Alcoholic Dementia Research Paper

Alcoholic dementia is a silent epidemic, it’s cause is excessive drinking. This type of dementia goes undiagnosed and confused with other types of dementia. Alcoholic dementia is a lack of vitamin B1 and is detrimental to one’s health, especially in the aging population. Alcohol induced dementia is treatable and possibly reversible; even so, it is … Read more

Drinking Age To 18

Lowering the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 will not solve the problem of binge drinking. Many different aspects can lead a teen to drinking however, lowering the drinking age will only cause more issues in today’s society. The numbers of teens drinking would increase to rise to greater numbers than what they already … Read more

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Report Essay

I recently attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a comfortable house in Santa Monica, California. The room was occupied by approximately 70 attendees, and even more sitting on the outside porch. The focus of this particular day’s meeting was step six of the 12-step program. The sixth step is stated as follows: “We’re entirely ready … Read more

Essay on Vinces Bar Narrative

A black Ford and red Dodge Ram pickup trucks parked in front of Vince’s Bar. This was the place that the soldiers agreed to go to for their beer. Aside from being a popular hangout place for people, it was also near the B. S. A. A. training camp. A bunch of young soldiers with … Read more