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Lion Hunting Creative Writing Essay

Aaron and I ran through the town trying to lose the soldiers chasing us. Thaddeus said to run to the mountain. We would have to go there to meet up with Thaddeus. We passed the town and swiftly ran into the forest. The rough, hard branches, hitting my arms and some hitting my face. Soon we passed the forest and came across the mountain. The cool breeze gingerly blowing into my face, cooling me down from the running . Behind some trees we uncovered a cave. “We can stay here for awhile,” I panted, still tired from all the running. We both went into the cave. I could hear the dripping of water echo to where we were.

It was a long cave with rigid and bumpy walls. There was no light further down the cave so we stayed at the mouth. I sat down on the cave floor. It was cold, rough and bumpy. I laid down trying to get comfortable. I lay there for a while thinking about all the things that had transpired. Where was Thaddeus? He would surely come back. But before I could think about it again, exhaustion overtook me and I fell asleep I woke up the next day. Immediately one thought came to mind. Thaddeus. I looked around. He still hadn’t come back. He must still be back in the base. I had to save him from the Legion.

I started packing up right away; my knives; cloths; dry food. Aaron must have woke up because of all the noise I made from packing up. “Where are you going? ” he yawned. “I need to go back to the government base and save Thaddeus,” I replied. “What?! ” he shouted. “You can’t go back there, it’s basically suicide,” he begged. “Plus he’s already dead. Don’t you know that by now? I saw him get captured. The Legion would have killed him right away. He’s done nothing good for them so it’s pointless for them to keep him alive,” he sighed with pity.

The truth hit me like a train. “No, it can’t be,” I said as tears tarted to fill my eyes. I have to go back and save him. ” I sobbed. I reflected on all the things he had done for me; he had trained me; save me; save my brother. The list would go on. I couldn’t accept that he was dead. I needed to save him but that’s impossible. The feeling was like getting hit in the head by a hammer. I didn’t want to accept this. I fell back asleep. Another day passed. I stared at the cavern wall lost in thought and doing nothing. “Jayda! ” Aaron shouted. “Get a hold of yourself,” he begged. “How long are you going to mourn over Thaddeus. He’s dead now and you need to get over it.

Do you hink this is what Thaddeus would’ve wanted? ” he blustered. “How could you say that! ” I hissed. “He was my friend! Do you even know what it feels like to lose someone? ” I snarled. “Yes, I do,” he confessed. “We lost our parents. I know what it feels like too. I couldn’t get over it, just like you. Now that I look back, I wish I would’ve gotten over it because mourning over them didn’t do me good. Always remember them but don’t let them destroy your life. ” he said. Then I realized that Aaron was right. This isn’t what Thadeus would’ve wanted. Even though wanted to see Thaddeus again it was impossible I had to let go.

I decided not to save him knowing it was too late. After that fell into sleep once again. The next day I woke up and decided I had gotten over it. “Don’t worry Aaron, I’m over it now,” “That’s great but where do we live now? ” Aaron asked. “I don’t really know. I guess we just go back to Seattle. We can live there, I have a place we can stay there. ” I replied with still a shaky voice. “Is it safe there? ” he asked doubtfully. “I don’t know, but if it isn’t we can run away,” I said, laying back down. “I think we should get moving before the Legion finds out where we are. ” “Alright let’s go,” I mumbled.

We packed up n a hurry. We stepped outside. The cold air rushed to greet me. The sun was starting to come up so we could see a bit. “How are we going to get to Seattle? ” Aaron asked. “It’s probably going to take a long time because we’re going to have to walk and maybe bike if we’re lucky to find one. ” I replied with not much enthusiasm. “Darn,” Aaron sighed. “Well let’s get going now,” he muttered with some optimism. We walked through forests and plains. The sun started to set and on the horizon I could see bright streaks of orange, red and pink. There were a lot of clouds and It looked as if it was going to rain.

We passed another forest. I could hear the scuffling of animals in the underbrush. Soon it started raining. The soft drops of rain rolling down my skin. Thankfully the trees overhead gave us some shelter. After we passed the forest, it was just a huge field of dry, brown, grass that seemed to stretch on forever. There was nothing to giv umbrella,” he sarcastically remarked. “Sadly I don’t have one,” I replied. The rain was first just a light drizzle but the longer we walked it just seemed to pour down harder and harder. The rain was now hitting my skin hard, it was almost like hail.

After a few minutes f trudging across the grassland, we were completely soaked in rain. Every once in awhile I could see a flash of lighting and a boom of thunder would follow shortly afterward. After dragging my feet awhile longer I heard a faint du du du du sound. At first I thought it was the rain just pouring down harder but the sound was a little different. The strange sound got louder and louder and soon I realized what it was. It was a sound of a chopper. The Legion had tracked us down. Oh god. This was horrible. They were looking to kill us. I had to protect Aaron. He was the only family I had left.

