judaism is from a different perspective than Christianity. Judaism has been around longer than Christianity, and now Christianity is the world’s largest religion. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the one that will lead the world and save everyone, while Jews believe Jesus was just a … Read more

Seventh Day Baptist Essay

Why are so many different perceptions and less conception with the beliefs of Seventh day Adventist? I know that through this well and complex topic, I can teach the history of Seventh-day Adventist churches. Also, the evident differences between traditional denominations and the purpose as to what doctrine in Seventh day Adventist church wanted to … Read more

A Breakfast For Barbarians Analysis Essay

To live is to die; this is the message both poems convey, a somber reminder that without death there cannot be life, and without ignorance there cannot be knowledge. These poems represent a duality of two opposing forces, akin to how shadows are born by light, and how change will always be a positively and … Read more

Similarities Between Gilgamesh And Hebrew Bible Essay

The supernatural characteristics within The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Hebrew Bible represent contrasting definitions. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, it portrays a supernatural type of world where every character that it lists holds a certain role in the events that occur so therefore these characters are gods and goddesses in their own respects. As … Read more

Essay about The Inspiring Job Summary

The Inspiring Job – A Man for His Time, A Man for Our Time, A Man for All Time book is written by Dr. Gregory V. Jones. He tells what motivates him to write the book on the topic. He is born in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Jones is raised by his mother in a … Read more

Allusions In The Island Of New Providence Research Paper

Allusions: “My father brought her a glittering brooch, necklace, and dangles to make her all the more inviting, though she also wished to wear a cross, as always” (Pg. 18). The fact that she always wears a cross reveals that she may carry some guilt regarding her relationship with William and the dishonesty toward William’s … Read more

Evil And Omnipotence Analysis Essay

If God does exist then how come evil exist as well? The overall view of God is that he is a theistic God. Since the theistic God is omnipotent and wholly good then there should not be evil because of the fact that good tries to cancel out evil as much as it possibly can. … Read more

Bless Me Ultima Conflicts Research Paper

In the story Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio was faced with several cultural conflicts that influenced his moral compass and cultural identity. First, he is faced with a cultural conflict between his mother and father’s aspirations for his destiny. His mother, who came from a family of farmers and known as men of the people, wanted … Read more

Poetry Comparison Essay

Poetry, whether written in 1877 or 1922, has a brilliant effect of diving into one’s mind and unfolding latent meanings that otherwise remain undiscovered (Browning and Cousin 242-243, 331). Coming from two opposite worlds, Gerard Hopkins and Robert Frost have both left their imprints on the universal galaxy of poetry. “Pied Beauty” written by Hopkins … Read more

Vincent Van Gogh Essay

Although he is known as one of the greatest painters of all time, Vincent van Gogh perceived himself as a failure throughout his life, which he himself would later cut short. He is known as a tortured artist as he went through many setbacks in his love life and career. Although these difficult experiences brought … Read more

Ordo Sanctification In The Arminian Doctrine Essay

Confusion has arisen in the church over the process of one’s salvation, thus splitting the church into two different views: the Armenians and the Calvinists. Arminians believe that salvation follows faith. While they do accept that God is still the one who does the action of saving, they believe that man has a role to … Read more

Socrates Life Is Not Worth Living Analysis Essay

Socrates examines his life in Plato’s The Apology and whether or not it is worth living if he cannot do what he believes is his life mission, practicing philosophy. Now, is an unexamined life worth living, a bad life, or can we buy the good life with our money, and our power? Socrates explains what … Read more

Howl Ginsberg Analysis Essay

HOWL Embracing Spirituality Religion has always played a significant role in the way societies and cultural groups shape themselves. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism – clearly, the diversity of religious belief systems co-exist all around the world. Many people practice a religion because it brings them a sense of peace and salvation. It helps an … Read more

Moral Evil Vs Natural Evil Essay

I believe that God doesn’t exist due to the fact that if there is a supposed omni-benevolent God then why is the world is full of so much evil and suffering? Evil and suffering comes in two forms Moral evil and Natural evil. Moral evil is caused by humans using their free will, for example, … Read more

Psalms 119 Essay

Question 1: What did I learn about the nature and activity of God? In Psalms 119 we see that the author or authors of these verses as looking to apply God’s word in his life to fully understand God’s ways which will lead to blessings. The DTIB concludes with a similar statement saying the ultimate … Read more

