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Tarturus: A Short Story Essay

Before we begin, understand that I am recording this in sheer desperation to retain my memories. I have terribly rotten, bad luck. Ever since I was three my life has gone extremely wrong. When I was three it came for me. A giant bronze and silver eagle swooped down from the sky and besieged me. I later realized that this eagle was sent by Zeus and its proper name is the Caucasian Eagle. The eagle was sent to kill me, but was soon deemed an impossible task for the beast. The beast for some unknown reason stopped attacking me and flew off.

Later that night a strange man with a white beard came into my bedroom and told me I was leaving this world for a new one. I was about to scream “stranger danger” when a black whirling hole enclosed around me and I was gone. I survived through these trials, and so far I have lived to be thirteen. I was thinking about these events as I walked through the crowded streets of New York. Many people bumped into me, but I did not care. I was hurriedly walking down the street to make it home before it was too late. Suddenly, a bright blinding white metallic bolt of lightning came from the sky and a dark red flaming hole appeared under my feet.

Everything was raven black. I couldn’t remember anything. I wondered, what’s my name? Who am I? Where am I? My eyes finally opened after being closed for so long. I noticed that the area is pitch black. The air was rough and very hard to breathe in. It felt like glass and knives are going through my lungs every time I took a breath. I quickly rose from the ground, but I had immediately regretted it and collapsed back onto the rigid, razor sharp ground. A throbbing agony shot up through my arms and I cried out, which had been a terrible mistake. A loud booming voice, then yelled, “Who’s there?

Show yourself! ” I recognized that voice from somewhere, but I couldn’t figure out from where. All I had known is that every muscle in my body was yelling at me to run. I sprinted as fast as I could away from the area, but ended up running straight into three strange girls. These bizarre girls were wearing golden slippers and had flaming hair! What? They also had of one donkey leg and a celestial bronze prosthetic leg? I wondered how I had known, what celestial bronze was? Had I gone crazy?! I felt like I lost my mind! I got knocked out of my reverie when the familiar voice came again.

I turned to look behind me, but it was too late. A giant, disgusting, smelly, scarred man came towards me. I tried to run, but I had found my way blocked by the three girls and they had looked ravenous. The scarred giant man unknowingly followed me. The man had given me a death glare. I was completely lost on what I was supposed to do. A soothing, melodious, and comforting male voice sounded in my head and said,” Take the golden bracelet off your wrist. ” I wanted to panic. Now I’m hearing voices in my head! Now I’m positively sure that I’m crazy. I went with my gut feeling and decided to trust the voice in my head.

I took the bracelet off my wrist and it suddenly transformed into a one and a half foot sword. The sword is completely gold and feels perfectly balanced in my hand. I naturally swung the sword at the three strange girls. They magically disappeared into thin air. What? Turning around thinking it was over. I look up to find the giant standing rate in front of me. The giant man said,” Well, Well, we meet again. ” I had given him a disoriented look. I tried to say something, but before I could he swung a bat at me and I was sent flying into a hard wall.

I tried to get up, but before I could the man had been already there trying to harm me. He was about to strike me again, but I quickly somersaulted out of the way. I took the sword and tried to strike him back but he quickly without haste disarmed me. I looked longingly for my sword, but not for long when the man strikes me for a third time. That time he had managed to hit me and I had felt nauseated. I felt the blood running down my face. I felt a tugging pull from my blood it felt like it was trying to tell me something important.

I suddenly had an epiphany and saw a river a little up the way and somehow managed to control it. I sent the strange black, murky water towards the man. The man tried to dodge it, but wasn’t fast enough and was soaked. I then darted away from the area in terror and then heard a blood curdling scream. It chilled every muscle in my bone. I glanced behind me and saw that the man’s skin was tearing away. The flesh was turning black and then slowly peeling off and then all that was left of the man was his abnormally large bones. I felt disgusted at the sight. I instantaneously threw up. I felt so nauseated at the sight.

