Virtual Attack Case Summary

A good case example to showcase US actions in virtual warfare took place in 2014 with the alleged hacks by North Korea on the US companies Sony Pictures. Although not committed on the US government directly, the 2014 Sony Hack represents an indirect virtual attack on US interests. This episode of virtual conflict is one … Read more

What Caused The Russian Revolution Essay

“Peace, land, and bread” (Sokolskaya). That indeed was the supposed fulfillment made by Vladimir Lenin to the citizens of Russia, in order to seize power from the Tsar. Little did the people know that they might have been better off with Czar Nicholas II, rather than the Bolsheviks. The Russian Revolution unsuspectingly made negative impacts … Read more

Bloody Sunday Research Paper

The phrase bloody sunday is used all across the world on some sundays where people have a unwanted project, or an important dead line the next day. It is the dreaded cram sessions that no one looks forward to. But where did the phrase “bloody sunday” originate from? The first Bloody Sunday took place in … Read more

Ivan The Terrible Personality Essay

Tsar Ivan the Terrible, or Ivan IV, was born on August 25, 1530 to Grand Prince Vasilii and wife Elena Glinskaya. Even at the beginning of his life, it seemed that Ivan IV was going to have a rather unusual childhood, even by noble Russian family standards. His father, Grand Prince Vasilii III, died when … Read more

Catherine II, Empress of Russia

One of the most interesting, hard-working and powerful people to grace the pages of history during the eighteenth century was Catherine II, Empress of Russia. Historians have not always been so kind to her memory, and all too often one reads accounts of her private life, ignoring her many achievements. The stories of her love … Read more

Catherine The Great

Throughout history, Russia has been viewed as a regressive cluster of barely civilized people on the verge of barbarism. In the eighteenth century, ideas of science and secularism grasped hold of Europe, and Russian Czars, realizing how behind Muscovite culture was, sought out this knowledge, attempting to imbed it into Russian society. Catherine II was … Read more

Consolidation of Democracy in Post-Soviet Russia

The fall of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union was more than a political event. The powerful interaction and fusion between politics and economics that characterized the state socialist system created a situation that was unique for the successor states of the Soviet Union. The penetration of the Communist regime into every facet of … Read more


Both the French and Russian revolutions occurred because of two main reasons. Both of these revolutions were the direct results of bad leadership and a bad economy. These two reasons along with other factors caused both of these revolutions. Although they were both similar, they also had differences. A difference between the two is that … Read more

The National Anthem Of Chechnya

The methods that Russia has used to deal with the break-away Republic of Chechnya has caught the eye of the world media, and not without good cause. This dynamic portion of the former Soviet Union is seen as a predecessor of things to come from other pieces of the dead communist giant. So many different … Read more

The Revolutionary Czar Of Russia

Peter the First of Russia (more commonly known as Peter the Great) was born the son of Alexis Michailovich Romanov and Natalia Cyrilovna Narishkina on June 9, 1672 in Moscow, Russia (2:242-243). Alexis was overjoyed, and a great gingerbread cake with the double eagle was made, cannons were fired, and bells rang all over the … Read more

The Rise of Communism in Russia

“Unless we accept the claim that Lenins coup dtat gave birth to an entirely new state, and indeed to a new era in the history of mankind, we must recognize in todays Soviet Union the old empire of the Russians — the only empire that survived into the mid 1980’s” (Luttwak, 1). In their Communist … Read more