Free College In America

Free college is a utopic vision created from the 2016 election that promotes and idealizes socialism. This seemingly unattainable goal for Americans has been created on a foundation of poor information. However, the reality is that affordable college is coming around the corner. The piles of student loan debt accumulated are forcing Americans to make … Read more

Is A College Education Worth It Essay

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). This statement means that the education given, can be used to change the world or used in different ways to make a change. Education is the most powerful thing to use to change the world. Lately, people have been … Read more

Materialism In Rebekah Nathan’s Taking My Parents To College Essay

Technology like any other resource has its limitations. Individuals, such as college students are one of the main reasons for materialism. A problem with society that has lingered for years is the distinction people cannot make between a need and a want. Now, in the twenty first century, many items are considered a need but … Read more

Essay on College Career Goals

Describe your college and career goals. Explain how LBCPA will help you to attain them. As a child who has the most opportunity in my immigrant family, I wish to pursue the American Dream and my first step is to get an excellent college education. My goals for college is to attend either Harvard University, … Read more

Steve Jobs Drop Out Of College Essay

Steve Jobs, an American businessman, was one of the most successful individuals of all the time. Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 and he was best known as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs dropped out of college and he became successful despite not having and education. In Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address … Read more

Essay on Low Income Students

Students that originate from low-income or working class families face many challenges within the pursuit of an advanced education. Most research demonstrates that the rising cost of education negatively impacts low-income students and creates an added barrier to their success, graduation rates and social economic status after graduation. The is the rising cost of Higher … Read more