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Personal Statement: Career Assessment Essay

Careers take on crucial roles in people’s lives. Earning the degree and pursuing that lifelong dream job is what people think when they hear the word career. As I took the My Plan career assessment tests, the results were astonishing to me. There are different ways to view a person through a personality, interest, skills, and values test (My Plan, 2016). These assessments show what personality I have, the different interests I do, what skills I possess and the values I have. I will first explain what my personality assessment results came out to be.

My Plan Results Four main scales that below them are 8 personality preferences. The four main scales are Emotional Focus, Information Gathering, Decision Making, and Structural Orientation (My Plan,2016) Within each of the four main scales are 8 personality references which consist of Extroverted, Introverted, Sensor, Intuitive, Thinker, Feeler, Judgers, and Perceivers. After taking this personality I received a result of ISFJ or Introverted, Sensor, Feeler, and Judger. Introverted and Judger are the two-high personality references I scored in.

Being an introverted is when a person is private and reserved with their lives. Introverted has many strengths such as being able to concentrate for long periods of time and can be very effective at independent, self-guided projects (My Plan 2017). I am very independent when work is involved. I want to be able to work on my own to push through my goals. A judger on the other hand are decisive, organized and strict when job work is involved (My Plan 2017). Judgers have strengths that I can relate to such as being decisive and bringing issues to a close. I want to make things to go the correct way.

My mentality thinks of if the project is made a certain way, then I must follow every step precisely. Sensor and Feeler are the two personality references | scored low in. Being a sensor and a feeler brings out my patience, emotional, and realistic sides. I learn well by example but also see all the points of view to understand. I tend to focus more on practical matters. The accuracy of these results is incredible due to describing my personality well. The four personality references relate to my career as a Real Estate agent because I want to do things on my own.

Being strict and organized with my self brings out the judger within me but being a feeler I tend to do my decisions from my heart. As a Sensor, I want to be able to experience things through my senses. With these personality preferences combined brings me to realize that the career I am after can help me make wise choices. In an Interest Report, there are 6 personal interest areas which consist of realistic, investigative, conventional, enterprising, artistic, and social (My Plan 2017). In this report, there is only a primary and a secondary interest area.

My primary area is conventional. Being conventional are people who live a structured life (My Plan 2017). I do love being organized, and practical. Cleanliness and security are important to me. The secondary area is enterprising. Enterprising people are ambitious and competitive (My Plan 2017). I do love competition but I am also persuasive. I enjoy public speaking, taking on leadership roles, and winning. The accuracy of these results is correct, and relates to my career by taking on a role of publicly talking to people.

The third report consists of five different skills that can match to a career. The five skills are Basic skills, Social skills, Problem solving skills, Technical skills, and Resource Management skills (My Plan 2017). In between each skill set were scores that ranked from lowest to highest that explains what skills I have. In Basic skills, I scored high on speaking, and the lowest on learning strategies (My Plan 2017). The basic skills are everyday skills that are learned from school.

Social skills are everyday skills that are used through a lifetime. I scored high on ersuasion, and lowest on service orientation and coordination (My Plan 2017) Problem-solving skills consist of how I evaluate and make decisions through life. I scored high on systems analysis and the lowest score on judgment and decision making (My Plan 2017). Technical skills are skills that are learned from job experiences or learned from a proper education. I scored high on installation and lowest on programming, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing (My Plan 2017). Resource Management skills are skills that involve managing things throughout the workforce.

I scored high on time management and lowest on management of financial resources and management of personnel resources (My Plan 2017). These skills relate to my career because this shows me what I need to work on to achieve better skills. The accuracy of these results is beneficial to me because I know what I can do and change what I need to change. The Values report consists of six core work values, and scored from a scale of one through five (My Plan 2017). The six cores work values are achievement, support, relationships, recognition, working conditions, and independence (My Plan 2017).

These everyday work values are used within the workforce. I scored highest on achievement which means I should be looking for a job where I can show my abilities. I scored lowest on independence which means that should not look for a job that leaves me to do things on my own. These work values relate to my career because this shows what jobs I should look for to have the ideal workplace. Chosen Career The reason I chose to be a real estate agent is because I enjoy meeting new people, giving them something they want and hoping for them to live happily. My family are friendly people which I enjoy being around them.

Throughout my high school years, I given a lot of thought of what I would steer to for my career. I thought of being an accountant but then seeing many successful entrepreneurs made me steer that way. When started researching what an entrepreneur needed to do, what education is needed and what an incredible effort is put in, I realize that wasn’t for me. Then I saw a real estate agent in action, and saw what was expected to just sell a house, and to them just selling a house is not enough. Real estate agents live for that thrill of competition and winning that thrills them each day.

There are two degrees that are required to become a real estate agent which are an Associate of Arts degree of Business administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance or BBA. The following information comes from the Wharton County Junior College website. The classes that are required to get an AA degree from Wharton County Junior College on the freshman year term is two English Classes, which are Comp I&ll, and US History 1&ll. Two Math classes for Business and Social Sciences which are Finite Mathematics and Calculus.

Two electives, one that is a Business Administration, and a Creative Arts. Last two classes that are required is public speaking and a choice between a physical fitness and wellness or learning framework class. On the sophomore year, the required classes are two accounting classes that consists of principals of financial and managerial accounting. Two classes of life and physical science with lab and two classes of principles of macro and micro economics. Two classes of Federal and Texas government, business computer applications, and either a language, philosophy, or Culture class.

The following information was retrieved from the University of HoustonVictoria website. To obtain a BBA in Finance at the University of Houston-Victoria the Core Curriculum is required which are the classes taken to get a AA from WCJC plus Upper Division Business Core class which consist of management, marketing economics and accounting classes. At UHV, the academic concentration classes are a requirement which are different finance classes. A Real Estate Agent goes through daily is getting information to present purchase offers to the sellers to consider, negotiate rices, and advising clients about market conditions, prices, and mortgages (Real Estate Sales Agent 2017).

Real Estate agents’ day to day activities is being able to resolve conflicts, negotiating with others, and establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships (Real Estate Sales Agent 2017). The overall expectations are to protect clients from unclear contracts, knowing what the clients want, and showing marketing experience (Real Estate Sales Agent 2017). Real Estate Agents would work in offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Construction, and Management of Companies and Enterprises (Real Estate Agents 2017).

The place that is interesting is the Management of Companies and Enterprises because having the BBA in Finance can benefit a real estate agent to find other jobs than just being an agent. Finding a financing job with a real estate background can open many doors. The range of income nationally is between 40,000 to 50,000 to dollars, and locally ranges about 67,200 dollars (Real Estate Agents 2017). What influences salary for this occupation is the sales of properties, negotiating prices to potentially clients, and advising clients on mortgages.

Employment is most likely found in New York due to the average annually salary is 100,090 dollars and the state is heavily populated (Real Estate Agents 2017). The growth is growing mostly in New York City (Real Estate Agents 2017). Seeing My Plan results and being able to dive into a research that has become beneficial to me has been an amazing experience. Learning what I needed to do to further my education, searching for the right job and what my possible job do on the daily basis has become a learning experience.

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