Essay on Case Study Mavis

Therefore, this essay will discuss Mavis given health condition. Mavis is 60 years old retired Nurse who had undergone a laparotomy for an acute bowel obstruction. According to the case study, Mavis first day post-op and her recovery has been uneventful. It is stated that Mavis vital signs have all been within normal limits. However, … Read more

College Student Diet Analysis Essay

Once in a while I will buy something on the expensive side but I’m good with money so I know when it’s okay to splurge on organic foods. Generally good nutrition is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for college students. As a college student, I need a healthy diet so that my body … Read more

Essay about Cardiovascular Disease Trends

Article #1 A study conducted by Capewell, Ford, Croft, Critchley, Greenlund, and Labarthe (2010) studied coronary heart disease risk factors trends and mortality in the United States. The purpose of this study was to look at cardiovascular risk factors in the United States since coronary heart disease is among the leading causes of death in … Read more

Nondisjunction Case Study Essay

Trisomy 21 is a congenital disorder when a person is born with an extra chromosome. Normally, a baby is born with 46 chromosomes; a Down syndrome baby has a total of 47 chromosomes. This extra chromosome changes the babies’ brain and body development, which may cause physical and mental delays and challenges for the baby. … Read more

Persuasive Essay On Lgbt Rights

“I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief. ” This quote, by Gerry Spence, encaptures an attitude that is needed in people today in order to move forward with LGBT rights. There have been many ups and downs for the LGBT rights movement but it’s a working progress. LGBTS … Read more

Salmonella Enteritidis Case Study Essay

Step 1: Gather Background Information 1. 1 Background / Why Problem Exists The case study on the Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis Infections Linked to Bean Sprouts tackles the problem of infections from eating bean sprouts. In the end of 2014, there was an outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) reported amongst 12 states in America. … Read more

Dystonia Case Study Research Paper

Dystonia is a neurological syndrome of typically patterned, often repetitive twitching movements or abnormal postures, associated with sustained or intermittent muscle contractions (23649720). These symptoms usually worsen by voluntary action of the muscle. (24978640). It can be classified in multiple ways based on, the age of onset (early or late); the topographical involvement of regions … Read more

Path To Wellness Essay

Path to Wellness Essay How important is your body to you? Are you a more go with the flow type of person? Or do you truly care about how your body looks and feels? It is extremely important to take good care of your body to maintain good health, and to prevent any health issues … Read more

Essay about Case Study: The Health Anxiety Inventory

levels of anxiety or depression. The currently used cut-off score of eight gives a specificity of 0. 78 and a sensitivity of 0. 90 for anxiety sub-scale, and a specificity of 0. 79 and a sensitivity 0. 83 for depression sub-scale (Bjelland et al. , 2002). In the present study, Cronbach’s alpha was 0. 86 … Read more

Homeostatic Disorders Case Study Essay

1. Definitions: Omphalocele and gastroschisis represent two major congenital abdominal wall defects that are similar in presentation and appearance in the neonatal period, yet they have distinct differences that will affect treatments/outcomes. a. Omphalocele: an anterior abdominal wall defect at the base of the umbilical cord with herniation of abdominal contents through the umbilical ring. … Read more

Essay On Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy performed by a therapist who works on the motor skills of children. Children with chronic illness, birth defects, underdeveloped, or have an injury many times undergo physical therapy. Pediatric physical therapy not only works on muscle and motor skills, it also benefits the overall health of a child from nutrition to help … Read more

Rubella Syndrome Research Paper

Rubella symptoms do not typically present until day 7 to 14 of the infection2. At first, the infected person will exhibit no symptoms but they are still contagious. Typically, the first perceptible symptom is inflamed lymph nodes behind the ears. Before symptoms appear, the virus incubates in the host for approximately one week before becoming … Read more

