Annotated Bibliography: New Cold War

1). Debose, C. & DeAngelo, E. (2015). New Cold War: Russia’s Ban on Adoptions by U.S Citizens. Children’s Issues, 28(1), 63-76. Retrieved from This journal article discusses in detail, the proposed solutions for improving American and Russian inter country adoptions without specifically banning American adoptions. It also examines the controversy over the ban, the … Read more

Cold War Impact

“Here’s my strategy on the Cold War: we win, they lose. ”- Ronald Reagan. The Cold War was a time of distress between the United States and the Soviet Union during 1947-1991. It was a struggle because it was against two powerful nations, Capitalism vs Communism, and most importantly, between two nuclear superpowers. The United … Read more

Essay about Robert Oppenheimer Atomic Age

Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Age Born April 22, 1904 J. Robert Oppenheimer, an American theoretical physicist, was a significant individual of the 20th century for his contributions to the Manhattan Project. Often referred to as the father of the Atomic Bomb, Oppenheimer led the scientific research and construction of the nuclear warhead from 1942 … Read more

Persuasive Essay: The Ethical Use Of Nuclear Weapons

Use Of Nuclear Weapons By Thesis: The creation and use of nuclear weapons were an unnecessary, unsafe, and an unethical addition to the war industries already expansive arsenal. I. Nuclear weapons have a short, but expansive history. a) People who made the first discoveries about fission paved the way for nuclear weapons science. b) The … Read more

Robotic Argumentative Analysis Research Paper

Technological innovation—at least in consumer culture—often pairs with entertainment platforms. Smartphones, tablets, and even watches have been creating a tech reliant culture. While creative mediums have expressed caution for technology, the present day has embraced constant evolution. The main reason for the adoption of technology has been the maintenance of human control. Once human control … Read more

Essay On Operation Fishbowl

In 1962 as part of a larger nuclear test program, Operation Dominic, the United States conducted a series of high altitude nuclear tests named Operation Fishbowl. Three high altitude nuclear tests were planned with two low yield tests added at a later date. They were to be launched on Thor missiles from Johnston Island in … Read more

Atomic Bomb Essay

Herbert Feis served as the Special Consultant to three Secretaries of War. This book was his finale to a series on the governmental viewed history of World War II, one of these receiving the Pulitzer Prize. Mr. Feis gives personal accounts in a strictly factual description leaving out no information that the president and high … Read more

The Atomic Bomb

It was during the Second World War that the United States became a world power, thanks in a large part to its monopoly on atomic weapons. The atomic bomb is a weapon with great explosive power that results form the sudden release of energy upon the splitting, or fission of the nuclei of such heavy … Read more

The Black Market

The Black Market is defined as people who engage in illicit trade. Smuggling of Nuclear weapons plays a role in this. The Russians, U. S. , and other countries are involved. Russia has been one the move since the Cold War ended. The Russians position threat to many lives with nuclear sales. Many Russian affiliations … Read more