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Toy Story Essay

The understanding of a film-makers role in society is modestly misconstrued. Common knowledge of a film producer is a person who creates a story and turns it into a movie. Films are made up by a wide variety of genres which are given appropriate ratings before being released to the public. Popular film types that have been produced are family-oriented, action packed, thrillers that require a lot of work, which involve actors and other graphic media related elements in order to create the producers image.

Despite the knowledge of these films being fictional and made for entertainment, certain members of society view these made up films as conspiracies. According to Google the definition of a conspiracy is “A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful”. To others who believe in conspiracies, it means a secret society trying to warn the public of a big plan. People find “hidden messages” through anything such like social media or money, yet the fan base of Pixar, who is a large marketing base of film-makers, have made a connection between every movie produced by this company.

The theory is that each of their movies exist within the same universe. Before acknowledging if this theory is true, rationally thinking, the way Pixar markets their brand can be referred to as a point of enlightenment. Each movie starts with the lamp entering the scene from the right hand side, as the lamp makes its way down the screen it stops at the l of the word Pixar and pounces it in, intern taking its place, and completing the company’s name. As the intro fades out the lamp turns on and the scene becomes dark, which is a metaphor that points back to the term enlightenment.

Fans of Pixar call hidden messages “easter eggs” that hint toward the exciting riddle each movies give. According to bloop animation, a youtuber who created “The Pixar Theory”, claims that the connection of the movies begins with the movie “Brave”. Brave was released on June 22, 2012 about a princess staged in medieval times who visits a witch and asks for an enchantment to help the princess and her mother get along. The theory suggests that the witch is actually boo, who is one of the main characters of “Monsters inc”. In the film fans spotted boo’s monster sully carved into a wooden sculpture.

Although this might be a coincidence, given deeper thought, fans believe that boo ended up in the enchanted forest by the way monsters traveled in the film. They were able to put these clues together by the witches obsession with bears and the advancement of her carvings. In the movie fans also noticed a pizza truck that is commonly placed in pixar films hinting that their universe is the same. Although this connection between the two seems far fetched, Bloop believes pixar is trying to convey the power struggles between animals, humans, technology.

Stating “If the films being are set in a pixar universe, then the story being told is a darker more apocalyptic one. ” “Toy Story” is an excellent representation of the modern world. The trilogy begins with Andy who takes very good care of his toys. As the inanimate objects come alive the audience learns these toys have feelings and really love Andy for playing with them. The next movie release suggests that toys do not understand much of the human world except for the basic interaction that they receive from their owners.

Jessie, who is the female version of Woody shows signs of frustration and confusion as to why her owner abandoned her. Fans of “Toy Story” were able to connect Jessie to Andy’s mother by details given in scenes. The toy believed her owner donated her, and it was easy to sway the audience into believe the same because of the donation box jessie was placed in, however by paying closer attention to the scene, fans noticed the box was actually to be placed on a moving truck. By using logic one can concluded that jessie was the mother’s toy which her family left her in a box until Andy was born. nd the mom bought the whole cowboy toy series.

This fan base also believes Pixar has a message to society about animals. Between “Ratatouille”and “Up” fans have developed a connection within these movies. Ratatouille is said to come first on Pixar’s chronological time line. The movie is set in France about a mouse who wants to be a chef. This plotline is clearly fictional, however, after watching the mice cook better than and even outsmart human, fans have come up with two theories. The first is that the owner of the restaurant told someone about the mice he discovered cooking in the kitchen.

This information leak can be connected to “Up” because the antagonist of this film is of french descent and experimented with a technology that allowed animals to speak. The next is that the connection between animals and humans are more personal than someone may actually know. After watching a few Pixar films I can agree with the fan base on the second theory. Humans and Animals both live closely together in modern society. People have been training and learning how to live alongside these creatures since the beginning of time. “Finding Nemo” is a perfect example of the way humans disturb natural habitats.

This film is about a clownfish who is trying to find his son who was taken from sea to a fish tank. Debunking this film was not hard due to the obvious references to how humans view animals as entertainment. Theorist of SuperCarlinBrothers, created a youtube video claiming “finding nemo is about the 5 stages of grief”, which after watching the movie is safe to conclude. Pixar has an interesting way of showing humans and animals but over time they remove these creatures from their films and base technology as the next thriving life force.

The Pixar theory suggest that humans have left earth, which is why the movie “Cars” was created. These man made vehicles try to live on the planet alone surviving off of oil that eventually becomes hard to find. After cars become lifeless due to the fuel crisis the world rots in its waist while humans continue to live in space. This knowledge is produced by “Wall-E” revealed at the beginning of the film. The movie is about a robot who lived on earth after a large company over polluted the land and made earth unsustainable for human life.

This company is seen throughout most of pixar’s films as Buy’n Large. Those who believe in the illuminati would suggest that Pixar has exposed themselves to be co-conspirators of a plot to rule the universe, however the Pixar theory suggest what could happen if humans allow their man made products to get out of control. This evidence is portrayed in the “Incredibles” by the antagonist syndrome who creates an unstoppable drone that tries to destroy the city, luckily there are superheroes that are able to stop the attack.

If superheroes were real in pixar’s world then monsters are no different. The last connecting clue to the characters of pixar existing in the same universe ends with Monsters Inc. According to a youtuber named Screen Rant, “The monsters learned how to time travel which is how they were able to survive. ” This theory is supported by the film but the doors the monsters used in order to be connected with the human world. Given this knowledge it’s safe to conclude that pixar has really provoked the imagination of its fan base.

Providing connecting clues to the movies the company produces is apart or brand marketing, yet is very cleaver. If the company is trying to tell a message through their movies that is bigger than the given plot of the movie then that message would be for people to stop things for granted. Each movie I have seen by Pixar always has that message clearly,and also reminds a person of the consequences of their actions. This conspiracy theory is the most credible i have heard of due to the endless amount of evidence given by the movies.

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