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Essay about Personal Narrative: My Mothers Husband

Opening of Eyes Have you ever had a day that changed the way you think, well i have. This day for me was the day my nephew, Kryian James Guthrie, was born. I was the first to find out that my sister, Meggan, was pregnant. She, at first, didn’t want me to know that she thought she might be pregnant. I was helping her shop for her and her husband’s, Tyler, trip to Cody for the hot air balloon rally. Meggan and I were at Albertson getting the food need for the trip, we thought we had everything we just need to get razors. Meggan was looking at the different razors, “Brat can you go and get chicken breasts we forgot to grab them. She asked me. I thought nothing of it at first, “Sure no problem I will meet up with you at the checkout lane. ” I ran to grab chicken breast which were on the other side of the store. Then ran over to the checkout lane, there is saw the First Response test. I tried to ignore it and I was being successful trying to ignore it.

The lady finished checking us out, I could tell that Meggan wanted to say something but wasn’t sure where to start. We were headed out of the store to her car. “So you think you might be pregnant? ” I asked. “Yeah, I will take it in the morning and I will call you after the fact. Meggan retorted We had a very awkward car ride back to my house because Meggan wanted to get back her house. She made me promise to not tell anyone but I have never held on to those promises. So when my mom came home from her work I told her that Megg thought she was pregnant. She just told me to not worry about it, Megg’s probably not pregnant. The next day came rolling around and I was waiting for the call. Megg called me in a panic so at first I thought she wasn’t pregnant but she screamed that she was. I screamed, I was so excited.

Later in the day Megg and Tyler came over to my house to tell my parent that they were going to be grandparents. My father was so excited that he threw the little bear that was to show that there was a little one on the way. As was my mom but since | told her that Megg thought she was pregnant, my mom wasn’t as excited. While my family endured the first trimester with the morning sickness and Meggan saying that certain food made her sick. Megg would say that she is having a Jewish baby since she could eat any pork without throwing it up. Soon after Megg would look up something about being pregnant she would get the very same thing.

So as a joke my family would put some sort of money in a baby bottle, at the end of the pregnancy there was a little over $25. Then came the second trimester, my family was almost there. My sister was a horrible pregnant woman, she would have every illness that she saw online. The visitations with the midwife got closer and closer, soon Megg stopped drive to Billings and the midwife would come to her. This meant that the due date was getting close. The due became a fear for me because I was scared that my sister wouldn’t make it, that she or the baby would die. It’s silly now to think like that now.

In the coming time, I went to the principal to ask him if | could keep my phone on in class since there my sister was going be going into labor soon. He told me that I should ask all my teachers if it was all right with them, it was. In the week leading up to April fourth, my sister was feeling Braxton Hicks, which are fake contraction to prepare the body for labor. She says that she was in prodromal labor meaning that she is in labor but it will start and stop. Every time Megg would feel the Braxton Hicks, she would call her midwife, Pat would come flying down from Billings to check her.

Soon Pat would just call my mom to check on Megg to see if it was real labor or just Braxton Hicks. The fourth came rolling around, Pat decided to come down to check on Megg to see how she was doing. My mom and I were already at my sister’s house so we could make sure the house was clean, making sure Megg was doing okay, and making sure Tyler, my brother in law, wasn’t making Megg crazy. Pat walked in to the house and asked Megg is she could examine her. So those two went off to Megg and Tyler’s room. They came back out after five or six mins, Pat looked at us telling us. She is dilated to one centimeter, so Tyler, I want you to take her up the big horns to see if the elevation will let her dilate more. ” Tyler followed without question, took Megg’s hand to lead her to their truck. Once they were out of the house, my mom and I waited for directions from Pat who was calling her trainees. She wanted them down to Sheridan as soon as possible.

Pat ran out to her car to get her homebirth kit, I don’t know what it is really called but that what I called it. Inside of this kit was gloves, clear shower curtains, a little scale, a little mirror, pads and much more. Okay are you two ready to help me get ready, I know she wants a water birth but we need to be ready for if she changes and want to be in her room. Amy could you go get the birthing pool, Brittney I need you to help me put the shower curtain on the bed, it makes the mess so much easier to clean up. ” Pat dictates. I run to go assister her, Pat tells me to get extra sheets. I do, then run to my sister’s room to fix the bed up. We unfold the shower curtain to then laid it on the bed, put on another fitted sheet. We made sure that the pillows were all at the top of the bed, with the comforter folded and placed with the pillows the room was done.

We went back down to the living room, which is where my mom was with the birthing pool, and waited for Megg and Tyler to get back. However in that time my mom called my dad to come get me so that I could start on dinner. “Brit I need you to get back home and make lasagna. Everything you might need is on the counter. Dad will bring you back up here when it is go time. ” My mom explained. I followed my mom directions and went home. My dad arrived to get me to bring me home. While at home I went right to making lasagna: browning the meat, boiling the noodles, mixing the meat and the spaghetti sauce.

I went to layering the lasagna, noodles eat sauce over and over till the pan is full. My father get a call from my mom telling him to get me up to my sister’s house. The lasagna was coming out of the oven so we could get it and me up to the house. Iran, with lasagna in hand, to my father truck. Jumping in the truck my father only seconds behind me, we drive slightly over the speed limit so that we can get there as soon as possible. Pulling up in fount out the house, I run inside to only hear screaming. The screaming is coming from Megg who is in her room, which I prepared. My father unable to handle my sister, one of his baby’s screaming.

His face turned with pain, his eyes widening. He turned to me and yelled, “Call me when the baby comes. ” Tran upstairs where I see my sister swaying in a corner to get the baby lower in her hips. As another contraction come, Megg goes to squat on the side of the bed. Pat tells me to watch the time so that the birth certificate is right . With this contraction Pat measured to see is Megg is fully dilated. Pat would like Megg to push. Megg’s legs are giving out so Tyler jumps behind her to hold her up. The baby’s head crowning, Tyler’s arms are giving out along with Megg’s legs. I am instructed to hold them both up, it very hard.

With one final long push, outcomes the baby. One of the trainee midwifes yells out that it is a baby is a little boy. The midwives are working to do the basic out of womb care for the little boy that just was brought into the world. The midwives need to know the name of the baby so that they could put it on the birth certificate. Megg looked at Tyler, “His name is Kryian James. ” I called my father who only made it to the fifth street railroad crossing, he came speeding back to my sister’s house. He tells it with a little flare with the train gates coming down as he drove like a bandit to get to my house.

Once he got to Megg’s house he ran inside to see the little bugger whom he calls Mike. My father got to the room we were all in, where he saw the baby and his eyes filled up with tears of joy. The midwives leave the room so that Megg could be alone, they also knew that there was lasagna down stairs. I leave with them so I could get the lasagna for Megg I brought her a big piece. Tyler and my dad decided to go have a smoke because the birth was so stressful they needed it.

So I was left in the room with my sister all alone, she looks at me and ask, “I need you to take him so I can get into a more comfy position. I take Kryian the baby and go sit in the chair across the room. I look at my nephew which I am holding in my arms. I look in to his eyes, then and there I know my life is never going to be the same. Well I know my life is changed because it has been 18 months since that day and my life isn’t the same. I never know when Kryian will get my sister phone and call me. He truly does call me if I don’t come over to see him every few days. My life is never going to be the same and that is ok, I am ready for anything that Kryian will throw at me, it’s been 18 months since our first adventure will more to come.

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