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Analyst Questionnaire: GEICO

Analyst Questionnaire – Asen Voynov

Please fill in your name, replacing the highlighted “Your Name” text above with your first and last names, and answer the questions below to the best of your ability. When saving, rename the file by replacing the “Candidate Last Name” portion with your last name.

1) How did you hear about our career opportunities at GEICO? I heard about this opportunity during the recent career fair (9/20-9/22) at Arizona State University

2) Have you ever applied to or worked for GEICO in the past? If so, when? What were the results? No

3) What other jobs/companies are you currently applying for/to? I am currently applying to Equity Methods and State Farm

4) Do you have any current offers? When is your deadline to respond? I do not have any offers yet

5) Have you declined any offers? If so, why? N/A

6) Do you have the legal right to work in the United States? Yes

7) Will you now or in the future require sponsorship for employment visa status? (e.g. H1B, TN1) No

8) What are your salary requirements? $50000

9) If applicable, are you willing and able to relocate to the DC metro area? Please provide me with a 1-10 rating on how interested you are in relocating. Why that number? Yes, I am willing to relocate. 6 – I choose this number because it accurately demonstrates my willingness to relocate

10) When are/have you graduating/graduated? When are you able to start a full-time position? I am graduating in May 2017, and I will be able to start right away.

11) What is your most updated overall GPA score? Within-major GPA? Overall – 3.69; Economics GPA – 3.28; Business (Global Politics) GPA – 4.15

12) Please provide your SAT \ ACT scores including the breakdown of the individual results. Composite SAT score – 1020; Math – 530, Writing – 490, Essay – 7, Multiple Choice – 50

13) What is/are your long-term career goal(s)? In the long-term I see myself working for and growing with a company, taking on new challenges and working with people who can help me learn and develop new skills. My main goal is to develop my skills and utilize them in order to make a difference through my work and over time acquire a more leadership orientated position.

14) What are you top three primary factors that you are considering when deciding between different companies? 1. Growth and development opportunities within the company. 2. Company’s reputation and public opinion. 3. Culture and values of the company.

15) Why are you interested in specifically working for GEICO? Currently I am a GEICO client and as such I have had an amazing experience with the company and its services. I believe that GEICO will be an amazing company to start my career and a place where I will be able to make a difference. The fact that it has been a leader in the industry for the last 75 years, as well as being the fastest growing auto insurer gives me confidence that a career with GEICO would be the right path to take immediately after graduating college.

16) What motivated you to apply for this particular position? As an Economics major, I am actively seeking positions which will enable me to utilize the knowledge and skills that I have acquired over the last 4 years I have spent at Arizona State University. I believe that working for GEICO as a Product Strategy Analyst will give me the opportunity not only to apply everything I have learned in college, but it will also give me the chance to keep on learning and developing, both personally and professionally.

17) Could you tell me your story on why you chose your major/field? Ever since I took an economics class in high school I was both intrigued and fascinated by the complexity and depth of the field. Back then I was 16 years old, but I already knew what my future major in college would be and probably what I want to do for a living. Over the next couple of years, a lot of people told me that I will change my mind and did not believe that I could possible know from so early on what I want to do. Yet these comments instead of discouraging me, acted as a source of motivation which only served as a conformation that I was on the right track.

18) How do you believe your degree and unique skills and experience match up to the requirements of this position? The position description posted on GEICO’s careers website states that the company is looking for individuals with strong quantitative skills and analytical background. I believe that the degree in Economics which I will acquire in May 2017 has and will provide me with the qualities and skills needed to perform on the highest level and meet high expectations. In addition, I am very adaptable, due to the fact that I moved to the United States from Bulgaria 3 years ago and managed to quickly assimilate into American society. This unique experience will enable me to quickly transition from the classroom to the office, where I could also contribute with my foreign language skills, which could prove very useful.

19) Could you tell me about an analytical project that you have worked on that is relevant to this position? Currently I am working on a project for my Applied Regression Analysis class, in which together with one other student we need to produce a statistical analysis and forecast on a topic of our choice, which in our case is the road safety in America. In our project we will examine the correlation between number of deaths on the highways with age, gender, road conditions, vehicle type and other contributing factors. The main tool which we will utilize in the making of this project is STATA, through which we will run the needed regressions and conduct most of the analysis.

20) When is the best time during regular business hours (EST) to reach you by phone for a 45 minute interview? Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11:30AM and 2:00PM (EST), or Monday through Friday after 5:00PM (EST).

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