Todd Gitlin Mass Media Summary

Gitlin emphasizes that individuals don’t understand part of their lives. He focuses on individuals and factors that affect them, how low income people not having enough information. If the low income people are involved in interest groups like unions, things will be different. However, low income people are not in unions. They don’t have regular … Read more

Nellie Bly Contribution To Journalism Essay

There are many people that contributed to history and changed our world today. These contributions in history include those from journalists. One of many journalists is Nellie Bly, who shaped the journalism industry as we know it. Journalists contribute to history by their written news articles that display to others what life was like otherwise … Read more

Words of Wisdom

Sometimes the strangest situations turn out to be miracles in disguise. That is what happened to me. Who thought that someone who did not like English that much would pick a career that deals with it every day? I sure did not. It must have been something in the air at Kossuth High School, maybe … Read more