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Syrian Refugees In America

Should Syrian Refugees Be Allowed To Resettle In America? Would you ever allow an individual who you’ve never met or known what their intentions are into your home? Some people see this relate this example to the Syrian refugee issue that America is facing at the time. It has been widely debated as to whether or not the United States should allow ten thousand Syrian refugees into this country to vanish from war and brutal events in their home country.

Over the past few years, over 11 million Syrian civilians have been forced to leave and flee from their homes because of the civil war broke out in that country. Individuals as well as families, are attempting to make their way into the United States with hopes of resettling and escaping the brutal life in Syria. However, these people are unknown to our country and could pose many threats and potentially put America in deeper issues. A majority of state governors have already denied the entry of these Syrian civilians because they feel it puts the U. S. in danger.

Syrian refugees should be denied from resettling in the United States due to the fact that they pose too much of a potential threat to the country as well as the intentions of the resettlers being unclear and possibly violent. First of all, the United States allowing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country, opens the door for the question of how many of these resettlers from Syria have intentions of harming or being potential terrorists?

There have been several terrorist strikes on the United States, as well as, other countries, where the individuals who performed the attack were brought into the country on a refugee process. The recent attack on Paris, in late November, was carried out by man who entered France with a Syrian passport, who posed as a migrant. This example gives an insight on what could possibly happen if 10,000 refugees are let into the country to resettle. Of those ten thousand people, one person could be a terrorist with cruel intentions, and it only takes a single person to kill many other people.

A valid point made by Marco Rubio states, “Here’s the problem. You allow 10,000 people in. And 9,999 of them are innocent people feeling oppression. And one of them is a well-trained ISIS fighter…” . (Governors 1). With this in mind, it would be too precarious to allow these 10,000 people into the country not knowing who they are, and what their intentions will be when they arrive here. Especially because it can only take one brutal mind to kill massive groups of innocent people. In addition, the screening process and background check for these people can possibly be deceiving.

Trying to determine which ten thousand of the Syrian refugees will be permitted into the United States will be a lengthy process. There have been several ideas in which gender and age restrictions will be put on Syrians who are attempting to resettle in the country. Fox News reports about the new age and gender regulation. “Given the new circumstances, you allow the women and the children and the men over 50, as you did in the past. But you’re extra careful, extra scrutiny for the men of fighting age.

The ones who do this stuff, and for each of them you require a positive vetting not just the absence of a negative one” (Governors Refusing 1). However, this idea could still allow terrorists to make their way into the United States. With the age and gender restrictions, it does not guarantee that the women and kids or the men past the fighting age will not try and harm our Country and its civilians. Anyone could be a terrorist, it is not always young males who do the harm. It could more than likely be a women, or in some circumstances, a child could be raised to be a terrorist.

Attempting to screen and evaluate who comes into this country could be an effective way to try and stop terrorists from entering the country, however, there is no way to determine if the refugees that the government views as the “ideal” people to let resettle here are going to live innocently, or try and sabotage the United States. Furthermore, one of every 50,000 veterans in The United States are homeless. If there is housing and benefits for the 10,000 Syrian refugees, the people who are strangers to this country, why is there not these opportunities for the people who fought to preserve and maintain our freedom?

There are too many veterans who have served our country and went above and beyond their duties to keep our country safe, who lie on the street, in desperate need of shelter and food. However, congress planning on resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees, people who have done nothing for this country. These refugees will have their needs tended to before the veterans. Why should Syrian strangers to this country be housed and taken care of before the people who risked their lives protecting it? The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development states, “47,725 veterans are homeless on any given night” (National 1).

That heart shattering statistic opens the eyes of many people and causes them think whether or not it is worth it to house 10,000 Syrian Refugees when about 50,000 people who kept them safe are currently homeless. Veterans, without a doubt, should be taken care of before The United States allows the Syrian refugees into the country. On the contrary, some may believe that Syrian refugees should be accepted into the United States because they feel that denying them would be cruel, and allowing them to resettle here is the moral thing to do.

Alex Nowrasteh writes about how there needs to be a legitimate reason to deny the refugees. “The problem isn’t that the United States and European governments aren’t doing enough to help Syrians – they’re doing much too much to block them from coming here. We should stop. Unless there is a legitimate security, criminal or health concern, we should let the Syrians in” (Syrian 1). That quote makes a valid point stating that unless we have a logical reason to deny the refugees, we should be accepting them.

However, The United States does have a valid reason to deny these people from entering the country. The reason is that our security system has flaws and there is always the risk of terrorists making their way into the country. For example, the recent attack at the retirement home in California is a perfect example. One of the shooters was not even a citizen of The United States, the women who was involved in the attack was the other fighter’s wife. This woman was brought into The United States with backgrounds of being from Syria, she has also been tied to ISIS relations.

This is just one example of Syrian people making their way into the country with harmful intentions. If 10,000 refugees are let into the country, there is no way to be certain that the people do not have a cruel desiire to damage the country. The United States does have a valid reason for denying the refugees. This country has to protect itself before it protects people from other countries. Although some people may think it is the humane thing to do, it can potentially put too many people in The United States in harm’s way.

Ass you can see, the Syrian refugee issue is one that will be widely debated for a long time. Some believe that we should allow the refugees to resettle here because it is the right thing to do, while others feel that accepting them will cause too many problems. If eventually The United States allows the 10,000 refugees to enter into the country there will be many things that will have to be reconsidered. Security among these refugees will have to be strict and watched over carefully, to ensure no terrorist actions are happening, because it only takes one person to kill many innocent people.

Also, the age and gender restrictions will have to be strictly followed and kept under tight surveillance because any refugee could make a deceiving move in the screening process. Lastly, there are 50,000 homeless veterans, these homeless people are the reason why this country is free and they are suffering. Allowing the 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country will cause several problems. That is why Syrian refugees should be denied from resettling in the United States due to the fact that they pose too much of a potential threat to the country as well as the intentions of the resettlers being unclear and possibly violent.

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