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Personal Narrative: Growing Up Without A Mom Research Paper

“It’s wrong, it’s all wrong! ” Have you ever tried your hardest at something, but you’re the outcome wasn’t what you wanted? Even though you may have not gotten the results you wanted your still proud because you did your best. Growing up without a mom has taught me how to work hard, be independent, and be proud of my work even if the outcome isn’t what I wanted. I can remember one of the first times I tried really hard but i didn’t get the out come I wanted. It was the end of the first quarter in of my seventh grade year.

I was sitting in my english class when my teacher, Mrs. Barney, informed my class that we ould starting our essay for the contest our school does every year. The whole class groaned at her request as seventh graders writing papers wasn’t our favorite thing in the world. As she sat her desk she hushed the class and told us this would be our last big grade of this quarter and it would be important for everyone to do very well. Mrs. Barney said, “Not only would you be writing a paper but you have to narrate it to the class. ” The best essays would move on to the next round. My big brown eyes widen like the eyes of an owl.

I was worried because I really wanted to get an “A” in that class and this assignment could make all the ifference. I knew she was also for a very tough teacher for I was barely getting an “A” in the class as it was and I really wanted to go to the next round. As she passed out the rubrics; I knew I would have to work really hard on the essay that night and the nights to come. That night after I got home from practice I was exhausted. I had other homework to do and just wanted relax but I knew it was something that had to be done if I wanted a good grade.

As I entered my house I got my english folder out of my bookbag, threw everything else on the ground, and went upstairs to my room to begin writing. In my room, I started by researching my topic, getting my ideas down, and started writing. As I started writing my paper my work didn’t seem adequate for the grade I wanted. I had to do a abundant amount of revision on my assignment to do. Not only did I work on it that night but many nights to come and even some in class. I also practiced speaking it at home, and timed myself to make sure I was within the time limit.

It was the morning of the paper was due and the day we would present to the class. I was one of the first to present my essay . I was finally done I felt relieved and truly felt like I did great. I got out my paper ready to turn it in. As I proudly waited for the next student to present; I started talking to one of my best friends next to me. I explained to my friend how I worked on my paper all night. I even showed her the bump on right ring finger which I swore had grown because I was writing so much! The bump had been there ever since I was little not because I was writing too long.

My friend not impressed said, I’m going to get an “A” on her paper because my mom had helped me and proofread the whole thing once she was done. I nervously looked down at my paper because I only had one of y other classmates proofread my paper. I was worried that they might of missed my mistakes and I began to think my paper wouldn’t be good enough. What if I misspelled words,or what if I had run-ons? One of my classmates next to us said, my mom basically wrote my whole paper and l’m gonna move on to the next round.

I knew that both of their presentation were great, and that made me worried. I thought that it wasn’t fair that their moms were helping them and I didn’t have anyone to help me. This was an unfair advantage,but it made me work harder. That day I remember feeling jealous because of the kids hose mom had checked over their work. It seemed to me like I had done way more work than had. I tried so hard on my paper, I l felt wasn’t fair to me that their moms had helped them with their paper but I had no one two help me.

My mom died when I was three and wasn’t here to help me write my paper like my peers. Of course, my dad was there when I needed him but he had to play the role of two parents for multiple children and didn’t have the time to help me. I knew deep down I was really jealous of the fact their moms were still with them. I remember school work wasn’t the only time when I felt jealous of other ids’ moms. Growing up without a mother has changed me and many different ways. My work ethic became stronger growing up without having a mom.

I usually had to work harder than many people my age. Even when it came to the little things like packing my bag or making sure my clothes was ready for the next day, or cleaning the house. These are small task that added up for me and I was just envious of my friends whose moms did it for them. I can remember my friend at lunch once complained to me about how her mom packed her lunch. My friend said, can you believe my mom packed me the same sandwich as yesterday, how boring. She continued her rant about her mother and how she never does anything right.

At the same lunch table some of the other girls added to her conversation about how annoying their moms can be. It made me so furious at the time I wanted to tell at them and tell them how ungrateful they were, but I didn’t. I wanted to cry for all I wanted was mom my with me, but I didn’t. I just sat there thinking that I wanted my mom to do those things for me I wanted her to make my lunch, look over my writing assignments, pick out my clothes, pack my bag, care for me when I was sick, have supper made when I came home, or clean the house.

All those little things she would never do but that I would do. At the time when I did all those chores I was mad, but looking back on it now I know it has made me a better and stronger person. It has made me work harder to get all my chores, homework, and everything ready for the next day. Growing up without a mom has forced me to work hard. It has also made me grateful to the people who have helped and filled in my moms position. People like my dad and sister have all helped me along the way. Even though they can never take the place of her they all have made sure I have what I need.

Many people have not had to go hrough my experience of losing their mother, but people my age and older can relate to my story. They can relate to my story because everyone has grown up or eventually will. Eventually everyone’s mom will stop making their lunch just some sooner than later. I think it’s how you deal with growing up that will make you stronger and appreciative of those who helped you grow up. As I think back to that day in class when my writing assignment was due I realize it was a growing experience. At the time I was really mad that I didn’t get to move on to the next level and the kids that did all had help from their moms.

I know that doing my own work made me more independent and be able to think on my own. It was a time that made me grow up. Even though I didn’t get to go to the next level, I am proud of myself working so hard on something I wanted and not giving up. I received an “A” on my paper, at the time I thought | deserved to move on. I didn’t end up moving on but still got a good grade. l gave it my all, even at a young age without my mom by my side. Even though we might wanna give up because we think our work is all wrong sometimes; it’s when we keep trying that makes us a better person.

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