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Harley Quinn’s Story-Personal Narrative

I was jumping, dogging, anyway to avoid her and her mallet. I kept trying to fight her but she was to strong. She kicked me into the wall, I was on the ground cornered. Harley Quinn raised her mallet in the air and I was about to die. But let’s start from the beginning, were my story begins. Hi, I’m Henry, I’m what you call an average person. I’m not very popular and I’m not a geek, I’m just average. But today my mom is finally going to tell me what she study’s at work. Harley, that’s my mom’s name, is very secretive with her work.

She’s been like that all 15 years of my life, but today she finally going to tell me, but I’d better get going down stairs or I’m going to be late for school. Finally breakfast time the best meal of the day, I wonder what my mom is going to make I’m thinking pancakes. Good morning I said good morning my mom said, I made pancakes. I totally knew it. You’d better hurry or you be late for school, my mom said. I said, mom did you forget that you have to tell me what you study at work. Oh, I forgot about that, ummm, I study an-animals. I said, cool, so did you find a new species recently.

She told me, No, not yet. But you better start eating or you’re going be late for school. So I finished breakfast, then got ready to go and went out the door and went on the bus to Alumni and Friends of LaGuardia High School. Finally at High School and just in time for first period. But first I have to meet up with a group of my friends. (Just for you guys to know my group of friends are Bianca, my best friend and the girl of my dreams, Jeff, and Charlotte. ) Hey guys, I said to them, hey, Bianca said. So did your mom tell you about her job, Charlotte said.

Yes she did, I said. Well what does she do for work, Jeff said. I said, she’s a scientist who studies animals. That’s it, Bianca said. Yup, I told her. That weird, Bianca said. Well any way we better be getting to class or we will be late for class, Charlotte said, that’s true, Jeff said. Our first period was Math. After Math was finished the next period was literature. After literature the next period was free period. And I met up with everyone else in the hallway. Guy’s I figured it out, Charlotte told us. About what, Jeff said. About what Henry’s mom does.

What do you mean Charlotte I already told you guys what she does for work, she’s a scientist who studies animals. No she’s not, she’s probably a mad scientist or super-villain. Why do you think she was hiding her job for so long. Charlotte that’s crazy, Jeff said. Then, why do you think she’s been hiding what she does at work for so long. Guy’s I think we should follow her to work and ditch school, Jeff said. No, it will be bad for my grades, Bianca said. It’s the only way to find the truth, said Jeff. Fine, said Bianca. Let’s meet at Henry’s house tomorrow morning at 7:00am.

Ok, we all said. After that the school day went really fast. Before I knew it the school day was over. When I got home my mom wasn’t here yet which was strange, she probably just got caught up with work. So I turned on the news and started my homework. And the news reporter started to say that the American Museum of Natural History just got robbed 20 minutes ago and now every school near the American Museum of Natural History has been shutdown for 2 days. I turned of the TV and was shocked, the American Museum of Natural History has top of the line security. That’s shocking.

I’d better finish my homework. When my mom got home we started to eat dinner. Mom did you know that the American Museum of Natural History was robbed, I said. I heard of that at work that’s really unfortunate, my mom said. Hey Henry do you want to go to the video game store after dinner I got a lot of money for finding a new kind of species, she said. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. Ok, my mom said. So I got ready for bed and went to my bed and crawled into it and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and realized that I don’t have school so I got ready to follow my mom to work.

When I was ready, I brushed my hair and got ready to eat breakfast and we are probably having bacon and eggs. Henry come have your bacon and eggs and your friends are here. So I went downstairs to eat breakfast. Good morning guy’s, I said. Good morning Henry everyone else said. Let’s start eating, Bianca said. Ok, my mom said. So we started eating and after breakfast my mom said, I have to start getting to work. Ok bye, me and my all friends said. When my mom went out the door we all said, we have to follow her. Ok, ok, ok, I got 100 dollars for a taxi and weapons, Jeff said. Nice, Charlotte said.

Let’s go. Wait I can’t forget about my lucky pocket knife, I said. Fine go get that and I call the metal staff and a mini gun, Charlotte said. I get two guns, said Bianca. I’m totally getting the sai’s, said Jeff. Ok I got my pocket knife and the only weapon left two swords. Let’s go, I said. So we ran out the door and called a taxi and followed my mom’s car. We’d been following my mom car for 20 minutes now, I said. Hey guys she’s finally parking at the old abandoned New-York Historical Society Museum. Here we go, Bianca said. So we paid the taxi driver and followed my mom in.

When we went in the building it was very dirty and smelled like rats and rotten pizza it was gross. I told you guys she’s a super-villain, Charlotte said. I believe Charlotte, Bianca said. I do to, me to. Me and Jeff said. So I say we her down, Charlotte said. Let’s do it, me, Bianca, and Jeff said. But let’s sneak around first ok, I said. Ok, everyone else said. So we took out our weapon and went through the hallway and couldn’t believe our eyes. My mom was dressed like a female clown but without the makeup and happy clothes and had a mallet in her hands and she had an army of thugs under her control, they kept calling her Harley Quinn.

I said, guys I have to face my mother alone I hope you guys understand. Yes we do understand just stay safe, Bianca said, we’ll take out the guards. Good luck, I said. So we jumped out of the shadow and surprised attacked the thugs and my mother. I fought my way to Harley Quinn I stabbed everyone who tried to attack me with my swords. I finally got to Harley Quinn, but she ran to an another room I followed her in. It was dark all of a sudden the light turned on and I was kick in the stomach and into the wall. Then, got up and there she was Harley Quinn.

She said, you shouldn’t have follow me here. I said, you lied to me! Yes, I did to protect you but now I have to kill you, Harley Quinn said. Just for you to know you are no longer my mother! We came at each with full strength. I slashed and stabbed at her and knocked her to the ground and started to breed. She got up and charged at me I tried to block but she hit me with her big mallet and got threw to the wall and lost my weapons, they were on the other side of the room. I got up. I was jumping, dogging, anyway to avoid her and her mallet.

I kept trying to fight her but she was to strong. She kicked me into the wall, I was on the ground cornered. Harley Quinn raised her mallet in the air and I was about to die. My life flashed before my eyes then I realized I had a pocket knife. I got my pocket knife out of my pocket and threw it at her she fell back to the floor. I got up and grabbed my two swords went up to and then out off no where she pull out a gun and shot me in the leg I used one sword to keep me balanced and the other sword to stab my mother in the heart. And I fell. I did it this is all finally over

My friends rushed toward me. Bianca said, don’t go into the light please don’t leave me. Bianca you know I only got shot in my leg you can let go now, I said. Thank goodness your alive I thought you were gone forever, said Bianca. I love you guys. We love you to Henry, Charlotte and Jeff both said. So, we all walked out of the abandoned museum to the cab and went to the hospital. Bianca was so happy I was she kissed me and we’re all happy. So, I killed my mother, my best friend became my girlfriend, and we had a war. So this my average life what’s yours.

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