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Exemplification Essay: Imigrating To The US

My third great grandfather was the one who moved to America from Germany on my grandma’s side. If he did not feel like America was the place he should continue in life I most definetly would be an entirely different person, in all likelihood living in a different county. My great grandfather, Gottlob, did the process to be an American the legal way. Because he did it the right way, our family today is living normal American lives. A majority of my family is still living in the place he chose to settle and live the rest of his life. A mass of people agree that immigration is a problem in America.

I feel the “New Colossus”, which states we are all equal, is not referring to just Americans. Just because it is placed in America does not mean it is limited to everyone else outside our country. The Statue Of liberty is meant to welcome immigrants coming from their home countries. Today it seems people do not really read the words and take them to heart as seriously as it was intended to be. Immigrants were very welcome when the poem was first hung up, but now it has made a very drastic turn and now immigrants seems to be turned away more and more.

My credibility to this subject is I am an American that is going to have to deal with immigrants the same as everyone else. I recognize the problem immigrants cause in the United States. But Immigrants “taking our jobs” is not something we have to be against. If an American said that their country is not to his or her liking, and moved to another country that may seem beneficial to them. How would it be bad for them to find a job or career in the so called country and for them to be looked down upon because they were not born there.

It is not anyone’s fault where or how they were born, but it is their choice on where or how they want to live. If countries are turning down immigrants because they want to have a job and provide for themselves and family how are they setting a good face for their country. Most reasons people want to immigrate to America is because they might have had a poor negative lifestyle they had to move on from, for themselves and or for family. Some may have left their home country because of poverty. Poor wages and living conditions is not what anyone wants.

So I agree with moving somewhere that I think I may stand a chance or at least have a better chance of living a better life. Other reason someone might consider immigrating to the united states is to get away from the war that may be going on around them or their children. Conflict like that can set a negative impact on children so I would encourage children to get away from that, even if the parents cannot immigrate with them. I feel the future generations should have a chance to actually be the future in every positive way. Freedom of religion is a cause to journey to America.

There is a great deal of religions practiced and there are a lot of people that respect others even when they share different beliefs. Jobs is a big reason people immigrate, even though americans are not happy about people coming for jobs it is helping them. And having new people from different culture and people that come from other lifestyles are bringing their ideas to the United States and businesses and may positively provide for their company. There are many reasons and some very good reasons why immigrants are not wanted in the country.

A majority of people are saying there are not as many jobs because the immigrants are taking them, but then again, some are saying they are not. No tall, but a small group of people throughout the country may be against immigrants coming to America because of race. People have the “American Pride” deeply running through their veins, but the do not really look at what america stands for. The “white power” people live by is not a good influence on the country. Not a lot of people live by these, but the once that do are not a good reflection of the country they live in.

Everyone deserves a chance and if they are looked down upon for it, how are they going to think they can do better if they are told the opposite. Now a very scary reason people do not want immigration and i agree with it, is terrorism. Terrorism is terrifying some fear it everyday, some were actually very affected by it. But i do not see any reason for terrorism if we treat everyone fairly, and that’s speaking of an entirely different, perfect world. But if things are changing in ways that can prevent terrorism, then it will lessen the chance.

The benefits people don’t see for themselves and the country that of immigrants, is when the immigrants take jobs from natural born Americans, but maybe the jobs that aren’t being regularly taken by Americans can be offered to immigrants, and more likely than not be taken. It is understood that jobs are still being “taken away” from Americans that want the so called jobs. But because immigrants don’t ask for much they are chosen over the ones that ask to get paid more. And a lot sees unfairness in this, but consumers are not going to pay a mass load if they don’t have to.

The one thing I absolutely do not stand on side with is the fact that illegal immigrants are getting jobs because they definitely don’t ask to get paid a lot of money, that is unfair. Not all consumers play a fair game. So if immigrants are going to come to America, it should be the responsibility of the country and the person, him or herself, to check the layout on coming to a country. A lot of immigrant get looked down upon by the majority of the country, even if they actually did the process the legal way. Discrimination is a real problem everyone deals with.

And people do it without knowing the person’s background, and a lot of people get judged for the “county they come from” when most may in fact have been born in the United States. I am very thankful my great grandfather, Gottlob, moved immigrated to America because my family has a very good foundation in America for them and their own family’s. Also it is very interesting knowing I have and immigrant descendant. I can go look back at where they lived and look at what scenarios where go on in their home town at the time of their departure.

A mass majority of Americans don’t realize that they most likely come from an immigrant down their family line, and go around judging others when their family may have been around the same predicaments as the judged person. The world has very many problems but shutting problems that people cannot help, but it is not a good way to go about them. Turning away immigrants does not solve anything. Choices to live a better life should be done in legal and appropriate manner.

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