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Introduction For several centuries, during the colonial period, the Philippines has been severely immersed in foreign influences particularly by Spain, Japan and America. Consequently their culture, lifestyle, customs and fashion sense has been mainly defined by influences from these countries as well. However, before the colonization, Philippines has yet to establish its own identity; thus […]

Context Page Introduction 2 History of avian-garden 2-3 Avian-garden in fashion history 3 Contemporary fashion and avian-garden 3 Discussion of Suzan Hens’ autumn/ winter collection 4 Discussion of Assistant Louse’s 2011 autumn/winter collections-5 Discussion of Black Coffee’s 2013 winter collection 5-6 Discussion of Luda Inglenooks 2012 autumn/winter collection 6-7 Discussion of Taboo Machete’s 2012 collection […]

The History of Fashion & Costume Fashion & Costume Costume has developed for thousands of years, the most obvious line of division is the male and female dress. The Greeks and the Romans wore tunics which are similar to skirts. In this period the garments would have a draped detail whether it is masculine or […]

Men’s clothing Shirt, braces, and schusses underclothes consisted of an Inner tunic (French challenges) or shirt with long, tight levees, and drawers or braise, usually of linen. Tailored cloth leggings called schusses or hose, made as separate garments for each leg, were often worn with the tunic; striped hose were popular. [l] During this period, […]

History Of Fashion In The Twenties How the women and fashion changed? In sass fashion history, the initial break with the traditional styles stemmed from the inspiration drawn from the Aesthetic and Rational Dress Reform Movements of the late 19th century. Exciting theatrical costume designs which broke the rules also paved the way for more […]

To inform Specific purpose: To inform my audience fashion history of Homeowners between 1900?1950 Central idea: Western fashion history of Homeowners between 1900-1950 were highly influenced by history event such as World War I and II Main idea: l. WWW brought Asia culture to Europe and Japanese dress are one of the major influence II. […]

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