I couldn’t protect anyone. Not my parents and not my Thaddeus. I looked ahead and saw a ginormous forest. If we got there in time, we would be hidden under the thick trees. “Aaron, run to the forest and keep running no matter what! ” I hollered. “Why? ” He asked. I had no time for this. Abruptly he sprinted to the forest. He must’ve heard the roaring of the chopper getting closer and understood why. I sprinted too. We were almost there but the chopper was now extremely close and was closing in on us like a lion hunting a gazelle. The chopper turned out to be faster than me but luckily Aaron got past and hid in the forest.

It landed us shelter. “I don’t suppose you have and between me and the forest blocking me from going in and forcing me to back up. The chopper roared as it landed and the wind howled into my face. All I had to do was distract them so Aaron could run away. Three men got off. Two of them had pitch black vests and were carrying guns. The third seemed to be wearing a black suit and had a crimson red neck tie. He also seemed to be carrying a walking cane. Then I realized the man in the suit was Malcolm, the Legions cold and ruthless leader. His blond hair blew to one side because of the wind blowing hard.

He glared at me with his cold, lifeless, and icy gray eyes. “Where’s your little brother? ” Malcolm snarled with a harsh tone. He had that little smirk on his face. “Go search the forest,” he ordered his men. His tone showed that we wasn’t messing around. His two men started going into the forest. I pulled the two throwing knives out of my belt and threw both of them. With my pin point accuracy they both hit home. One hitting one straight into the neck and the other hitting his chest. Both fell down with a thud. “Well, well, well, I was going to show a little mercy but I guess not,” he said with a sly grin.

After I deal with you I will track down you brother and torture him like… What was his name? Oh that’s right, it was Thaddeus,” he teased with a mischievous tone. The anger boiled inside me ready to explode like a volcano. “What have you done with Thaddeus! ” I roared, the hatred flowing through me. I used my hatred to fuel me. I took out my duel combat knives and charged at him. I delivered a series of blows but he countered them all with his walking cane and then hit me with his cane which sent me sprawling across the ground. He furiously beat me with his cane. Pain shot up through my whole body. I coughed up blood.

I could feel the metallic taste of blood on the tip of my tongue. I rolled away before he could hit me again. I got up. I had to take him down or Aaron would die. The thought of Aaron dying refueled my anger. I charged again. This time the rage gave me my full potential. I delivered another series of blows with my knife. This timeI moved faster than Malcolm slicing him in the thigh and arm. On my final blow I got a lucky slice of his stomach. He grunted. Blood trickled down his body like a leaking faucet. “Ugh, you will pay for this! ” he howled as he released all his rage. He charged at me and hit me in the thigh.

I tried to dodge but he was faster than me. Pain shot through my body. “Ugh” I moaned. He swing again with full force. This time in the stomach. I fell down. I stayed on my knees refusing to go down. Gosh, I didn’t know I could feel this much pain at once. He circled me. After that he backed up ran at me jumped up and slammed his cane straight in the head. This time it knocked me down flat on my back. Knocked down to the ground and exhausted I gasped for air. “Mwahaha” he laughed menacingly. “This is what you get for messing with me! ” He snarled at me. He started walking towards me. He was now triumphantly ooming over me now.

He stood there just savoring the moment. He was about to strike again. I realized this was it for me. Suddenly I thought about Aaron. How he would have no more family anymore. How I couldn’t be there for him anymore. I had let him down. No I thought. I sill have to stop Malcolm. With Aaron’s life on the line it motivated me and gave me the strength to make my last move. “To bad you didn’t kill me quicker. ” I gasped with a grin on my face. I took my knife and threw it at his face. It hit his neck. Blood spurted out like an exploding water balloon. His face contorted from that smirk to a ook of horror.

At this point, I couldn’t feel anything anymore. No pain. Just relieved that no one would chase down Aaron anymore. “Jayda! ” Aaron shrieked. “Are you okay? ” he asked with tears in his eyes. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I groaned. “Only a few bruises,” I whimpered in pain. I could see the dark purple spots on my body. “We have to find shelter,” he muttered. “Can you walk? ” he asked. I tried getting up but fell right back down. When I landed everything went dark.

I opened my eyes and there was Aaron looking at me. “Jayda! ” Aaron exclaimed. “You woke up,” he said. “How long have I been out for? I groaned as I looked around and saw that I was in another cave. “About two days,” he answered. “You should be fine. Your wounds will all heal over time,” he rambled on. “I feel better already,”I confessed. “I think I can start walking again,”Texclaimed with excitement. I stood up. I still felt some pain but I could stand and walk. “Maybe we should start heading for Washington now,” I said. “Alright. Let’s start going then,” Aaron replied. We walked out of the cave. I had a feeling of relief now. Aaron was safe and we could now live our lives in peace. I walked into the horizon with Aaron, with nothing to worry about.

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