Gender Wage Australia

If you think widening gender pay gap was an issue of the past for advanced economies such as Australia, think again. Recent statistics have revealed that Australia has plunged behind our OECD counterparts since its peak at 2004 due to a reverse trend arising in the past decade. Extensive media coverage combined with feasible policies … Read more

Rhetorical Analysis Thesis Essay

In the United States, about, “45. 3 million” people live in poverty (Current). A man by the name of Matthew O’Brien wrote an article called Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can’t Afford Food, published in 2014 in the Atlantic. He argues that the poor people are becoming sick due to their inability … Read more

Bambara The Lesson Essay

Economic inequality is something that has been a problem in the United States for years and has not gotten much better. The author, Toni Cade Bambara, wrote a short story called “The Lesson” which is focused on economic inequality during the sixties. Bambara especially focused on the economic inequality in African American communities. She, also, … Read more

Income Inequality Research Paper

Economic inequality is the differences found in various measures of the economy within individuals of a group, groups in a population, and among countries. (Huffington Post 1). Economic inequality is sometimes called income inequality, wealth inequality, or the wealth gap. (The Equality Trust 2). There are three main types of economic inequality. Income, is the … Read more