Case Study Primary Hypothyroidism Essay

1. What is the most likely etiological factor for Mrs. Baksh’s primary hypothyroidism? Explain in detail the pathophysiology of primary hypothyroidism using the complex feedback mechanism. According to the American Thyroid Association, the three most common causes to hypothyroidism are: the surgical removal of the thyroid gland, radiation treatment and the body attacking thyroid tissue … Read more

Why Does Leprosy Grow In Vitro Essay

Leprosy has always been a concern of public health throughout the world. This disease has been mistaken with the leprosy of the Old Testament, which is not the Hansen’s disease. The microbe that causes leprosy, Mycobacterium leprae, is an acid fast organism difficult to grow in vitro. In the United States, the armadillo is the … Read more

Chest Pain Case Study Essay

Student Name: Dimietris Thompson, CNL Student Case Study # 1 Case Study #2 Name and page of Case:Chest Pain Page 33 Leg Pain Page 62 List equipment required for a thorough assessment Exam room Adequate lighting • Gown • Stethoscope (bell and diaphragm) Sphygmomanometer Thermometer Watch with a second hand Computer program to record findings … Read more

Pulmonary Symbolism Essay

An embolism is a foreign mass that travels through the intravascular space carried by the systemic circulation. The mass may be solid, liquid or gaseous. The circulation carries the embolus through vessels to parts of the body where it can cause obstruction or occlusion. The Pulmonary Embolism (PE) occurs when the embolism causes an obstruction … Read more

Essay on Resiliency Self Assessment

Resiliency is an important factor to have present in one’s life. Taking this resiliency quiz opened my eyes to how I am not as resilient as I thought I was. Some of the question asked in this quiz made me assess my own culture, such as gender and sexual orientation. A crucial part of being … Read more

Determinants Of Health Essay

Social determinants of health are the environmental conditions people are born, worship, learn, live, work, play, and age that affect a wide range of quality-of-life, health, functioning, and risks. Conditions (e. g. , social, economic, and physical) in these various environments and settings (e. g. , school, church, workplace, and neighborhood) have been referred to … Read more

Essay about MEND Study Intervention

Questions: 1) Describe the purpose of the study (1-2 sentences, 1 mark). The purpose of the study outlined in the article was to evaluate one of the fairly new intervention programs, MEND. 2) Describe the study design (just the design, not the intervention), including the number of children in the intervention and control groups (3-4 … Read more

Essay about Max Pemberton Analysis

Expert: Max Pemberton Quality -Source: I somewhat trust this source because Max Pemberton is a MD, Psychiatrist in the National Health Service and is a Journalist. He mostly works in the field of mental health, which does not necessarily pertain to obesity. Nevertheless, he is still a doctor and may know the facts that do … Read more

The Social Determinants Of Health (SDOH) Essay

Throughout the course of their life, individuals will experience varying degrees of health and well being. An individual’s health is measured based on the different types of conditions and resources that they are exposed to. These conditions and resources can be identified through what is called The Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). SDOH are used … Read more

Endocrine Disruptors

During recent years, numerous newspaper and magazine articles have suggested that humans may be at risk because small amounts of well known environmental contaminants, such as dioxin, PCBs and DDT, can affect hormone levels. Hormones are produced by the endocrine system as regulators of biological function in target organs. Because hormones play a critical role … Read more

Melanoma Essay

Many people think that is it possible to achieve a healthy tan, but this thought has been proven wrong. Overexpose to UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun lead to premature aging of the skin, as well as the possible formation of skin cancer, know as melanoma. An appearance of a tan is actually a … Read more

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIDS is the acronym used for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a disease transmitted through the blood. It is transmitted from person to person through sexual intercourse, blood transfusions, I. V. drug users, and from mothers to babies during birth. AIDS is a disease which breaks down the human immune system causing the body … Read more

Breast Cancer

In the United States in 1999 alone, an estimated 43,700 people will die from breast cancer. It is the number two cancer killer among females ages 15 to 54. On average if a woman gets this disease, their life expectancy drops drastically. This cancer is within the top three cancers of all women above the … Read more