Essay on Imprecatory Prayer Rhetorical Analysis

The Implications of the Imprecatory Psalms: Praying the Imprecatory Prayers. War is imminent, facing the enemy of one-hundred thousand screaming warriors who is geared up and mocking the God of Abraham, the one true God. In the midst of war while bending to one knee on the battlefield, the godly soldiers shouting imprecations that God … Read more

Bible And Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave Essay

The dissemination of truth comes with fierce repudiation. The ancient works of the Bible and Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” express this everlasting theme. Jesus and the Platonic Prisoner walk together, hand in hand, to spread their great truths in their responding body politic to mature. However, they could just as easily remain stagnant in … Read more

The Teleological Argumentative Analysis Essay

Some theists of the Abrahamic persuasion claim that the harmony of the universe is proof of an intelligent designer. This argument is known as the teleological argument and has evolved from classical philosophy to modern theology. In addition, subscribers of the Abrahamic religions also hold that God has attributes that include omniscience, omnipotence, and benevolence. … Read more

Problem Of Evil Mackie Analysis Essay

The Problem of Evil One of the most interesting topic we cover in class has to be the idea of Evil and God. Commonly referred to as the Problem of evil, J. L. Mackie, an Australian Philosopher, from the University of Sydney simplifies The problem of Evil with this line, “God is omnipotent; God is … Read more

Zucconi Medicine And Religion Summary Essay

The paper under review, medicine and religion in ancient Egypt is by Laura Zucconi, a history professor at Richard Stockton college of New Jersey. The analysis provided on ancients Egypt’s concept of medicine and religion, are derived from studies in the fields of medical anthropology, history of medicine and biblical studies. This article directs its … Read more

Poem About Jair Poem Analysis Essay

It all begins with a blank canvas, copious amounts of emotion and insight, and a sixth sense. These are the elements needed to get started on Jair’s philosophy of life and to better comprehend his ideology you will feel what he feels and know what he knows, I am deprecating and collecting dust like furniture … Read more

Tao Of Pooh Analysis Essay

As I sit here trying to find the right words to start this paper | can’t help but think how almost comical it is that Benjamin Huff points out in his book, “The Tao of Pooh,” that a scholar is perplexed by the concept of the Tao because his own knowledge gets in the way … Read more

Speciesism And Moral Status Peter Singer Summary Essay

Sagarika Reddy Philosophy Honors 03/28/16 Dr. Shorter Speciesism and Moral Status In his work Speciesism and Moral Status, Peter Singer compares the behaviors of humans with cognitive disabilities to the behaviors of nonhuman animals. He argues that all human beings do not have cognitive abilities that exceed that of all nonhuman animals. In fact, many … Read more

Thematic Essay On The Book Of Jonah

The Book of Jonah is a special and interesting book in the Hebrew Bible. Unlike other eleven prophets’ books which focus on the prophecies from the Lord, the Book of Jonah is a book which focuses on the prophet himself. Jonah alone is the main human character in this book. The fours chapters are like … Read more

Idealization In Jesus Camp Essay

Jesus Camp is a powerful, mind-altering documentary that follows the journey of selected children as they spend a summer in the Kids on Fire summer camp run by Becky Fischer. In this camp strict practices of idealization and object-hunger are intensively practiced. Throughout lessons it has been learnt that the experience of religious idealization can … Read more

The Teleological Argument Essay

Teleology is an argument of God’s existence following the evidence of order defined as the design of nature. Teleological arguments also known as arguments from design, explain the order in the universe to the existence of God. The universe is believed to be ordered towards some end or a certain purpose. It is more reasonable … Read more

The Importance Of Tricksters In History Research Paper

For my research paper, I will be discussing about tricksters in history. Tricksters are archetype figures that are known for tricking other divine beings and humans for others benefit, or for their own personal gain. Tricksters I believe are those that give some sort of meaning to life. For instance, without bad, it would become … Read more

Biblical Worldview Research Paper

Buddhism is a way of life that is continuously growing due to a variety of reasons. The word, Buddhism, derives from “budhi”, which means “to awaken” (White, 1993). There are various, diverse types of this philosophy. The Dhamma or truth, which is the core of this instruction, is the only constant (White, 1993). This is … Read more

