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Islam is a religion that is complete. It has a rich culture and without any interference or flexibility in its basis it has turned out to be a complex, and dynamic steady in the world. Yet, the least is known about it in the West. It rose dramatically to popularity in the seventh century A. […]

Islam Out of the many interesting religions, Islam has uniqueness to it. The name, Islam stems from the word “Salam” that means peace. The word “Muslim” which means a follower of Islam refers to a person who submits him or herself to the will of God. Muhammad founded Islam in the year 622CE. This particular […]

Important because Caliph: The successor of the prophet Muhammad; important because caused he religion to split into two factions based on who they believed should become the next Ca liph (Sunni and Shi’ite). Sunni: A faction of Islam that believed the next Caliph should be the most qualified Muslim to take the position; larger of […]

Jamia Millia Islamia, an institution originally established at Aligarh in United Provinces, India in 1920 became a Central University by an act of the Indian Parliament in 1988. In Urdu language, Jamia means ‘University’, and Millia means ‘National’. The story of its growth from a small institution in the pre-independence India to a central university […]

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