Summary: Benefits Of Shale Gas Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a sixty-year-old industry; however, in recent years availability and innovative fracking processes have created a boom, rendering the U. S. economy less vulnerable to alarming oil prices. “In 2009, the United States finally outpaced Russia to become the world’s top natural gas producer” (Walker). And now the nation enjoys many benefits … Read more

Keystone Pipeline Argumentative Analysis Essay

In the XXI century, the use of the oil and its derivatives has become widespread all around the world. Petroleum supplies one-third of the world energy, and it is the primary economic activity of many countries such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Emirates Arab United; however, behind all the economical advantages that the oil brings … Read more

Bellamar Cave Essay

Bellamar Caves are a National Monument that is located in Matanzas, Cuba, they are a set of cave with more than 23 kilometers of galleries. By the beauty of its gallery and caves, they were declared a National Monument. The galleries and passages of the cave started forming about 300 thousand years ago. According to … Read more