Patient Y Exercise

Once Patient Y was placed in a labor room, treatment began immediately. As mentioned previously, the fetal heart rate decreased rapidly. During this time the nurse and physician performed several treatments in order to try and raise the fetal heart rate. First, the nurse applied 10L of oxygen via nasal cannula to the patient. Then, … Read more

Surrogate Mother Ethical Dilemmas

Few options exist for same-sex partners or heterosexual partners unable to bear children when deciding to have a child. A couple may adopt, but if they want a biological child, the couple must employ a surrogate mother. Two types of surrogacy exist. Gestational surrogacy involves extracting an egg and sperm from donors and placing the … Read more

Health Promotion Research Paper

Role of health promoters: According to Tannahill (Naidoo and Willis, 2000) there are three different types of health promotion that all overlap: • Health education – this type of health promotion includes things like carrying out campaigns and official/formal health education programmes. It also includes advice, education, and information to people that is given by … Read more

Dental Caries Research Paper

Women are often unaware of the importance of visiting the dentist while pregnant and therefore do not make their oral health a priority during this time. Dental visits are not only important to the mother, but are just as important to the baby. While the baby is in utero, they begin to develop their features, … Read more

Essay about Everlasting Love In Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

Shel Silverstein wrote a children’s book that can be perceived through multiple critical lenses, from historical to feminist to psychological. In the Giving Tree he uses personification, metaphor, and allusions to depict the psychological impact of growing up with someone who was different than him but whom he shared a special bond with.?? Silverstein begins … Read more

Critical Reflection Essay

This article, “The RU-486 Abortion Pill Should Be Available to Women”, was written by Laura Fraser in 2001 for the Greenhaven Press. The issue involved with this article is whether or not the RU-486 abortion pill should be available to women in the U. S.. The conclusion Fraser came up with was yes, the RU-486 … Read more