My vision started to go blurry, but before it did a bright shining gold light had appeared. The light came towards me and engulfed me into the light. The weird gold light was whirling me around and made me feel sick. I became dizzier and dizzier each moment and collapsed. I had become dead to that strange world. I woke and saw a boy with bright blond hair and blue eyes standing above me. He was giving me a concerned look. He was tall. Maybe about six foot four. He was wearing all white doctors’ scrubs. He noticed that I finally woke up and he instantaneously asked me if I was okay.

I tried to tell him that I was fine, but my voice had come out like a croak for help. He silently chuckled at the sound of my croaky voice. I tried to ask him who he was and he just stared at me with a horrifying expression. He suddenly asked me in a panicked voice what I do remember. I looked at him with a straight face and told him I can’t remember anything. He sighed and then cursed something in Ancient Greek. I understood quite easily what he had said. The blond doctor then introduced himself as Apollo. Lord of poetry, music, healing, the sun, and archery.

I was going to introduce myself when I realized I still can’t remember anything. Apollo saw my sad and confused expression. Apollo left the room and had come back with a thin clear vial for of a blue electrifying liquid. He told me to drink this vial and I will regain all of my memories. In desperate need of needing to know who I am I took the strange liquid from him. He had handed me the potion and I was about to take it. When, Apollo then told me to wait a moment. He then told me, “ That there’re some basic things you need to know about yourself before you take the medicine.

First off here are some things about you. You’re name is Elizabeth Rose Swan; you were born on August 29, 2001. You are a Greek demigod meaning you are half mortal and half immortal. Your father is Poseidon. He is the lord of the seas, earthquakes, protector of ocean creatures, and brother to Zeus sand Hades. ” I didn’t question one word he said. Everything he had said felt strangely familiar and true to me. Apollo stated then that I will probably be knocked out for a while after I drink this medicine in order to regain all my memories.

I then took off the rubber cork on the bottle and swallowed the blue liquid. The blue liquid tasted awful. It felt like I swallowed a whole bottle of tobacco sauce and dirty gym clothes. I gagged. My vision started to go blurry. Suddenly everything around me started to become darker. Finally my eyes closed and it was time to learn who I really am. A blurring blob of memories ran through my head. They were incomprehensible at first but my mind slowly felt the familiar sensation of remembrance towards the memories. Fast images of me fighting monsters in Tarturus showed in my head. I felt stupid.

How did I not remember that I had gone to Tarturus thirteen times in my life? Well, now I’ve gone fourteen times. Anyway Tarturus is a dark, terrifying place located just below Hades’ kingdom. The air was rough and hard to breathe in. It felt like you just ran a hundred miles without ever stopping with every single breath you take. The ground was sharp and had glass all over its torturing surfaces. Everything in Tarturus was made to be torturous and cruel. In other words, Tarturus is a deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for anyone whose there. Tarturus had a vast number of inhabitants.

The twelve Titans, giants, hundred handed ones, Empousi, wicked souls and many more creatures inhabit the depressing dark place. More memories of my life continued to go through my head. The blurred memories in my mind finally came clear and came to a sudden stop. The date on the memory said May 17, 2015. I saw myself walking briskly through the streets of New York rushing to get home. My face looked anxious and desperate to make it there before it was too late. My brain finally comprehending what was going on realized that I was trying to make it home before Zeus (the lord of the skies) tried to kill me again.

But, it was too late. A lightning bolt had come from the sky and made a hole to Tarturus and sucked me down into it. I woke up out of my reverie of my life. Apollo had stared at me witha concerned look. I was absolutely furious at Zeus. He crossed the line. Send me to Tarturus once, shame on me. Send me to Tarturus twice, shame on you. Send me to Tarturus fourteen times. He’s trying to get rid of me. Apollo still looking at me with concern told me to calm down. I realized that I accidently said all of that out loud. I apologized immediately and tried to calm down.

Apollo then said,” I should have known it was Zeus’ fault. He has had it out for you were since he found out you were born. ” I replied back to Apollo and said sarcastically, “No I would of never guessed that Zeus hated me. I mean he has only tried to kill me what about a million times. ” Apollo had chuckled at my rude and sarcastic comment. I then decided that Zeus had finally crossed my breaking point. It’s time to take matters in to my own hands. Zeus wants a war with me. He’ll get a war. I’m out for revenge for the years of suffering he has caused me.

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