The Gulf War Syndrome

The Gulf War Syndrome was identified after the Gulf War in 1991. Thousands of troops from the US, British, and Canadian developed symptoms after the war. This Syndrome has been researched since the end of the Gulf War and still not all the answers have been found. Not only have thousands of troops suffered from … Read more

Inflammatory Bowel Disease / Crohn’s Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a group of chronic disorders that cause inflammation or ulceration in the small and large intestines. Most often IBD is classified as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease but may be referred to as colitis, enteritis, ileitis, and proctitis. Ulcerative colitis causes ulceration and inflammation of the inner lining of a … Read more

Surfactant Replacement in Neonates with Respiratory distress syndrome type

The innovation of surfactant replacement therapy in the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome has proven to increase the survival and minimize the complications of the premature neonate. Replacing surfactant has lessened time on ventilators, and allowing the neonate and parents an opportunity to grow together earlier outside of intensive care. This paper will discuss the … Read more

Treating Anaphylaxis

In the emergency setting, anaphylaxis is a dangerous, life threatening condition that must be treated in an aggressive and timely fashion. Anaphylaxis is a condition related to acute allergic reactions. Following the body’s exposure to the offending allergen, there are common systemic reactions. The most serious reactions involve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but the … Read more

Recent Memory Loss That Affects Job Performance

It’s normal to occasionally forget assignments, colleagues’ names or a business associate’s telephone number, but generally remember them later. Those with a dementia like Alzheimer’s disease, may forget things more often, and not remember them later. They may repeatedly ask the same question, not remembering either the answer, or that they already asked the question. … Read more

The Ebola Virus Investigating a Killer

The female scientist, fully dressed in a quarantine outfit, anxiously prepared to inject a sedative into the arm of the delirious patient. Although he was being held down by several pairs of arms, he was still putting up a good fight. The needle goes in. He jerks. The needle flicks into the forefinger of the … Read more

Ebola And Symptoms And Effects

Ebola virus is a relatively recently discovered virus, that when it infects humans, caries with it a 50-90% fatality rate. Symptoms of this deadly virus include Sudden Fever, Weakness, Muscle Pain, Headache, Sore Throat, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Rash. Internal results include Limited Kidney Function, Limited Liver Function, and Internal and External Bleeding. The incubation period for … Read more

Fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS

There are different characteristics that accompany fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS in the different stages of a child’s life. “At birth, infants with intrauterine exposure to alcohol frequently have low birth rate; pre-term delivery; a small head circumference; and the characteristic facial features of the eyes, nose, and mouth” (Phelps, 1995). Some of the facial … Read more

Diabetes and Types

Diabetes is little or no ability to move glucose out of the blood into the red blood cells. Nearly 16 million people have diabetes in the United States, which narrows it down to about 1 out of every seventeen people. About 2,150 new cases are diagnosed each day. Many of us do not clearly know … Read more

Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy metal poisoning is the toxic accumulation of heavy metals in the soft tissues of the body. Heavy metals are chemical elements that have a specific gravity at least five times that of water. The heavy metals most often implicated in human poisoning are lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. Some heavy metals, such as zinc, … Read more

Sickle Cell Anemia

The problem is that sickle cell anemia affects about 72,000 Americans in the United States. Sickle cell anemia is an inherited disease in which the body is unable to produce normal hemoglobin, an iron-containing protein. Abnormal hemoglobin can morph cells that can become lodged in narrow blood vessels, blocking oxygen from reaching organs and tissues. … Read more

Positron Emission Tomography

Positron Emission Tomography is a scanning technique that allows us to measure in detail the functioning of distinct areas of the human brain while the patient is comfortable, conscious and alert. PET represents a type of functional imaging, unlike X-rays or CT scans, which show only structural details within the brain. The differences between these … Read more

Organ Donation

Harry Wilson is one lucky man; even Harry’s doctors cannot believe how lucky he is. You see, Harry, at age 54, was dying. He had to have both of his kidneys removed, they were failing and he had been on an organ donation list for the past two years without success. Harry’s children were tested … Read more


