Gun Culture In America

Gun culture in the United States of America has prevailed ever since the beginning of this country’s history. The Second Amendment, written in 1776, protects an individual’s rights to “bear arms” without punishment. Many problems with this law have arisen since 1776, such as a growing number of suicide, accidental, and mass-shooting related deaths. Because … Read more

American Gun Rights

In the world that humanity has constructed it has left itself vulnerable to threats that nobody could comprehend: terror, mass murderers, chemical warfare, and numerous others. These fears have caused a vast rift in the population of the United States. People just do not feel safe anymore and how the population is dealing with their … Read more

Compare And Contrast Republicans And Democrats Essay

Republicans and Democrats are in general agreement about the qualities they are looking for in the president of the United States. Both sides demand honesty, management skills, integrity, and strong leadership skills in the nation’s president. Although they seem to bump heads, they also share many of the same goals for the economy, foreign policy, … Read more