Temporomandibular Joint Essay

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is essential to numerous key human functions, in particular, expression of emotion, chewing, swallowing and speech. Generally considered a load bearing joint, the TMJ is prone to a range of disorders due to structural and/or positional abnormalities \cite{Tanaka2008}. Research conducted in the 1980s showed that 16\% to 59\% of those tested, … Read more

Tendon Injuries: A Case Study

Extensor tendon lacerations most commonly occur in men (83%), in the dominant hand (60%), in the thumb and secondly the index finger (Patillo and Rayan 2012). Tendon injuries were found to be caused by a variety of mechanisms in a study done in 2014 that include a knife, saw, crush injury, degloving injury, and bite … Read more

Ebp Task 2 Essay

A1: Describe a healthcare problem The problem presented is pain control in children postoperatively. Currently there are no proven ways to accurately measure postoperative pain in children. Hospital staff tend to under estimate the pain of children. Staff have only the word of patients and caregivers, combined with pain scales, which can be less than … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Pain In My Body Essay

During this time of extreme suffering God would continually tell me, “Donna you will be better at the end of this then you were going into it. And, be thankful you are not paralyzed. ” The MRI was extremely painful for me. The MRI machine vibrates and the vibration sent my body into unexplainable horrid … Read more