Hernandesi Habitat Lab Report

Camouflage, in other words the ability to blend in with the surroundings is a profoundly studied feature in many animals. From empirical evidence, animals like Chameleon and the Leaf-Tailed Gecko which have pigments that match their surroundings are much harder to spot than animals whose pigments don’t. Recent studies have shown that the bark-resting moth … Read more

Wolf Extinction Essay

Reintroduction is defined as the act or attempt to bring back a species to its known niche after being threatened to near extinction (Howard and Somers 2009). This was the case for the gray wolf population in Yellowstone National Park, as well as throughout most of the U. S. The gray wolves at one point … Read more

Informative Essay: Coon Hunting

Coon hunting is not only a hobby to most people but a lifestyle. When they first start coon hunting they will either fall in love with it or they will do it as a hobby. Some people hunt because they want to get out of the house and do something with their time. Some kids … Read more

Hunting The Great Straag Analysis Essay

History is compilation of data and materials gathered throughout time and analyzed to form some consensus of what happened in the past. A common way people learn about history is through reading and memorizing textbooks and historical literature. This can be an effective way of understanding the past but it is important to not overlook … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay: Deer Hunting

Mid evening on that October night. It was a chilly night, low forties maybe, and a little breezy. My dad and I set off for my grandfather’s property in Marshall at three in the afternoon. We were getting ready to hunt. My grandpa’s property is around 135 acres of land around his house. This is … Read more