Diversity In America Essay

The United States of America is a country that is rich in diversity. People from all over the world have come to this country and made it their home. As a result, the United States is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. However, despite this diversity, there are still some stereotypes and misconceptions … Read more

Is Healthcare A Right Or A Privilege Essay

Health care is a complex and controversial issue in the United States. There are many different opinions on whether health care is a human right or a privilege. The debate over health care in the United States often centers on the question of whether it should be considered a right or a privilege. Those who … Read more

Geopolitical Community

New York City is one of the most important geopolitical communities in the world. It is the financial capital of the United States and a major center for international business and diplomacy. New York is also home to the United Nations, making it a key player in global affairs. As a result, the city has … Read more

Cultural Metaphor

A cultural metaphor is an allegorical representation of a culture, typically used to convey messages or ideas about that culture. In the United States, multiculturalism is often represented by the image of a melting pot, in which people of all cultures and backgrounds come together and mix together to create a new, unified culture. While … Read more

How Did The United States Change Between 1776 And 1870

The United States Constitution was ratified in 1788, and the first ten amendments, collectively known as the Bill of Rights, were added in 1791. The Constitution established the federal government of the United States and outlined its powers and responsibilities. The Bill of Rights guaranteed certain fundamental rights for all citizens, including freedom of speech, … Read more

Importance Of Democracy In The United States

With the United States’s reputation as the government of the people, for the people, and by the people, exactly how strong is our country’s government? When I conducted my ten interviews, the majority, eight students, stated the importance of democracy, however, none were sure of its security. Despite the several distinct patterns and similarities in … Read more

Minority Groups In The United States

All groups are not treated or viewed equally in all societies. Sometimes, a minority group can be defined by constituting a smaller percentage of the population than another group. However, sometimes a minority constitutes the majority of the population. A minority group is a subordinate group which has significantly less control over their lives than … Read more

Diversity In North Carolina

In North Carolina there exists a small rural community college. This community college served the academic needs to six surrounding counties. Its mission was to offer a high-quality, ground-breaking education, and student support that stimulated scholarly achievement, educational excellence, and economic growth. The English as a Second Language (E. S. L. ) program fell under … Read more

Annotated Bibliography: New Cold War

1). Debose, C. & DeAngelo, E. (2015). New Cold War: Russia’s Ban on Adoptions by U.S Citizens. Children’s Issues, 28(1), 63-76. Retrieved from http://heinonline.org.ezproxy.scu.edu.au/HOL/Page?public=false&handle=hein.journals/jaaml28&page=51&collection=journals This journal article discusses in detail, the proposed solutions for improving American and Russian inter country adoptions without specifically banning American adoptions. It also examines the controversy over the ban, the … Read more

Comparing Bluest Eye And Blake’s Work

In “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison and “From Songs of Experience: The Chimney-Sweeper” by William Blake, the main characters are highly disadvantaged children. Morrison’s characters are experiencing the effects of the great depression, while Blake’s speaker is a victim of child labour during the industrial revolution in London. Blake’s speaker describes the child workers … Read more

City Of Quartz Summary

Descending over the San Gabriel mountains into LAX, Los Angeles, the gray rolling neighborhoods unfurling into the distant pillars of downtown leaping out of its famous smog, one can easily see the fortress narrative that Mike Davis argues for in City of Quartz. A city that has been thoroughly converted into a factory that dumps … Read more

Guantanamo Bay Vs 9/11

After the 2001 September 11th attacks, the Bush administration needed a secure place to keep its enemies captured in the “war on terror”. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had already established “black sites”, or secret detention centres, all over the world. However, the Bush administration needed a location outside of international law so they could … Read more

Midtown Detroit

Redevelopment Beyond Downtown and Midtown Detroit Thomas Sugrue, author of The Origins of the Urban Crisis, said that Detroit’s comeback depends on whether the city can improve the lives of working class African Americans and I couldn’t agree more. With the gentrification of downtown and midtown Detroit showing many recent successes for those in its … Read more

The Evolution Of Primacy

The United States of America has been a prime world-leading country since 1945, and the US has maintained its privileged position through military capability, political leadership, and economic influence. It has then established itself as a global primacy. The U. S. primacy brought crucial benefits, which other nation states are unlikely to attack or threaten … Read more

