Willy American Dream

We all have a vision of America, more most this vision includes rolling plains of grass and mountainous forests, however for most Americans this is not what we see every day. Our lives are mostly have up of city or suburban streets and endless highways. In Death of a Salesman, Willy, grew up and built … Read more

Art Institute Of Chicago Essay

For someone to understand a building fully, one must begin with the history in which it was derived from. The Art Institute of Chicago was initially located in Grant Park for more than 100 years. One will find very interesting that much if not all the land in which the museum sits upon has been … Read more

Who Caused The Great Chicago Fire Essay

As many know, the Great Chicago Fire was a disaster of devastation, and most likely the worst disaster of the 19th century. The tragedy killed more than 300 people and left more than 100,000 people without homes. Not only did the conflagration take a human toll, but the fire caused 200 million dollars in property … Read more

Descriptive Essay On Chicago History

did not get lost in the city. We reached the museum about 30 minutes after the museum had opened its doors. We were pretty early. While the volunteers, and other staff members were getting ready for the interviews we had in store for them, we helped ourselves around the museum, and had a quick lesson … Read more