Stand Your Ground

I believe that all citizens should be allowed the “Stand Your Ground” law for self-defense from harmful threats around the U. S. Crime rates in the U. S. have been rising over the last couple of years. Many people do not know how to protect themselves from a threat. Many are too scared to as … Read more

Occupier Liability Act

The two occupier liability acts are, the 1957 act covers liability of occupier for injury suffered by lawful visitors. The Duty of care under the 1957 Act is only for people who have permission to be on the site (invitees or licensees) there is no duty of care for trespassers under this act. The 1984 … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Sharia Law Essay

In terms of the legal ban of Sharia law. I think I’m leaning towards supporting the ban because the bill mentions that it should only be excluded from the legal courtroom setting as should not be used in forming legislative decisions. The bill does not infringe on being practicing from in the private sector and … Read more