In Japan Beyond Poem

The poem “In Japan Beyond” by Yone Noguchi, talks about the issue of immigration that goes on in America. It deals with the struggle all immigrants have when they leave their homeland to venture off to a new land in hopes for finding opportunity and a better lifestyle; which can summarize the situation for many … Read more

Tokyo Prison Attack Case Study

The data shows that far and above the people who die or are physically hurt in a terrorist attack or act of war, there are many more who are suffer psychological injuries. As the specter of a major terrorist attack hangs over the United States, it is critical that policy makers, government agencies and civil … Read more

Barack Obama Impact

Barack Obama, “The Nation’s First Black President”, exists undoubtedly as one of the faces of our country’s continuous movement toward post-racism, but the questions of his impact toward our aspiring post-racial society diminishes his legacy. A common misconception claiming he’s made little progressions toward racial equality throughout his presidency leads to a sense of hopelessness … Read more

Japanese Stereotypes

In the spring of 1942, we in the United States placed some 110,000 persons of Japanese descent in protective custody. Two out of every three of these were American citizens by birth; one-third were aliens forbidden by law to be citizens. Included were three generations: Issei, or first-generation immigrants (aliens); Nisei, or second-generation (American-born citizens); … Read more

The Samurai Research Paper

Japan is ripe in culture and history that is not so dissimilar from western history both went through a bustling feudal era with many similarities. The main similarity was their order of honorable soldiers, which were knights in the west and Samurai in Japan but both followed a similar code of honor and loyalty. The … Read more

Stereotypes Of Refugees

Stereotype: a fixed idea or image of a group of people without actually getting to know them. Innocent refugees are being stereotyped to be terrorists everyday they walk outside, and it needs to stop. Sabha Al-Ali, Motab, and their children are Syrian refugees that arrived in Pittsburgh in 2015. In Syria, they were bombed everyday, … Read more

Canada’s National Identity

Canadians take pride in the way they are viewed as a whole. When the world thinks about Canada, it is not just the cliche stereotypes that come up, igloos, polar bears, hockey,etc. The culture, customs and international involvement It is viewed as beneficial and helpful throughout many nations. Canada’s national identity is a good example … Read more

The Wilhelmine Period

The Wilhelmine Period that helped force Germany and Europe down the Path to war in 1914 The Wilhelmine period (1890-1918) which will be discussed in this paper was led by German Kaiser, Fredrich Wilhelm II. During this period of time there is a multitude of situations that forced Germany and Europe down the path toward … Read more

Civil War Technology Research Paper

The election of 1860 was among four candidates: John Breckenridge, a Democrat, John Bell, Constitutional Union Party, Stephen Douglas, a Democrat, and Abraham Lincoln, a Republican from the North. When election day came and all votes were in Douglas had twelve electoral votes, Bell had thirty-nine, Breckenridge with seventy-two, and in the lead, Lincoln had … Read more

Slate Magazine Analysis

The American people have been glutenous from the birth of its nation. Disregarding the overwhelming obesity rate, the American people have always been glutenous regarding anything, especially politics. The original settlers wanted religious freedom so bad that they were willing to come to a new and unestablished world to do so. When America finally works … Read more

Free Narrative Essays: Camp Algona

An often forgotten aspect of the home front, the United States detained more than 400,000 Axis prisoners in rural camps during the war. According to the provisions as agreed upon by the Geneva Convention, POWs could work if they received pay and their employment did not contribute directly to the war effort. To help alleviate … Read more

Gun Culture In America

Gun culture in the United States of America has prevailed ever since the beginning of this country’s history. The Second Amendment, written in 1776, protects an individual’s rights to “bear arms” without punishment. Many problems with this law have arisen since 1776, such as a growing number of suicide, accidental, and mass-shooting related deaths. Because … Read more

Radical Moves Summary

Transnational history studies the links and the flows of people, ideas, products or culture across various societies and regions. When analyzing studies in transnational history, it is imperative to identify the historical players that weave a vast number of places to a single web. In the past few centuries, travelers, immigrants, and colonists helped to … Read more

Latin American Culture Analysis

Indigenous people, women, workers and peasants have played significant roles in politics as well as culture in Latin American nations. Some of the places affected by its people are Ecuador, and the Andean Region. Ecuador’s policies and culture was changed by its people. Ecuador was rich history in terms of revolutions. Originally Ecuador was primarily … Read more

