The Ancient History of Iraq

History is his story, the story of mankind and Its Interaction with the world, environment and life. Ancient history Is the beginning of recorded events In the history of the world from the first civilizations to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire In 476 A. D. Ancient history discusses great clvlllzatlons of the world … Read more

Ancient History

Including all his chums in his merry little trip to Iraq and making sure to constantly remind us how it’s a group effort. What a team player. During his address to the American public on the invasion of Iraq, President Bush felt the need to ram the ‘coalition forces’ right down our throats, almost making … Read more

Ancient History – Claudius

The senate had no other alternative to Claudia, in the end the senates’ opinion of Claudia was irrelevant and it was he army that decided the issue. From the senates’ point of view any man who had the support of the army and therefore the person who could take Rome by force seemed suddenly to … Read more

Ancient history course notes

Focuses on written sources, written sources restricted to the last 5500 years, written sources are limited to literate societies, written sources from ancient societies were mostly written by men, reflecting a male bias. Archaeology: Focuses on physical sources, physical sources extend as far back as the beginning of human history Into prehistory, physical artifacts provide … Read more

Women in Ancient History

Women in Ancient History In Ancient societies such as those of Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Rome, and India, women have been consistently been classified as less than men. Regardless of location, early civilizations other than Africa had patriarchal social and family structures. Equal treatment of women was not yet conceived in ancient civilizations. Citizen and … Read more

Ancient History – Queens Question

Of all the royal women, the most important was the queen consort. If she happened to also be the mother of the heir-apparent, her stature further enhanced. The most influential queens of the new kingdom were as followed; Tetisheri the grandmother of Ahmose, Ahhotep the mother of Ahmose and Ahmose-Nefertari, The sister-wife of Ahmose, whilst … Read more

Ancient History and Prehistory

Ancient history is the study of the written past[1] from the beginning of recorded human history to the Early Middle Ages. The span of recorded history is roughly 5,000 years, with Cuneiform script, the oldest discovered form of coherent writing, from the protoliterate period around the 30th century BC. [2] This is the beginning of … Read more

Ancient History Minoans Everyday Life

Greece: The Bronze Age – Society in Minoan Crete Everyday Life (1) By Emily Gold Entertainment and leisure activities: Acrobatics was used in most leisure activities that the Minoan people used to keep themselves entertained, as running and leaping supplied to success in warfare ad hunting. Bull-leaping was the most famed and controversial of all … Read more

Ancient History of British Isles

The History of the British Isles. Around 3000 years BC many parts of Europe including the British Isles, were inhabited by a people called the Iberians. Some of their descendants are still found in the North of Spain (the Iberia Peninsula). We don’t know much about these early people. We can learn something from there … Read more