Diversity In North Carolina

In North Carolina there exists a small rural community college. This community college served the academic needs to six surrounding counties. Its mission was to offer a high-quality, ground-breaking education, and student support that stimulated scholarly achievement, educational excellence, and economic growth. The English as a Second Language (E. S. L. ) program fell under … Read more

Minority Groups In The United States

All groups are not treated or viewed equally in all societies. Sometimes, a minority group can be defined by constituting a smaller percentage of the population than another group. However, sometimes a minority constitutes the majority of the population. A minority group is a subordinate group which has significantly less control over their lives than … Read more

Black Swamp Festival

For my event I attended the Black Swamp Arts Festival back in September. This festival was over a whole weekend and it was filled with eclectic styles of art and music. Walking through the festival and seeing the different booths made me feel like I was in a whole new world sometimes. The art was … Read more

Transracial Adoption Literature Review Essay

Transracial adoption occurs when two parents of one race or ethnicity adopt a child of another (Hoffman, Pena, 2013). Through the years there has been significant controversy surrounding transracial adoptions as it has been said that “(white families) no matter how well intentioned, may be ill equipped to help black children survive in a racist … Read more