Stand Your Ground

I believe that all citizens should be allowed the “Stand Your Ground” law for self-defense from harmful threats around the U. S. Crime rates in the U. S. have been rising over the last couple of years. Many people do not know how to protect themselves from a threat. Many are too scared to as … Read more

Black Lives Matter Speech

A mother and two children are in the back of a car. As she looks in the rear view mirror, the children can see in her eyes the fear of her future. They question, what could this really come from? They turn their heads to a knock on the window to find their mother facing … Read more

Prayer Role Model Essay-Dalai Lama

For the last decades, two world wars within fifty years and countless terrorist attacks, genocides all over the globe creates one of the bloodiest era in human history. Due to the violence, competitive human nature, most individuals nowadays are controlled by the pace and pressure of society, hence, impotent to achieve inner peace, “a state … Read more

Argumentative Essay: The Battle And The War

American rights and the Constitution are both reasons why the United States is a wonderful land of liberty. However, as time has advanced many laws have either been reconstructed or repealed. Recently, President Barack Obama proposed gun control legislation that inflamed the division among the American citizens into two groups, those who favor the restrictions … Read more

Mayflower Summary

I started reading “Mayflower” for a coursework but instantly got addicted to it. Philbrick, a Nantucket occupant, got to be interested about the Pioneer story while exploring the Wampanoag Indians local to his island. He partitions his book into three areas, reflected in the subtitle: the narrative of the little gathering of Separatists who left … Read more

What Is Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Behavior Ethical?

On November 8, 2016 the United States will hold its 58th quadrennial presidential election. There are three Democrats and four Republicans still in the presidential race, one of whom is Donald Trump. Any one of the candidates taking part in the presidential campaign may become the next President of the U. S. These people act … Read more

Gender Pay Gap In The United States

The gender pay gap is a major problem in the U. S. Across almost all different types of occupations, women are being paid significantly less than their male counterparts. Throughout the years, many women have spoken up about the wage difference, demanding equality, and progress is slowly being made to close this gap. Women are … Read more

Analyst Questionnaire: GEICO

Analyst Questionnaire – Asen Voynov Please fill in your name, replacing the highlighted “Your Name” text above with your first and last names, and answer the questions below to the best of your ability. When saving, rename the file by replacing the “Candidate Last Name” portion with your last name. 1) How did you hear … Read more

The Purpose Of Democracy

“I’m very highly educated. I know words, I have the best words…”(Trump). Phrases like these, are exactly the ones causing controversy in social media and national television over the 2016 presidential candidates nominees. For the 2016’s presidential candidate election, there’s Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats; and Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald … Read more

American Gun Rights

In the world that humanity has constructed it has left itself vulnerable to threats that nobody could comprehend: terror, mass murderers, chemical warfare, and numerous others. These fears have caused a vast rift in the population of the United States. People just do not feel safe anymore and how the population is dealing with their … Read more

Essay On Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is a phrase used to describe attempts to redress past discrimination by giving groups that have been discriminated against an advantage in allocating opportunities, such as jobs and admittance to colleges and universities. When affirmative action was first established over fifty years ago, the intended beneficiaries were African-Americans, but since that time, it … Read more

The Labor Movement

Despair Leading to Development in the Labor Movement By the end of World War II, millions of workers were union members, and collective bargaining had captured the industrial economy . The displeasure of manufacturing workers coalesced with New Deal collective bargaining legislature, carrying mass production to striking distance. Nelson Lichtenstein claims in, “The Union’s Retreat … Read more

The Recollect Summary

Like the story on how the Spanish Franciscans who founded the American Catholic School System at what is St. Augustine, Florida in 1606, and the story on how the French Franciscan “Les Freres mineurs recollets” (aka “The Recollects”; simply referred to in French as “Les Recollets”) established the Canadian Catholic School System, the stories on … Read more

Nazi Culture

Shiraev and Levy (2017) defined culture as “a set of attitudes, behaviors, and symbols shared by a group of people and usually passed down from one generation to the next (p. 4), which extended my own understanding of culture beyond that of a familial background. I simply thought that, culturally wise, I was just a … Read more

