Interpreting The Constitution

The most used defense in United States history has always been the Constitution. People have justified many deeds and/or criminal actions with this document. Written a little over two hundred years ago, it’s no surprise that the Constitution is highly debated. In fact, the United States has an entire branch of government specifically for interpreting … Read more

Essay on Legal And Ethical Issues In Counseling

Anyone contemplating an occupation in correctional counseling, or is currently practicing should fully understand the multitude of legal and ethical issues required in order to be an effective counselor. Understanding legal and ethical issues is necessary for several reasons. First, individuals in correctional institutions use litigation indeed, and it is prudent for counselors to fully … Read more

Essay about Tom Donnelly Making Popular Constitutionalism

In American Constitutional thought, it is generally regarded that the Judicial Branch and the courts should be independent from political sway. The Legislative and Executive branches were designed to represent the will of the people at the time, but the third branch is to remain isolated. Blatantly activist judges are generally regarded as unacceptable. It’s … Read more

Methamphetamine Case Summary Essay

INTRODUCTION: This case involves the suspect being arrested for H&S 11377(a)Possession of Methamphetamine, H&S 11364(a)-Possession of drug paraphernalia and PC 148(a)(1)-Resisting/Delaying a Peace Officer. LOCATION DESCRIPTION: This incident occurred inside 848 Summit Avenue #1. The location is a rear duplex to the rear of a long east-west driveway running along the north side of 844 … Read more