Argumentative Essay: The Battle And The War

American rights and the Constitution are both reasons why the United States is a wonderful land of liberty. However, as time has advanced many laws have either been reconstructed or repealed. Recently, President Barack Obama proposed gun control legislation that inflamed the division among the American citizens into two groups, those who favor the restrictions … Read more

Gun Culture In America

Gun culture in the United States of America has prevailed ever since the beginning of this country’s history. The Second Amendment, written in 1776, protects an individual’s rights to “bear arms” without punishment. Many problems with this law have arisen since 1776, such as a growing number of suicide, accidental, and mass-shooting related deaths. Because … Read more

American Gun Rights

In the world that humanity has constructed it has left itself vulnerable to threats that nobody could comprehend: terror, mass murderers, chemical warfare, and numerous others. These fears have caused a vast rift in the population of the United States. People just do not feel safe anymore and how the population is dealing with their … Read more

Describe The Process Of Downloading Shotgun Shells

The process of reloading shotgun shells is quite simple, but there are a few critical things that you need to know. Many people reload shells to save money, or they enjoy doing things for themselves. Reloading shells at home is cheaper than buying them if you don’t mind the extra work. Reloading can be broken … Read more

Arguments Against Gun Control Essay

There is no doubt that guns are an integral part of American history. Throughout the years there have been numerous debates over whether gun control is a respectable solution for the United States. Therefore, two extremely evident sides have shaped: one for weapon control and one against it. The people for weapon control have contended … Read more

Essay On Why Guns Are Bad

Gun Control: Why Guns Lead to Problems and Not Solutions Guns are a rather contentious topic to discuss. Chances are–if you haven’t been living under a rock—you’ve recently heard some form of televised debate on their legality at some point. One of the major topics being discussed in the 2016 Presidential campaign is the right … Read more

A Rhetorical Analysis Of Debbie Dingells Powerful Speech Essay

Following the wake of the Pulse Shooting in Orlando, the Democrats in the House of Representatives staged a sit-in protest as an attempt to force their Republican counterparts into voting for stricter gun legislation. The legislation in question would ban suspected terrorists from purchasing guns, in addition to requiring universal background checks prior to the … Read more

Hand Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

Defending Americas Youth Picture a class of twenty elementary students hidden under desks around the classroom, and the teacher is begging the children to stop sobbing. Down the hall the sound of gunshots ring out the sounds of people screaming and begging for help can be heard. The shooter is moving closer and closer to … Read more

Brief History of the NRA

The National Rifle Association in its simplest form is the largest gun club in the world. The organization was founded in 1871 by former Union Army officers to encourage sport shooting in order to have a fine tuned militia in case of emergency. The Union officers believed that a well regulated militia was integral for … Read more