Discrimination In Employment

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) makes it illegal to discrimination against employees and job applicants who are over the age of forty. Discrimination includes the hiring and firing of individuals due to age as well as differentiating salary, benefits, and job assignment because of age. All employers that have over 20 … Read more

Prince Vs Cariou Brief Summary Essay

Prince v. Cariou Brief Statement of the Case Plaintiff Patrick Cariou sought summary judgement on the issue of liability of copyright infringement. Defendants Richard Prince, Gagosian Gallter, Inc. , and Lawurence Gagosian sought a determination that their use of Plaintiff’s copyrighted photographs was a “fair use” under the relevant section of the Copyright Act, 17 … Read more

Music Copyright

Music Copyright is a very important aspect of the music industry. The Copyright law was established to preserve the creativity and rights of authors, composers, performers of expression. Copyright is the law that protects the property rights of the creator of an original work in a fixed tangible medium. (http://askjeeves. com/copyright/html) A fixed tangible medium … Read more

Canada’s Copyright Laws

Canada’s copyright law is one of our hardest laws to enforce. The reason the police have so much trouble enforcing this law, is due to technology. This law is very easy to break, and once broken, it is very hard to track down violators. So although some form of a copyright law is needed, the … Read more