Chronicles Of A Death Foretold Societal Roles Essay

In the book Chronicles of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Marquez manipulates his characters in a systematic fashion that unveil the universal occurrence of societal pressure that forces categorized people into specific classes. An important element Marquez often alludes to is the abstract notion of honor, which holds a relatively high importance to those tied designated … Read more

Leaving Africa Dbq

As many say, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. This statement is compatible to not only people and jobs, but to countries. If countries never came together and kept themselves isolated in their own world, those places never get the opportunity to learn and strive for greatness, as well … Read more

Examples Of Conservatism

America’s most recent election was won by candidate, Donald J. Trump, who offered a gracious acceptance speech as President Elect extending an invitation for the nation to join together in the spirit of unity and unconditional love by means of “Compassionate Conservatism,” which was coined by George W. Bush in 2002. 1 The recent election … Read more

Minimum Wage Report

Minimum wage has helped shape our economy and nation as it is today. In the United States, we have two different types of minimum wage, federal and state. But what is minimum wage? “Minimum wage is the lowest hourly rate at which most employers may legally pay their workers” (“Federal Minimum Wage”). The federal minimum … Read more

Should We Allow Syrian Refugees?

The middle east has been in turmoil for years, civil war and religion disputes have led to radicalized groups taking control of most of the region. Right now there are approximately 13. 5 million Syrians that are in need of humanitarian assistance and 4. 6 million Syrians that are refugees. Half of that 4. 6 … Read more

Free College In America

Free college is a utopic vision created from the 2016 election that promotes and idealizes socialism. This seemingly unattainable goal for Americans has been created on a foundation of poor information. However, the reality is that affordable college is coming around the corner. The piles of student loan debt accumulated are forcing Americans to make … Read more

Art Institute Of Chicago Essay

For someone to understand a building fully, one must begin with the history in which it was derived from. The Art Institute of Chicago was initially located in Grant Park for more than 100 years. One will find very interesting that much if not all the land in which the museum sits upon has been … Read more

Vietnam War Research Paper

The war was a twenty year war starting in 1954 and ending in 1975. The Vietnam War, a long war between North and South Vietnam over communism, impacted all generations by changing the way Americans viewed war and by hurting the Vietnamese people; furthermore, the U. S. presidents during the Vietnam War had many different … Read more

What Soldiers Do Chapter Summary

Military scholars have devoted countless hours studying the implications of the war on generals, allied soldiers, and Nazi Germany, but, much of this research has not since covered the effects war has had on European women—until the notion of gender relations arose. When scholars began to question the whereabouts of females, studies commenced in order … Read more

Foreign Aid

The United States of America, known for incredibly rich history, overwhelming pride and upholds so much tradition. This country, inhabited by hundreds of millions, has protected, governed and has been a home to them for hundreds of years. As the world has progressed throughout time, the American people have seen much, experienced incredible human feats … Read more

World War 1 Essay

Diplomacy is a very valuable because it allows us to interact between other countries. It is used to negotiate with other countries for compromises and to prevent war. But as we can see, it hasn’t been entirely effective in the past. Diplomatic relations in World War 1 (WW1) was a huge part of why it … Read more

New England Colonies Essay

The Spanish and New England Colonies Over the course of the 15th century, European colonization swept the continent of North America. In spite of the fact the Spanish and the English were located within the same vicinity of the globe, their approaches towards successfully colonizing North America stood apart. The processes of development for the … Read more

James Knox Polk Dbq Essay

The presidency of James Knox Polk was a memorable one. He was known as America’s first dark horse candidate, and later he was called the only strong commander in chief between Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln (Greenstein 14). Yet, many historians still write him off but he was by no means insignificant. Now, he may … Read more

Sublime Lending Fiasco Analysis Essay

The Sublime Lending Fiasco that occurred in the United States was an, unfortunately, catastrophic example of how the misuse of money and power along, with a lack of ethical consciousness, can lead to a nation wide crisis that affects a unsettling large amount of innocent people. The mortgage investors involved in this fiasco are a … Read more

Emperor Vader Speech Essay

Emperor Vader By: Daniel Lim What if Vader had won against Obi-Wan? How would the galaxy be like? Hey thanks for all the reviews and comments! Really appreciate them! Rated: Fiction T – English – Sci-Fi – Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala – Chapters: 6 – Words: 6,635 – Reviews: 20 – Favs: 24 – Follows: … Read more