Jerry Carter Beginning Again Analysis Essay

The Dr. Jerry Carter Jr. comes from Columbus Ohio. He is the fourteenth pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Morristown, New Jersey. On Tuesday, August 25th, Dr. Carter took his scripture from Jonah 3:1 (KJV), that scripture read, “and the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time. ” He entitled his … Read more

Essay on Baptist Church Observation

Tam analyzing Baptist church religious services. There are many roles that happen during a religious setting. There will always be a pastor, father, or any preferred name to whomever conducts the ceremony and depending on the status of the church there will be two or more deacons. Deacons are typically the right hand help for … Read more

Kalam Cosmological Argument Analysis Essay

Who is responsible for creating all of mankind and all that surrounds it? God is responsible for the creation of the universe and the existence of that personal God is proven by a plethora of scientific evidence and logically probable reasons. Ironically, some of the opposing arguments originating from the atheistic worldview contribute to the … Read more

The Violent Bear It Away Analysis Essay

Not many novels are comparable to Flannery O’Connor’s The Violent Bear it Away. Perhaps this is due in part to her skillful composition, but O’Connor’s blunt addressal of the natural struggle between faith and reason is strikingly convicting. Raised in the south in a predominantly Catholic family, O’Connor herself was no stranger to the concepts, … Read more

Night Loss Of Faith Analysis Essay

The screams of the beating being given, the constant bells controlling everyone like how strings control a puppet, everybody was now a robot with little to no emotion following out orders ad doing labor nonstop; this is how Eliezer, Shlomo, and the rest of the Jewish people would have to live for a period of … Read more

Isaiah 10:1-6 The Hebrews Prophets: Isaiah & Amos

“Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees , to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people. Making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless. What will you do on the day of the reckoning, when disaster comes from afar? To whom … Read more

The concept of God

The concept of God, or any god, is one that has definite boundaries. There are many questions that arise concerning the nature of God, or even whether or not there really is one. The most common god in today’s society is “God”, the “Supreme Being” worshipped by Muslims as “Allah,” by Jews as “Yahweh,” and … Read more

Zeus and Odin Zeus

Zeus and Odin Zeus is the ruler of the Greek gods. He is the son of Cronos and Rhea, in fact the only son of these two to survive to adulthood. Zeus had been hidden by Rhea so that Cronos would not swallow him like he had all of his other offspring; he had been … Read more

Cybernetic Plot of Ulysse

In this midterm essay I will discuss why Gods Journey. I believe that Gods journey for two reasons. One reason is to seek out honor for themselves. The other reason is to regain honors they have lost. To demonstrate this I will first discuss the journeys of Hades in the Homeric hymn “To Demeter” comparing … Read more

God Concept

The concept of God, or any god, is one that has definite boundaries. There are many questions that arise concerning the nature of God, or even whether or not there really is one. The most common god in today’s society is “God”, the “Supreme Being” worshipped by Muslims as “Allah,” by Jews as “Yahweh,” and … Read more

What Difference Does It Make That God Is Immutable

What difference does it make to us that God is immutable? Immutability is a key attribute of God and without that He wouldnt even be God. It would be hard to have a personal relation ship with Him. As well as our relationship suffering our knowledge of God would be severed also, and who is … Read more

Mark of the Beast

At the time when all would have fully matured in either submission to God or rebellion against Him, Christ will return to the earth just as was promised. This time He will not come as a baby in a manger, but as a king in all His glory and majesty. In this event which marks … Read more

Either God exists or He doesn’t

Either God exists or He doesn’t. There is no middle ground, and any attempt to remain neutral in relation to God’s existence is automatically synonymous with unbelief. It is far from a “moot” question, because if God does exist, then nothing else really matters; if He does not exist, then nothing really matters at all. … Read more

Proof Of The Exsistence of God

The Case For The Existence of God by John Doe, Ph.D. Introduction Either God exists or He doesn’t. There is no middle ground. Any attempt to remain neutral in relation to God’s existence is automatically synonymous with unbelief. It is far from a “moot” question, for if God does exist, then nothing else really matters; … Read more

Why God Hates Fat People

Why God Hates Fat People Fat… everyone hates it and no one wants to be it. Even when stuffing a turkey you can find Martha Stewart pulling the flit from the birds innards and tossing it into the trash. Fat is such an unattractive commodity in society that we judge our prime steaks by how … Read more