Essay On Minecraft

The Minecraft community is one of the most unique and innovative online communities anyone could be a part of. From the educational sector where teachers are adapting the game to meet educational purposes, to the 51-year-old adult building a city after work to blow off steam. This game defies age ranges, teaches critical thinking, and … Read more

Subjective Observation Essay

Subjective Observations Introduction into what subjective observations are and how it can improve performance Short Corners When I first started hockey, I was training against the first team, but mainly against a German international on the weekend. Because of this I had to face a much better quality of shooting and skill. Although I found … Read more

Personal Narrative: An Open Layup Essay

Lizzie always gets those layups and fouls, likewise she drives in for a layup just like any other situation. Next thing you know, I find Lizzie’s head pinned to the ground, and blood just starts rolling out from her knee. In the meantime, Lexi and I go lie on the ground with Lizzie. I was … Read more