Stamp Act Thesis Essay

The Stamp Act The British Parliament had a great expectation to collect a massive amount by imposing unjust Stamp Act (taxation) upon the thirteen colonies. The brand new tax law demands the colonists to pay tax on different type of paper items. Under Prime Minster George Grenville the British government was struggling to finance the … Read more

Why Is Kenya Successful Essay

The African country, Kenya was colonized by the British in the late nineteenth century. By the middle of the twentieth century, Kenya aspired to gain its independence in attempt to begin to unify an independent Africa. They also desperately wanted independence to fix economic and social neglect, along with the injustices of the colonial era. … Read more

Jamaica Kincaid A Small Place Analysis Essay

Mary Louise Pratt, a professor at NYU and travel writer, coined the term “travelee” to describe travel writers who write about their native lands. Jamaica Kincaid, native to Antigua and an established travel author, wrote the 1988 essay, A Small Place, describing her feelings towards tourists and British colonialists and her native land of Antigua. … Read more

How Did The Empire Influence British Culture And Identity Essay

According to (Porter, 2008) some historians have refuted and claimed that the empire does have the influence on British culture and national identity. Famous historian Bernard Porter has made an argument about the extent of imperial propaganda, which has been grossly exaggerated for the period earlier to the 1880’s, and after few decades later the … Read more