Recently we have been studying genetic disorders. We were given the opportunity to choose what genetic disorder that we wanted to learn more about by writing a paper about the disorder. The topic at hand is one that hits close to home to everyone at Milford High School. In a recent, disappointing, and discouraging loss, … Read more

Evaluating North American Health Systems

Compensating the affairs of economic efficiency with the demands of sociopolitical rights is a constant source of tension in Canada and the United States alike. In no other element is this tension more apparent than in the group of complex markets we call the health care system. Canadians have been fortunate enough to receive a … Read more

LASIK or Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis

Seeing well without contact lenses and glasses is the dream of millions of Americans and modern medical science has enabled that dream to come true (Caster, 8). Since first grade, Dede Head, a 30-year-old fitness trainer in North Carolina, has worn glasses to correct sever near-sightedness and astigmatism. Over the years she became accustomed to … Read more

Treating anaphylaxis

In the emergency setting, anaphylaxis is a dangerous, life threatening condition that must be treated in an aggressive and timely fashion. Anaphylaxis is a condition related to acute allergic reactions. Following the bodys exposure to the offending allergen, there are common systemic reactions. The most serious reactions involve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but the … Read more

Health Care History

Health Care History Keisha Williams-Young HCS/440 November 07, 2011 Over the course of the past 50 years, health care benefits costs and coverage have become a dominant force in almost everyone’s life. By 1990, 186 million Americans were covered by health insurance (Kinner & Pellegrini, 2009). Even with that extremely high number, many people are … Read more

History and Evolution of Health Care

Sacha Hammack History And Evolution Of Health Care Economics University of Phoenix HCS/440 History and Evolution of Health Care Healthcare is an everyday thing to Americans now in the Twenty-first Century but before the 1900’s this would have been a totally different concept. Economics is the science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption … Read more

History of Mental Health by Mind

Article from MIND better mental health Histort of mental health factsheets: You are welcome to print and photocopy this page of Mind’s website. Organisations are free to distribute copies to service users and colleagues, but must ensure they always use the latest version, as available on the website, at the time of distribution. 1601 The … Read more

Health care economics history

United States evolved from a simple System of home remedies and itinerant doctors with little training to a employ, scientific, Technological, and bureaucratic system often called the “medical industrial complex The history and evolution of health care economics involve economist analyzing the health care system. Over the past 60 years health care scientific advancement and … Read more

The Health History of a Patient

The Complete Health History Virginia G Parrott Fort Hays State University Health History Health history assessment conducted on George on the fifteen of February 2010 at approximately one o’clock. George is a fifty-four year white male married with three adult children and two grand children. He has been working as a teacher for over twenty … Read more

Health History Form

Two to three a week per patient. Patient also has complaints of nausea, vomiting, neck tension, and photosensitive. Past Medical History: Patient has a medical history of hypertension diagnosed in 2010. For which she takes an ACE Inhibitor for. Patient has also had a history of one vaginal birth with no complications. Childhood Illness: Patient … Read more

HIstory and Development of Clinical Mental Health

Capable University Online The history of mental health counseling and philosophies that developed formed the foundation of professional counseling and Is responsible for how the profession is perceived today. The current standards, regulation, and credentialing set by the profession in addition help form an identity for the profession. Mental Health Counseling has always focused on … Read more

Health History

Jarvis (2012) state that the purpose of a health history Is to collect subjective data- what the person tells you about himself or herself. This gives a complete picture of the person’s past and present health. This Information will help the nurse or physician determine if you are doing everything right, but also what you … Read more

Health care economics history

United States evolved from a simple System of home remedies and itinerant doctors with little training to a employ, scientific, Technological, and bureaucratic system often called the “medical industrial complex The history and evolution of health care economics involve economist analyzing the health care system. Over the past 60 years health care scientific advancement and … Read more