Auto Wreck by Karl Shapiro Analysis

Karl Shapiro’s “Auto Wreck” is a poem about a car accident. The speaker in the poem describes the scene of the accident, and the aftermath. The poem ends with the speaker reflecting on the event, and its potential significance. “Auto Wreck” is a powerful poem that speaks to the fragility of life, and the importance … Read more

I Sit And Look Out Theme

In “I Sit and Look Out,” Walt Whitman observes the world around him and reflects on the human condition. He begins by noting that he is not “blind” to the beauty of nature, but he sees beyond its surface. Instead, Whitman sees the world as a place of suffering and injustice. He sees people who … Read more

The Whipping By Robert Hayden

The Whipping is a poem by Robert Hayden. The poem tells the story of a boy who is whipped by his mother. The boy’s mother is angry at him for playing with a white girl. The boy’s father tries to stop the whipping, but the mother continues. The boy’s mother eventually stops and the boy … Read more

Singapore Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver’s poem “Singapore” is a beautiful poem about the city of Singapore. In the poem, Oliver describes the city as a place of great beauty and wonder. She writes about the city’s many different cultures and how they come together to create a unique and vibrant place. The poem is a celebration of the … Read more

Coming Into Language Summary

Jimmy Santiago Baca is an American poet who is known for his work about the immigrant experience. One of his most famous poems, “Coming Into Language”, tells the story of a young boy who is struggling to learn English in school. The poem explores the child’s frustration and confusion as he tries to make sense … Read more

A Fig For Thee Oh Death

Edward Taylor’s poem “A FIgg For The Oh Death” is a haunting and powerful exploration of death. The poem centers around the speaker’s fear of death, and their attempts to rationalize and come to terms with their own mortality. The poem is both dark and hopeful, offering a unique perspective on death and what comes … Read more

Golden Retrievals Analysis

Golden Retrievals is a poem by Mark Doty. The poem is about a golden retriever who loves to fetch things. The speaker in the poem is the dog, and he talks about how he loves to retrieve things for his owner. The speaker in Hawk Roosting is the hawk itself. The hawk is talking about … Read more

South Poem

Kamau Brathwaite’s poem “South” is a beautiful and powerful piece that speaks to the human experience in a way that is both relatable and unique. The poem explores the concept of home, and how it can be both a physical place and an emotional state. Brathwaite’s use of language and imagery creates a vivid picture … Read more

To Paint A Water Lily Analysis

“To Paint a Water Lily” by Ted Hughes is a poem that explores the beauty and fragility of nature. The speaker describes the process of painting a water lily, and how the delicate flower is transformed into art. The poem begins with the speaker describing the scene before them: a water lily floating on a … Read more

In Japan Beyond Poem

The poem “In Japan Beyond” by Yone Noguchi, talks about the issue of immigration that goes on in America. It deals with the struggle all immigrants have when they leave their homeland to venture off to a new land in hopes for finding opportunity and a better lifestyle; which can summarize the situation for many … Read more